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to us since it is the exception for lesions in the neck to affect the heart. The pulmonary branches of the vagus help to form the anterior and

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Duodenocholecystostomy, du-od-en-o-kol-e-sis-(os f -to-me. The formation of a fistula between the duodenum and gall-bladder.

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this condition. When painful nodules are sy.stematically looked for, they are found in increasing numbers; and any patient who has had persistent low-back pain should be

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fold of the peritoneum which is attached to the anterior layer of the mesentery, the anterior aspect of the as- cending colon, and the cecum as far as the vermiform

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New York City since 1881. Diagnosed first recorded case of per- forating appendicitis successfully operated on (reported by Dr.

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had formed a syndicate against them, the physicians themselves The latter, as Forgue says, 1 would sometimes join with the

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ated with the repeated production of artificial ))\ivxia, whether by injection of Tuberculin (Wagner), or of Sodium Nucleinate (l)onath).

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Contagion carried by attendants, cattle dealers and even dogs, is generally recognized, I have elsewhere quoted the case, in E.

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Oertley: The last couple of years that I was there--! mean when we were living there--! began to go in to see the Minister of Health,

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1. A. Pe- \ Divides ialo A. peroTusa antica &nd A. peroncea lar, Circuiufle.v artery — a. Brachiocephalic, Inno- ininata arteria — a. Central of the retina, Central

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hell are all pressed into service, alike to facilitate the escape of the criminal and to obstruct the pur- in its neatness, so that it might, peradventure, be

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our fish be cut up, but rather leave it until I have carried an offering to the gods from this great haul of fish, and until I have found a,

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of Cyperus roiundua (niMsiaia), flowers of Woodfordia floribunda (_dhd(aki),'atis, prepared tale and iron, each eight tolis, mix them

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Verbreitung der Seuchen überhaupt zukommt, so knüpft sich auch das erstmalige sichere Auftreten der Lustseuche an das französische

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polar. ,st: Bipolar Nerve-cells (IWw,. Diet.). C.s, Boettcher's, dark-colored cells, with a basally situ- mination. C.s, Cajal's, fusiform or triangular gan-

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was not investigating a research question about an aspect of pregnancy or As discussed in detail in chapter 6, from its mid- 1940s inception the

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on behalf of their fellows. Fothergill brought to the Meeting for Sufferings in July a letter from Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting. This and one he had received from

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The coloured man came out with the skin of imperfection still ad hering to him, and it has not been cast off to this day.

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cians and Surgeons (University of Illinois). While a member of the Chicago Board of Education, he was instrumental in bringing about medical in-

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There was a numerical predominance of injuries and operations on the left side, 1 slight, but too decided to be likely to be counterbalanced by any determination of the few cases

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alguma utilidade para o bom encaminhamento das pesquizas referenles a determinacao das especies que se encontrar. Para tornal-a, porem, ainda

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The eldest, John Simcoe, was educated in England, and entered the Royal Engineers. He rose to the rank of Captain, and was a lecturer in the college at Woolwich. He was

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yearning for the return of the power of their king, did not know, through the fortunes of war, which master to serve. Some saw that

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patients did not survive long enough to receive hospital treatment. This curious exemption from injury cannot depend exclusively upon the resiliency of the arterial coats, for the

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wissenschaftlichen Exploration dieses Gebietes. . . . Von Max Schmaler ... . Konigsee i. Thiir., Druck von S. von Ende, "'°° Leibniz in seiner Stellung zur tellurischen Physik. Beitrag zur

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pain in the knees and legs was less, and passive movements of the legs could be carried out with greater ease and thoroughness than before. On the i6th

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husband's absence, a woman was not supposed to quit the household. She was barred from travelling beyond a distance of one kilometer, and was then only allowed to go to a

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right in .saying that most patients are at least as likely to be able to continue their ordinary duties in life with non-surgical as with surgical

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called Hippocrates' ambe, from his having noticed it. Galen explains the word ambe by a.Qpyui'r.f ix-aHts-rac-it, an eminence lite a border ; and says, that the whole ma-

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is secreted. If the food be such that it cannot be converted into sugar by the diseased glands, organically diseased or functionally

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An Eightv-year-old Medical Student. — The Russian Minister of Education has authorized the admission of a man past eighty years to examination before the Examination Committee of

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Henry, Knox and Stark met at Kewanee, May 22, 1866, to organize a district medical society." Nineteen physicians were present from the four counties.

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for Proteids. Furfiiiol is produced on heating pro- in a liter of boiling water ; when cool, hlter through paper until clear and add 0.25 'J of phenol. To 100

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These forms of chronic nephritis may also occur primarily in con sequence of chronic hepatic lesions with pressure on the posterior vena

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vomiting, or involuntary urination or defecation takes place; the respira- tion may be very laborious. The fit lasts on an average from five to ten

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plunges the sufferer into the most gloomy state of mind, ac- companied by indifference as to his personal comfort, or urg-

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discharged from service on July 24th, 1865. Pension Examiner C. H. Boynton reports, November l;5tli, 1865, that the patient suffere from deafness in the right

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histological grounds. The present paper records the results of an investiga- tion of the nature of the nervous impulse in sensory nerve-fibres. The authors

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