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ongineer on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, to prevent the de- posit of lime upon boiUi-s, and ho says tightens up old leaky
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same way proceed with the Red Stone of Sol in its due gradation. 84 The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus. Concerning the Augmentation or the Multiplying of Tinctures.
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of epidemic diphtheria not unlike that of Aretaus, mentioning i:)aralysis of the palate as a sequel, and his work contains the best
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0.05. Significant difference between the castrated animals and the estrogen treated castrated animals are indicated by (c) P < 0.01, or (d) P < 0.05. The same method of illustrating data is utihzed in all figures.
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them; we shall obtain only his very limited impres- sion of them. General practice involves knowing all point. The individual will react to stress in an in-
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made public, and together the physician and the com- poser wrote a work on the physiology ol music: Wer ist tinction in musk , Albert Schweitzer (1875 1965), was
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von gebranntem Zucker in Äthen\'eingeist entlarvte, und das trotzdem noch ein vielbegehrtes Geheimmittel des Haller Waisenhauses sein soll.
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(iermans. In 1873, Hermann Schwartze (1837-1910) and Adolph Eysell de- scribed the method of opening the mastoid by chisehng {typiachc Aufmeissel-
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and from South and West Africa, its rapid propagation in other countries (Da Plata, Malta, Hong Kong) into which it had been
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was found in the urine, the disease rapidly progressed, acidosis developed, and the infant died after an illness of about three weeks. A section
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pepper, ginger, bark of Eugenia Jambolana, rind of pomegranata Kurroa {kafuki), atis, tubers of Cyperus rotundua (muaiaka), wood
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Ernestine Randall, Norwich, N. Y. (died, 1888) ; 2nd, 1890, Annette L. Wheeler, Chicago, 111. Specialist in insanity and mental diseases ;
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days of Aristotle, but had lost it at the time the Hippocratic Collection was made. Hence he infers that the Hippocratic
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tide, winter storms making roads almost impassable, the hazards at- tendant upon darkness and lack of sleep, necessarily the result of his
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auf die der Tod schon nach Ablauf weniger Tage rasch folgte. Wir dürfen also betreffs der Natur und Art dieser Krankheitsfälle aussagen, ilass bei
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change in the urea, it being nature's diuretic, and an increase of waste Bowel disorders result from the bile changes, there being a change
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Qu'était-ce donc que ectte Pierre Pkilosophalo a vet' la rtcliercbo dt' lutpielle ees eliarlatans abusaient de la ereduUté de l'Empereur d'Allemagne
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from the earliest records to the present period. With an appen- dix, containing official tables, and other public documents, xii,
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out of every ten of the lunatics in their asylums are made so by the Adulterated Liquors in this country count their victims
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Tart., Vini Ipecac, aa, 3ij. ; SpiritOs .Stheris Nitrici, 5ss. ; Sirupi Papaveris, jj. ; Extracti Conii, gr. xiv. ; ft Infusi Digitalis, Liq. Ammon. Acetatis, 3S, jijss. ; Po-
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Clinical Chemistry and Microscopy sent for psychotherapy. Early carcinoma has been J. M. Feder, M.D. \ A H q r found in some of these patients called neurotic.
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Casuarina (kas-ii-ar-e'-iiak) [easiiar, the cassowar)', from the resemblance of the stems to the heavy feathers of this bird]. A genus of ]ilants of the order Casii-
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wound of the left arm, involving the musculo-cutaneous nerve ; discharged August 16, 1864." Not a pensioner. 3. Pt. H. Carneil, Co. G, 29th Wis-
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CASE 39. Lieutenant John Ridge, Co. G. 13th Iowa, aged 30 years, was wounded, July 20, 1854, at Atlanta, by a hospitals, by the regimental surgeon, I)r. W. M. Thomas, and by Surgeons Herbst and McDermont, U. S. V. There had been
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pubic bones at the symphysis. A. of Reflec' tion, that which a reflected ray of light makes with a line perpendicular to the
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be reproduced in the Med, Repos, of 1809, Second Hexade, Vol. VI, Hexade, Vol. II, p. 345. While Dr. Middleton denies having seen the
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The son was born April 18, 1856, in Chicago. His preliminary education was acquired in a private school, with one year's study in Stuttgart, Ger-
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chloride and sodium citrate permitted adrenalectomized dogs to continue in The urinary exretion of sodium and potassium is altered in adrenal insuffi-
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As a general cleansing and disinfecting agent in the sick-room it has many notable advantages, being equal to pure carbolic but free from unpleasant or
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describes two varieties of it. The first is reddish, or a mixture of redness and paleness, and in it the skin is covered with a
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a half in length, and, the following day, the epiphysis forming the head of the humerus. The next case referred to is that of VlGAROUS, of Montpellier,
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Symes, John Odery, M.B. Lond.,L.R.C.P., Clifton, Bristol. Tatham, Chas. John Willmer, M.R.C.S., Royal A rmy Medical Corps.
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Protection. 3d ed. New York: Chapman and Hall, 1986. McAfee, J. G., R. T. Kopecky, and P. A. Frymoyer. "Nuclear Medicine Comes of
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namentlich mit gewissenlosen Vertretern der Kirche, es versteht, die ganze kleine und grosse Welt ihrer Umgebung in einer Weise zu nasführen und zu
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wine. The latter was supplied in proportion as it was imbibed by the roots, so as to continue covered, nearly six fingers breadth above them, for forty -eight hours.
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the body upon the bed or mattress frequently produces in in- valids excoriations, which are known by the above name. Treatment. — When the skin becomes red and inflamed, and
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Sulfocarbol [sul-fo-iar'-bol ). See Aseptol (Illus. Diet. ). Sulfocarbonated [sul-fo-kar'-bon-a-ted). Containing crystalline substance obtained from anilin by action of
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this time, who was also an important official of his people, but also those who were not Christians, were received and cared for, and that it would be idle to
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were fomiCTJj much us«<l in protracted cases, hare been abandoned, and very justly so, ns has tlin adiuinUtmlion of mprcurials. Tlie pivpa-
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upon the face of the infant, and the father offers up the prescribed prayers, and a mixture of honey, ghee, Anantd (Bromelia Ananas),
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centrale, (Medical Record, No. du 22 septembre, p. 460), 52; O. J. Mink et N. T. Me. Lean, Etude sur la Gangosa (Khinopharyngitis mutilans), (Journal
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he will lie down from the mere motion of the switch. To Make a Horse Follow Turn him into a large stable or shed where there is no chance to get out with a halter or


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