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7, 1863, and pensioned. Examiner W. Freeman, of Pennville, Indiana, September 21, 1873, certified : " The ball entered on ulnar

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of the Royal Artillery, and Mary Callander, daughter of Sir Frederic Callandar-Campbell, of Craigforth, head of the well-

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■was "Continued until tJie patient was obviously quitef convinced that he was not longer suffering from gastritis, and that he

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cleido-mastoid muscle, at its external border. He was, on May 4th, admitted to the hospital of the 2d division, Third Corps,

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ing and the drum in which the revolutions of the body had taken place was scarcely 7| inches wide. Horsbeck's case was of a negro of thirty-five who,

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d'un pronostic plus sombre surtout quand ils siégeaient sous les aisselles; ou ailleurs; Les bubons, qu'on trouvait sous l'aisselle, à l'aine, derrière

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If the leprosy be mickle, take piss, heat it with stones, wash the horse with the piss so hot ; when it is dr}'', that, and when it is dry, smear with fishes grease. If

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ten, to split), fissure of or in zerstören, to destroy ),destruc- 590 Knochensplitter, m. 2. splin- 613 knöchericht, adj.) bony,

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lime, boil for some minutes, and strain. Boil down the clear liquid to | of its bulk, avoiding burning ; add hydro- chloric acid, press the impure acid, boil it with fresh

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count four bases in addition to the four clusters ; {c) both count eyeballs ; {e) both count wrongly eight bones and one bone in

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Province, must pursue his studies without a library, without a museum, without a botanic garden, without an hospital, without

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' Mikulicz: Wien. med. Presse, 1881, xxii, 1405 et seq. ill (lisoasos of tbo nioulh. \lc was ono of llie first to wear gloves

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scientists will benefit from earlier access to valuable data than they would Q3. How important do you feel the 100 to 300 sequences that would be withheld

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fault. The same is true of the obturator internus. Supposed rheuma tism of the hip and limb and stiffness of the hip-joint are due, in many

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de la médecine en Amérique. John Morgan, William Shippen et Thomas Bond furent ses premiers professeurs. En 1769 Benjamin Hitsh revenant d'Edin-

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stance, and is taken into the body of the chicken at the end of the period of incubation. A milder nourishment may probably be required in the early stages : nor is it

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unstable equilibrium, coma, convulsions, and vomiting Steatitis [ste-at-i'-tis) [ariap, fat]. Inflammation of Stechiometry, Stoechiometry, Stoichiometry {stek-e-

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in cases of superficial hydatid cyst of the liver. S., Rumpf s, fibrillar twitching of muscles in traumatic neuroses. S., Rust's, at every change of position of

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ment of Dr. H. V. Wurdmann, of that city. It gives splendid privileged to add to our exchange list the American Journal of

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go furfurans. Under circum- of the affected parts when cover- stances of peculiar aggravation, ed by the diseased cuticle, is of a

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sprout upon the stock or branch should be removed without delay, in order that the development of the bud shall be permitted to the

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15. Le Magnen, J., and Devos, M., Physiol. Behav. 5, 17. Moberg, C, Bellinger, L., and Mendel, V., Neuroen- 18. Bare, J., J. Comp. Physiol. Psychol. 52, 129 (1959).

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sumach, divi-divi, a South .American shrub cultivated in India, where the dried powdered pods are used as an anli|)eriodic. Dose, 40-60 gr. A decoction of the

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a) Antike Schröpfköpfe, b) Medicin in China, c) Unterrichtsmittel. Die Abtheilung ladet ein: die Abth. 4 (Chemie) zu: Richter (Berlin): Zur

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Lagarta sobre Solanum spinosissimum. Rio de Janeiro. ciesdo genero Heliconius (Ann. Ent. Soc. Amer,) XV, 1922, p. fl). Lagarta sobre Passifloraceae (Sepp., Stoll e Burm.).

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kindly. On .January 11th, a profuse ha'morrhage occuiTed from the wound, probably from intercostal artery, which coutiiuied

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The gratifying appreciation of his labors, as evinced by the exhaustion of two large impre aoperior to its predeceaaors, additions and alterations having beetl made whenever the advance of

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prodrome, running (Spofjuz) before, preliminary symptom. prognath'ic, having a projecting lower jaw, fv6fioz. progno'sis, a knowing beforehand the termination of a

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12. Harms, E., Kreisel, W., Morris, H. O., and Reut- (NOB OP THE SOOETY POI IXPBUMENTAL BIOLOGY AND MEOiaNE 1S2, 631-634 (1976)

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torn to atoms by electricity, does electriciy do that powerful work Or does it cause an explosion of the elements found in

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voyage it is ill, for it betokeneth ftaying j and that the pcrfon or his horfc (hall be hurt by the way on the houfe and of the Element cf the Earth, And therefore

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located on the two sides of the brain. Orcbrul mrcinomntu, wliicb m-e metamorpliosw, bccoine yellow and cliecRy in the middle, ulirinli,

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butt resting on the ground, when a large shot or shell passed between himself and his rifle without touching aither or moving him from his position.

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the thorax. Empyema is, therefore, a somewhat frequent secondary complication of wounds of the chest. It is a subject that has been so fully illustrated by examples in the

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The fffitus presents Qormally and in s favorable poiiitjon, bat there is a deficiency of the expelling powers. The mother a usoalljr

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