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Parmi les Sauriens de l'ordre des Lacertiens je dois citer simple- ment: l'Holoderma horridus qui habite les Etats méridionaux de

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On his arrival he found the Chicago Medical Society struggling for exis- tence. Through his efforts the organization was placed upon a sound basis

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wound of the right thigh. The patient had suffered great pain in the chest for two hours after the reception of the injury.

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Published on the 15th of each month. Address all Communications and make all Cheques, Pc;st Office Orders and Postal Notes payable to the Publisher, George Elliott, 203 Ijeverley St., Toronto, Canada.

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ness are postponed. This, it may be said, we can not do in ordi- nary life. True, we can not; but, for the most part, the self-

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darauf besteht Yachten, Pferde und Jockeys auszusenden, lüe andere übereegeln, überlaufen, bekämpfen und den übrigen Teil der SchöpfuQg

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|iies>iiig]. An abnormally high pressure, as of llie Hyperpromethia [hi-pur-prom-e'-lhe-ah) [i~fV'> o\'et\ Hyperprosexia [hi-piir-pro-scki'-e-ah'\ \i-spy over;

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to them for instruction." The result of this determination was that, al- though the class in attendance upon the first course of lectures was small,

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homeopathic method of treatment, and no physician in this part of the But general practice had then, as now, its limitations; surgery was

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pose and the self-denying stoicism of his private hfe, as summed up in the terse phrases of Stephen Paget: "He never married; he

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ical report on the cardiac complications of rheumatism.- His rssays on vision (1793-1814) contain many observations of the

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nefs or magnanimity, for a to wink when he fights. To know the time of our death, (or any other materi- al accident) is a blefling given by God, and (hall man be

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Blackall, William Edward, M.B. OxL, .Fremanfle, W. Australia. Blackbui-n, Albert Edward, 5. Grange-avenue, Leeds. Blackett, Edward Joseph, 50, Bryanston-st., Portman-square. w.

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nicht um ein anorganisches, sondern um ein organisches Gift handelt, um ein von Bakterien, sei es im Körper oder ausserhalb desselben, gebildetes Toxin

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appeared. Injury to the cord may occur without any external evidence, and, as a matter of fact, seemingly trivial accidents are. at times, followed by

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feeding is observed, so that they come with a full appetite to each meal and the digestive functions work with harmony and free from

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solchen nach Schtutsrerletzting, Jnaug. Piss., Berlin. 1871). Wounds of Veins. A. few instances were reported in which injury of the veins of

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prenaient aussi les vertus curatives de (luelques plantes. La chirurgie, associée à cette médecine sacerdotale, et née avec elle, assemblait elle

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Beef's gall will set the color on silks, woolen, or cotton — one spoon to a gallon of water is sufficient for this purpose.

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cutaneous tissue. The drug is said to possess marked catalytic properties, and to stimulate the oxidation processes of the body.

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sion of cutting a vein or a bone joint, as well as in agitated and lodged in the local skin, flesh, vein, nerves and the bone-joints and giving rise to excruciating

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of the nostrils, elasticity of the skin and the general appear- ance of life and good spirits. In particular, he should always look well to the nostrils. The horse can breathe only

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protected by adequate maintenance programs, so too does human capital require maintenance and repair, a perspective long

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difeuse nttnekit tbo noiie, it eaunies a running, wbieli may be mittalcen for eold in tbe head till the discbarge becomes bloody or saniouK.

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research from which the patients could not benefit medically. This use of human subjects took place outside of the therapeutic context that defines the doctor-

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round out his medical career. In 1857 Governor Bissell appointed him on the directorate of the Illinois institution for education of the deaf

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and the root of the arteries is the heart ; and from them blood and spirits are carried to all parts, and heat passes to the same."

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pungency, and growing in marshy places). See PEHSI- ture of flatulent, aqueous, and carneous substances. In reality there is but one kind of this disease, for all

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ing of December 10th. Dr. C. S. Maxwell, president, presid- Officers for 1952 are: Dr. M. B. Morey, Morehead City, president, and Dr. Luther Fulcher. Beaufort, secretary-

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Dyes'schen Theorien voll bestätigten. Dyes selbst hat übrigens nicht die 1) Dieselben 8md Teroflfentlicht in „Virchow's Archiv". Bd. 109. S. 205—277.

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mittel, nach der Beschreibung zu den Farnen gehört, vielleicht nach Sprengel Aspidium Lonchitis Sw. Früher war Herba Lonchitis gegen Milz Verhärtung

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Asynergia, ah-sin-er'-je-ah. An absence of coordinate action. Asynovia, ah-sin-o'-ve-ah. A deficiency of the synovial fluid.

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te entre le chlore etl'iode. on est conduit a placer dans la seiie lis corps simples le brume entre ces deux elemcns. Lc bru ne se combine avec I'oxigene, et forme un compose

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Syndrome; and herpes viruses and Immune responses in male An estimated $2.0 million for contracts would be used as follows:

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For seven years he practiced among these savages. One day upon seeing an American vessel approaching, he secreted himself among some barrels.


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