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from the fauces, the nose, or the stomach. If from the fauces, either directly, or dropping from the nose, it is inconsiderable in quantity, and not always attended with

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ed from the Baptist-controlled Rochester University and the Baptist seminary in Rochester and then spent eight years in the

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A superb document is the canvas of van Mierevelt in the Delft Tulp (1632) at The Hague is sufficiently well known, and the same

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but these d — d French love dancing better than praehing. An ' ]\Iisther Young, could ye not stay with us to-night and go to the ball this

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and critical analysis of certain figures bearing on this subject, concludes that dysentery is a factor in nearly every case of tropical liver abscess. In forty cases

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encreasing debility, which is soon fatal after the occurrence of In estimating the nature of the disease, indications may often

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during a crossing or interlacement which strengthens the joint. The lumbo-sacral and ilio-lumbar, indirectly support and strengthen this

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""' History, theory; and technique of statistics. Translated, with an introduction, by Roland P. Falkner. 2 vol. in 1 , paged contin-

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butter prepared with (the decoction of) the Prithak- parnyddi group in adequate quantities in the seventh month of gestation. These help the foetal development.

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rotations of the sacrum are diagnosed by prominence of the lower part and the angle. If the upper part is rotated forward, the lower part is

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atenção para as perturbações do ritmo : '■'uma riférica; segundo — insuficiencia cardiaca; ter- (1)— o milho esterelizado foi fornecido pela Empre-

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by a minie" ball, which entered the outer side of the elbow joint, fracturing the head of the ulna and inner condyle of the humerus,

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and one of them is not unlike the saw introduced into the prac- tice of surgery by the late j\Ir. Hey, of Leeds. He enumerates

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Die Jodzysten. In Archiv. f. Schif. u. Trop. Hie. Bd Studies upon the Amoeboe in the Intestine of Man. In The classification of Amebas. In The Arch, of Int Med

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being afterwards enveloped in oil-skin or a cabbage-leaf for 2. Litharge 2 parts, slaked lime 1 part, chalk 2 pai-ts, all finely powdered, and accurately mixed. When required

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Adler, H. M. The broader psychiatry and the war. Mental Hyg., Concord, Adrian, E. D. and Yealland, L. R. The treatment of some common war neuroses.

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IrAsUy, pro[)hylaxU rcq\iire« the aroidancc of all those causc-s which 'Xptibhj to the action of the poison, little probability as there is of

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soluble in water. It is antiepileptic and sedative. large crystals or white powder. An active antiseptic. Antidotes: emetics, iron persulfate and protosulfate,

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dividual photographs and biographic accounts of the two illustrious University of Man-land doctors included, Major General Norman T. Kirk, the Surgeon General,

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while every other medical man, mulgated the particulars to the enjoying equal opportunities, had world, would he then have been

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Beef-tea 1. llalf a pound (or a pound, according to the strength required) of rump-steak should be cut up into small pieces

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