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Causation. All authors agree in recognising the influence of heredity, of wet and cold, of sudden changes in temperature, draughts
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without their share of attention, and many a tunic-button and cap-badge fell into feminine hands - - in exchange for a kiss, an
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it may exliibit a remarkable tolerance of the malaria stock of malaria parasites in the bloo<l, run about fever-free, and apparently in rude health. It would
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pouring boiling water over the egg, and letting it stand in the hot water for ten minutes. It is then soft boiled, and may be taken
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nia'ta, Compound Tincture of Caetor. (Cast. "£& Aurant. p. iij. Alcohol. (-900) 96 p. Digest. Dose, Cochlea'riis seu antiscorbu' ticum. (Fol. cochlear,
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table is apt to cause troablesome irritalion ia the montli ai fauces. Medicinallj, surana is considered serviceable in hEemof'
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ut the epigastrium, is destitute of the slightest evidence that the wound implicated the stomach, and writers must have repeated it without examination.
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unseasonable weather, or to sudden vicissitudes of temperature ; checked perspiration, long continued constipation ; and living in
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in July, 1917, and April, 1918, Sir George Makins, President of the Royal Colleg'e of Surgeons, land Sir Norman Moore, The Committee from time to time obtained returns of the
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one would be attended with so little expence. The men might be easily raised (blank in mss.) with little inconvenience Boats and canoes with
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Also, that you should not operate for your own purposes. Again, that you should say such and such a prayer at the beginning, and conunence under good auspices, etc All these are humim superstitions : for, not knowing the foundation
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Medal. Jimmy made a brief response when he voiced his opinion that the medal was not a personal decoration so much as it was a
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than did the Illinois State Medical Society. The Committee contended that die Society had other duties than the reading of scientific papers, namely,
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ceuf de poule, et qui paraissait ne se composer que de for i:- lette droite. L'auteur peuse quo le ventricule droit, n'ayant
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Johann Peter Sussmilch (1707-77), is an epoch-making work in the development of vital and medical statistics, bringing together
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over trees. All parts of the plant give off'a moat offensive odour when bruised. The leaves, boiled and made into soup, are con-
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llic gn>at coiTesponilenoe of the sytnploins due to these otherwise di& obanire. Tliis is true not only of carcinoma, sarooma, glioma, and myx-
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According to E-hases, retention of urine arising from derange- ment of the retentive faculty, that is to say, from its no longer
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Goonetilleke, Fredk. William, 1, Colville-square, Hijde Park. w. Goonewardene, Andrew Simon Swaris, 26, Gloucester-road. N."W,
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consists, into a fluid state, that is to say, into what is called first chyme, and afterwards, when it has underofone some further
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elbow joint, and making its final exit through the pectoral muscles. The injury resulted in anchylosis. On March 14, 1864,
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1920 to date. Instructor in pathology at University of Illinois College of Medicine, 1919 to date. Mem- ber of American Medical Association, Chicago Patho-
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water in large quantities should be given from the onset of the disease. Medicinal Treatment — At the onset give one to three grains of calo-
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Kpareiv, to rule]. I. The vital principle of an organ- Autocystoplasty [aiv-to-sis-to-plas' -ie) \_avr6g, self; KiW(f, bladder ; ■K'kaaaeLv, to form]. Plastic surgery
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aux limites incommensurables de l'horizon, un scintillement ou un trémous- sement particulier de la terre lequel produisait dans mes sens le même
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although I could mention many more, I will only add that I, myself always desired to become a physician, yet circum- stances did not favor nor justify my commencement until
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formé dans l'uténis par la semence (Aristote) ou par sa vertu (Harvey) mais bien de l'oeuf existant avant le coït dans les testicules de la femelle.
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