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natural history details, for instance, have been im pugned and the story of the viper that " fastened " example of a story that would not have been told in
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cine. Baltimore's Sinai Hospital felt like a natural choice: it was close to home (always a priority); it was familiar because Stewart had worked summers there as an emer-
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N. Y., 1902; Amer. Textbook of Obstet., Phila., 1903; Keating and Co.'s Gynecology, N. Y., 1895, and others; many contribs. to med.
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quently discordant, genera, so in this system we should Simple or complicated, - - - 6 see with satisfaction an union of some of the genera Stigma. - - In every view, ---.-.. g
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but use it humbly, for everything that is said here, will be proved of the disease first, then its description, its causes thereafter
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suffers from indigestion which is the cause (source) In all these instances the real cause of the distress should be first ascertained, which should be then remedied
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mon Peruvian bark was rendered almost tasteless, the red bark still retaining nearly its former sensible quali- In an infusion of the red bark, the spirit of vitriol lost
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pathetic feeling, "I think too much of my country to place myself Other prominent American physicians of the early period were Georpe
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coverable, and that we have scarcely appropriate reme- dies for any of those which we can ascertain. In ge- neral, in every instance, the necessity for keeping the
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ation. His Lordship cheerfully and readily accepted this offer, and as the usual period for the commencement of the Winter
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enabled me to remove. But the urgency of my other pro- fessional and private concerns forbade me to devote much longer time to any one task, however interesting or important ;
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Treatment consisted in firm bandaging, combined with passive hyperaemia. This paper by Deutschlander and the one by Fanner, abstracted
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half of the niis.-iile was found under the scalp, one inch from the original injury, and was easily removed. The patient died February lltli, 18G4. The nii.ssile, a oonoi<lal ball, which ajipears to
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von gebranntem Zucker in Äthen\'eingeist entlarvte, und das trotzdem noch ein vielbegehrtes Geheimmittel des Haller Waisenhauses sein soll.
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brought into touch with all the stern realities of war. To the trenches, and to see their wonderful stoicism undei' such ap-
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than did the Illinois State Medical Society. The Committee contended that die Society had other duties than the reading of scientific papers, namely,
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misanthrojda. If the tendency is to stealing, it constitutes kleptomania. Close confinement, and low diet, such conveniences as prisons afford, are
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loss of chicks from this disease is greater than the combined loss resulting from all other diseases. It is stated by some authors
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there were twenty-three members. The society probably dropped not very long afterwards. The following MS. receipt has been preserved : "15 Feb.
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of striking the keys of a piano. In this way, six sets of pulse-data are elicited, which are connected with the different organs and their
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lection. He died of indigestion following a meal of eight pounds of hot bread. six years of age. At seventeen he weighed 100 pounds. He ate a quarter
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itium, and suts his worklly alTuint iii unk-r, in perfect consciousness of tfac near approach of his end. The paroxysms of madness and con%'nl-
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known to the ancient writers, and are not mentioned in their As an alterative tonic for promoting strength, preventing the
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glutinous on being dissolved in a small quantity of water ; the second by adding one third of its weight of alkaline salt; heating the mixture in a crucible till no
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while every other medical man, mulgated the particulars to the enjoying equal opportunities, had world, would he then have been
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encephalitis, whereas the brain of the foetus was normal. Parsons states that some form of erwption was described in 92 of the
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Pictou and Antigonish, Nova Scotia, which seems to make a slow extension from farm to farm, but does not spread widely after the
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selben Quelle Nahrung bezogen, trat die Krankheit auf; das geschah nur in dem einen neuen Hause. Wenn dieser Bericht richtig ist, giebt er wenigstens
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more rigidly practised, and the intervals of ease are apt to become shorter, until eventually a condition of chronic invalidism results.
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product by all the vaunted tests of modern science. But blood is soon after converted into many other fluid and solid sub-
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The hypotbcsU that soofula depends upon a faulty oonipositioa of ((lyR(;nisia), and that the l(!«oiis found in srrofulaus poreooi
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Hamilton, Arthur Francis, M.B. Lond., 4, Kiucfs-avenue. Hamilton, Bruce, 5, Crediton-road, West Hampsiead. n.w. Hamilton, Edward Thomas Ernest, M.D., Lond., 73, Jeppe-st.,
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he took it very seriously. You did not ridicule this plan, neither to Otto or to Aramco. This was a serious back-up plan.
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fault. The same is true of the obturator internus. Supposed rheuma tism of the hip and limb and stiffness of the hip-joint are due, in many
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I met very few French oflïcers during my stay at Lille, but mv kaoledge .f the pr.:fess;,onal military man in time of peace,
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diesem Gebiete der erste Mediciner, der selbständige Forschungen anstellte. Auch hier ist eine gründliche Ausarbeitung zur Stunde und fiir mich
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This notice appeared, March, 1839 : " Died, at his residence on Yonge Street, Dr. James McCague, native of Monaghan, Ireland,
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and Time has added to the great admiration and respect we had for the man. He was cheered to the echo at the end of his speech
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had brought us from Constantinople to cure the wounds me immediately for having done so, if it were not for the Khater ( favor ) and for their regard for their friend, the
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ends, which can be passed round the limb, and tied. It should always be borne in mind that the chief art in applying band-
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irrl ro irXelov, i)v 7] re oBvvrj rreTravpLevrj y kul (8 L.) XXVI. Ilepl pL€V ovv pv(f)y]p.aro<; Trpoa- and more favourable to the crisis than does peplium;
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School of Medicine. Fifth edition. The C. V. Mosby Com- pany, 3207 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 1951. first edition, 17 years ago, "to furnish a practical


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