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stimulants and the eating of too highly seasoned food. Symptoms — 1. Perhaps there is no disease in the whole human frame
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becoming the latter's assistant in 1843 and professor at Berlin in 1857. Traube early made his mark as one of the founders of
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Morxi [used by the Portuguese in India in the sixteenth Moss-fibers [mos-fi'-bers). Cajal's term for peculiar fibers derived from the white center of the cerebellum
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das Problem der „vitalen" Circulation wiederholt in Erwägung zieht und zu einem Endergebnis gelangt, welches mit der von Meynert geäusserten
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1 BosCoa Medical ami Surgical Journal, Vol. LXXVH, [i. :!l(i. -Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force, Pnrt VIII, p. 2P4. Washinjtton, 1RC7.
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arm, and hand were, perhaps, the most common accidents of battle. 1 They often resulted in diffuse inflammation and sloughing, and in disabilities due to muscular atrophy or loss
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and medicines, galvanotherapeutics, the incidence and treatment of cere- brospinal meningitis, and the chief cause of phthisis in New England.
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1898 Shedden, Arnold Ward, 141, Lichfield-sireet, Walsall. 1900 Sheehan, Michael. Bank- place, Mallow, co. Cork. 1875 j Sheehy, William Henry Patmore, Mbntebello, Toiteridge. n.
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9. Figures. All figures should be cited consecutively by Arabic numerals in the text with figure legends typed on a separate sheet. These should contain sufficient experimental detail to permit the figure to be interpreted
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banks and other financial institutions insist that borrowers register their leases with the Registrar of Deeds Yet, Section 18 of the Deeds Registry Act, the relevant piece of legislation in this
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and is generally eaten warm, Indian corn is ground into meal of various degrees of coarseness, but is never made so fine as wheaten flour. Bread or cakes from maize require
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vaginal inspection consisting of spermaceti, white wax, and caustic soda, each one part; olive oil, 16 parts. of leguminous trees. 2. The fruit of C. sil'ujiia. C.
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Stopford Taylor'' insists on the advantage of Rest in Bed for generalized cases ; for localized eruption, the rest provided by masks
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for his Consilia, Giacomo de" Dondi (1298-13.59) and his .son Giovanni, Marsilio de Santa Sophia and his nephew Galeazzo, Giacomo della Torre called Jacobus
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statistical returns derived from France, Belgium and Holland. In France, taking the ten years 1857-66, he found that, in
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have. No future facts that may be dug up about cuneiform or papyric medicine will quite impair the value of the great advance
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of empyema described by the ancients were, in fact, cases of phthisis, I would refer to Paulus jEgineta, B. Ill, 32, where it will be seen that the two diseases, phthisis
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at Michael Reese Hospital, June, 1916, to June, 1918. staff of Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium, 1917 to ear surgeon at Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, 1919
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The second fonn of partial aiurmia of tho brain, duo to dovclop- nent of col1uKral (i-dcma sruuud an apoplexy, or a pmnt of itiflam-
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glish for publication, have pre- began to practise my profession ; vented me from attempting it ; and that Mr Lemayeur, with the
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heart rate (HR) ; and fluid intake, urine and stool output, and nude weights. Venous blood samples were taken before entering
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3 With the reading of A, "defect, and the nature of the body ought not to be confined within it, but dried up as harmful. Congenital constitution, 1 country, habit,
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4. Spirit of wine 1 oz., spirit of lavender \ oz., oil of sugar, and charcoal, to be mixed, and the size of a nut premonitory diarrhoea : Chalk mixture 1 oz., aromatic
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cine. Baltimore's Sinai Hospital felt like a natural choice: it was close to home (always a priority); it was familiar because Stewart had worked summers there as an emer-
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N. Y., 1902; Amer. Textbook of Obstet., Phila., 1903; Keating and Co.'s Gynecology, N. Y., 1895, and others; many contribs. to med.
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quently discordant, genera, so in this system we should Simple or complicated, - - - 6 see with satisfaction an union of some of the genera Stigma. - - In every view, ---.-.. g
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but use it humbly, for everything that is said here, will be proved of the disease first, then its description, its causes thereafter
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suffers from indigestion which is the cause (source) In all these instances the real cause of the distress should be first ascertained, which should be then remedied
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mon Peruvian bark was rendered almost tasteless, the red bark still retaining nearly its former sensible quali- In an infusion of the red bark, the spirit of vitriol lost
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pathetic feeling, "I think too much of my country to place myself Other prominent American physicians of the early period were Georpe
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coverable, and that we have scarcely appropriate reme- dies for any of those which we can ascertain. In ge- neral, in every instance, the necessity for keeping the
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ation. His Lordship cheerfully and readily accepted this offer, and as the usual period for the commencement of the Winter
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enabled me to remove. But the urgency of my other pro- fessional and private concerns forbade me to devote much longer time to any one task, however interesting or important ;
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Treatment consisted in firm bandaging, combined with passive hyperaemia. This paper by Deutschlander and the one by Fanner, abstracted
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half of the niis.-iile was found under the scalp, one inch from the original injury, and was easily removed. The patient died February lltli, 18G4. The nii.ssile, a oonoi<lal ball, which ajipears to
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von gebranntem Zucker in Äthen\'eingeist entlarvte, und das trotzdem noch ein vielbegehrtes Geheimmittel des Haller Waisenhauses sein soll.
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brought into touch with all the stern realities of war. To the trenches, and to see their wonderful stoicism undei' such ap-
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than did the Illinois State Medical Society. The Committee contended that die Society had other duties than the reading of scientific papers, namely,
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misanthrojda. If the tendency is to stealing, it constitutes kleptomania. Close confinement, and low diet, such conveniences as prisons afford, are
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loss of chicks from this disease is greater than the combined loss resulting from all other diseases. It is stated by some authors
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there were twenty-three members. The society probably dropped not very long afterwards. The following MS. receipt has been preserved : "15 Feb.
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of striking the keys of a piano. In this way, six sets of pulse-data are elicited, which are connected with the different organs and their
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lection. He died of indigestion following a meal of eight pounds of hot bread. six years of age. At seventeen he weighed 100 pounds. He ate a quarter
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itium, and suts his worklly alTuint iii unk-r, in perfect consciousness of tfac near approach of his end. The paroxysms of madness and con%'nl-
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known to the ancient writers, and are not mentioned in their As an alterative tonic for promoting strength, preventing the
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glutinous on being dissolved in a small quantity of water ; the second by adding one third of its weight of alkaline salt; heating the mixture in a crucible till no
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while every other medical man, mulgated the particulars to the enjoying equal opportunities, had world, would he then have been
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encephalitis, whereas the brain of the foetus was normal. Parsons states that some form of erwption was described in 92 of the
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Pictou and Antigonish, Nova Scotia, which seems to make a slow extension from farm to farm, but does not spread widely after the
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selben Quelle Nahrung bezogen, trat die Krankheit auf; das geschah nur in dem einen neuen Hause. Wenn dieser Bericht richtig ist, giebt er wenigstens
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more rigidly practised, and the intervals of ease are apt to become shorter, until eventually a condition of chronic invalidism results.


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