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age (D — D); (b) mice thymectomized at 8 weeks of age transplanted 10 days later with a 6-month thymic graft (A — A); and (c) 8-week-old mice undergoing a sham
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Lancaster and Bell was of high value ; they were pioneers in public elementary education. From their time the movement spread, long maintained by voluntary agencies,
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de l'évoque. Dans toutes ces menues fonctions, il est suppléé par les suppôts fonction, jusqu' en 1792, le privilège de convoquer les j)rofesseurs aux
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Staphyloma is an incurvation of the cornea, and of the tu- nica choroides, arising from debility, and being produced some-
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compensatory pancreatic hypersecretion. In cholecystitis and diabetes mellitus the tryptic titre of the juice is frequently low. In two cases of
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furnished some degree of interest in medical education and progress to Illinois. Chicago's location, at the foot of Lake Michigan and at the trans-
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springs, is to be preferred both for drinking and for bathing; and that these may be well supplied by dis- tilled rain, or any other water that is soft and pure.
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of Gynecol. ; Am. Gynecol. Soc. ; Chic. Gynecol. Soc. ; Southern Surg, and Gynecol. Assn.; and Am. Med. Assn. Author: Manual
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Orton, George Harrison, M.B. Camb.. 7, Campden Hill-road. w. Orton, Lionel Edward, Congreve House, Bedworth, Nuneaton. Orton, William Hunt, 7, Campden-hill-road, Kensington, "vv.
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in the region of the heart ; nausea, vomiting, belching and loss of appetite. The eyes become dark greenish, with emaciation of the
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of temporal bone, with loss of right eye. Field, Washington, and Detroit hospitals. Headache, vertigo, and mental aberration.
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report. This was named the "Hamill Wing" in honor of Dr. Robert C. The sixth annual report records the erection of the "Daniel A. Jones
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precipitate of gelatinous silica. He also used up a packet of the holy sand upon the corpse of an old dog, but, of course, in vain.
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who originally came from Virginia. He was a nephew of Ephraim McDowell, famed as the "Father of Ovariotomy," and was born in the
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he gave $25,000 more. He also donated $10,000 for the construction of a laboratory for the medical department of Northwestern University.
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towel dipped frequently in water may be used. Make thorough work in cooling the bowels and then the pain will cease. If it is a young,
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Entering the vein may be difficult in cases of shoi anemia, dehydration. A 21- or 22-gauge needle (or smal- cephalic vein at the wrist, connected with venoclysis a sys
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one doctor, after visiting a smallpox hospital, " neglected to smoke his wig," and conveyed the disease in consequence to
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order; loss of the sense of the third proportion, micropsia, megalopsia, diplopia, erythropsia, diplopia in two colors, in-
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sheet of fat the "caul fat" of the hog. He sees the farmer cut this fatty sheet loose from the stomach and the ligaments that
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(Am. Jour. Med. Sri., N. S., Vol. VII, p. 374) an " improved eatheter-boucrie," or what is now termed an anterograde ur.-throtome.
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staining mix equal parts of the solutions and with a dark glass pipet fill a Thoma-Zeiss pipet, containing blood up to 0.5, to 1.20. and after 5 minutes fill the
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Trade in Central and Eastern Africa in the Pre-Colonial Pericz. bi Pre-:olonial African Trade. Essays on Trade in Central an: Eastern A:"r:;a before 1 >'•" . L:r.don, 1970).
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3 In the Schleswig-Hdlstein campaigns of 1848-7)0, STUOMEYER (L.) (Afaximen, S. 75b ) tabulates three cases of shc.t fractures of the elbow recovering
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The exotoxins and endotoxins contained in this tuberculin are connected on the one hand with the biological properties of the Koch
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are inattentive to their diet, arc the greatest sufferers ; costive habits are the most exposed to it ; and habitual laxity of the bowels coming on has removed this com-
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and sometimes the only, muscles affected. L., Sher- refraction: (i) The sine of the incident angle bears spread uniformly over the disc. T., Teevan's, frac-
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animals, so that they cannot withstand cold winter weather. The para- sites develop slowly, and are present in considerable numbers before their
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settled for by the United States. Recognizing these claims, though the impoverished treasury had many demands upon it, the government
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detected in the walls of the ventricles and in the interventricular The foreign body, moreover, may not only injure the myocardium,
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opportunity. We had taught them, among other accomplish ments, how to chew gum, how to be within three paces of an officer without saluting him, how to travel on trains without
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gland in the parotid so that a general infiltration of the surrounding If the chest is implicated there is congestion of the bronchial
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After the administration of an anaesthetic, it may be assumed that the vomiting centre becomes normal in most cases, but that in others
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sat, and either inhaled the vapor, had been long subject to rheuma- or had it merely applied to the tism, and was in the frequent ha-
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ceive or retain the male seed; from the go ensifbrnvs and lower prrt of the sUr- tubse fallopianx being too short, or having num, laterally, and, rtmnng a little ob-
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as well as of the beasts of burthen which the enemy may endeavour Srd. Medicines and Instruments. When called to a patient the
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Ur. Luther Jerrell Head, retired physician of Caroline County, 85, died at a Richmond Hospital November Sth. He was a graduate of the former University College of
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the dura matter. It tin's ran in one instance, as far a> the heart ; lint was never found in the arteries or lymphatics. After leaving
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currently known; even if considerable resources were expended, it is likely that most of their identities would remain unknown. The Committee is not persuaded
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oned, and it is only when softening has taken place, or when the coagulum has extended into the free flowing current passing into
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ongineer on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, to prevent the de- posit of lime upon boiUi-s, and ho says tightens up old leaky
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same way proceed with the Red Stone of Sol in its due gradation. 84 The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus. Concerning the Augmentation or the Multiplying of Tinctures.


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