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lip to his death should play with them and find his pastime in them. Most assuredly they will nobly compensate him for all his labour, study, and

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pression, comme on le pense generalement. Son apparition instantannee, la differencie aussi d'une energie potentielle, nous nous voyons dojic partes

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opportunities to test the efficacy of the therapeutic qualities of the various remedies vaunted as certain to relieve the harassing

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until dissolved ; and pour it into the other, hot. Make of a proper consistence to apply with a common whitewash bruslv.

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oleum mpipmojium "j cpeS • pas Cibi • Nim ponne ]> opep. beup omnipotenf pateji bommi • noptjii • lesu huiuS expelle biabolum a pamulo cuo • ]S • - 'j epebo •

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hi vitro, and successfully inoculated it on animals. The microbe as the bacillus tuberculosis but thicker. It is non-motile, aerobic

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1944 and 1974. We have studied the ethical standards of that time and of today and have developed a moral framework for evaluating these experiments. Finally, we have

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recommended for use, is non-irritating and non-toxic. {Trade Mark) Aromatic, antiseptic, refreshing. Bottles containing 2 Imperial fl. oz. and 4 Imperial fl. oz.

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hem in a morter, And afte' boile hem long in comon oile fe malue} "be no}t consumed. And if fou wilt make it f ikke to mane' of ane eniplastre, fan ow J>ou for to putte

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gelegt hat. Hierauf folgte 1775 die bekannte Uebersetzung der Anatomischen Tabellen von Kulmus (niclit Kulnij wie Osawa sclireibt) \\\a Japanische durch

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ing. For these purposes the fashionable mineral waters may be drunk on the spot, and they should be of the mildly cathartic kind, as those of Cheltenham, Seltzer,

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.2998. Health records to accompany officers and men upon transfieh 18257. 224 MAVITAL FOB TBE MfilSOAL raPABTMBITT, U. S. VAVT.

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internally. — Fatal bites. — Prognosis. ... ... ... 695 — 702. The Specific Features of the Poison of a Snake-bite :— Clasifica-

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portant affection. This causes descent from sheer weight, pressure on the adjacent blood-vessels and the walls of the cecum and appendix

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rately by Jean Canappe and printed by Etienne Dolet (Lyons, 1542). Th! value of this chapter was first emphasized by Symphorien Champier in "I

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Parmi les Sauriens de l'ordre des Lacertiens je dois citer simple- ment: l'Holoderma horridus qui habite les Etats méridionaux de

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On his arrival he found the Chicago Medical Society struggling for exis- tence. Through his efforts the organization was placed upon a sound basis

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wound of the right thigh. The patient had suffered great pain in the chest for two hours after the reception of the injury.

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Published on the 15th of each month. Address all Communications and make all Cheques, Pc;st Office Orders and Postal Notes payable to the Publisher, George Elliott, 203 Ijeverley St., Toronto, Canada.

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ness are postponed. This, it may be said, we can not do in ordi- nary life. True, we can not; but, for the most part, the self-

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darauf besteht Yachten, Pferde und Jockeys auszusenden, lüe andere übereegeln, überlaufen, bekämpfen und den übrigen Teil der SchöpfuQg

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|iies>iiig]. An abnormally high pressure, as of llie Hyperpromethia [hi-pur-prom-e'-lhe-ah) [i~fV'> o\'et\ Hyperprosexia [hi-piir-pro-scki'-e-ah'\ \i-spy over;

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to them for instruction." The result of this determination was that, al- though the class in attendance upon the first course of lectures was small,

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homeopathic method of treatment, and no physician in this part of the But general practice had then, as now, its limitations; surgery was

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pose and the self-denying stoicism of his private hfe, as summed up in the terse phrases of Stephen Paget: "He never married; he

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ical report on the cardiac complications of rheumatism.- His rssays on vision (1793-1814) contain many observations of the

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nefs or magnanimity, for a to wink when he fights. To know the time of our death, (or any other materi- al accident) is a blefling given by God, and (hall man be

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Blackall, William Edward, M.B. OxL, .Fremanfle, W. Australia. Blackbui-n, Albert Edward, 5. Grange-avenue, Leeds. Blackett, Edward Joseph, 50, Bryanston-st., Portman-square. w.

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nicht um ein anorganisches, sondern um ein organisches Gift handelt, um ein von Bakterien, sei es im Körper oder ausserhalb desselben, gebildetes Toxin

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appeared. Injury to the cord may occur without any external evidence, and, as a matter of fact, seemingly trivial accidents are. at times, followed by

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feeding is observed, so that they come with a full appetite to each meal and the digestive functions work with harmony and free from

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solchen nach Schtutsrerletzting, Jnaug. Piss., Berlin. 1871). Wounds of Veins. A. few instances were reported in which injury of the veins of

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prenaient aussi les vertus curatives de (luelques plantes. La chirurgie, associée à cette médecine sacerdotale, et née avec elle, assemblait elle


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