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ligation made under the guidance of the eye. If a pa- tient is straining or distension is present this may be of high ligation is welcome. The Allis pick-up forceps

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I C I V76 by Ihe Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine VITAMIN £ AND DESFERRIOXAMINE-INDUCED IRON EXCRETION TABLE I. Total Hepatic Non-Heme Iron and Ferritin Iron."

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p. 291, n. 2 : — Etsi Avicenna cap: de dysenteria, scribat, p. 293, §30.1. 5 : — ut scribit Avicenna cap. de Phleboto-

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1 Dr. RICHAKD M. HODGES, in his excellent monograph, The Excision of Joints, 1861, p. 77, has well defined what is commonly understood by

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sum, the back]. Pertaining to, the ventral aspect of Anterointerior (an-te-ro-in-te' -re-or) [anterior, before ; interior, inner] . Located ventrally and internally.

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in 161 7, in the vicinity of Naples, Placide-Justin, that of 15,000 in St. Domingo in six weeks in 1770, and on the Russian and

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into the minute vinous- plexus, 'which lies between the proper substance of the ganglion, and tiic coat which tlu \ derive frcm

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from this point pathogenic material is carried to other parts of the body and changes are produced there, the later formed lesions

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to spend some time in the United States — his first visit in 17 years. He will be assistant professor at M. C. \'. Educated at the Beirut University. Dr. Sahyoun has been

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Il résulte du rapport récent du Gouverneur Dole adressé à la Legislature d'Uawaï que la lèpre a beaucoup diminué depuis 12 ans. Ce résultat est

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and CDC in tracking possible blood related AIDS cases. FDA has established donor eligibility requirements for blood donation, and has authority to inspect donor records if it becomes

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inducing sleep. It is said that it is not followed by any unpleasant after-effects. As a rule, the patients wake up feeling relreshed and

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It is carried in the blood united with the hsmoglobin, as oxy- hemoglobin. It is exchanged for carbon dioxide in Uie tissues.

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Pyelocystitis, pi-e-lo-sis-ti'-tis. Pyelitis with cystitis. Pyelonephritis. Inflammation of the kidney and its pelvis. Pyelotomy, pi-el-ot' -o-me. Incision into the renal pelvis.

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the skull, given by Mr. Pott : " If the piece of bone intended to be removed was larger than could be comprehended within

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watchful nurse rescued this appendix from the bed pan we should still labor under the delusion that m\' patient's anatom}- remains

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level of pubic bone. Flap for left side is raised and beneath it are seen the bodies of rectus and internal oblique. — VanHook. (See

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lower intercostal nerves in the parietal peritoneum. of visceral pain (Fig. 2). This theory satisfactorily areas distant to the diseased organ, examples being

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1903 ; Day, Charles Frederick, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. 1888 Day, Francis William Henry Langston, Baldock, Herts. 1902 Day, Harold Benjamin, M.B. Lond., 22, Tavistock-rd., Westboume-

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repeated vomiting and asthenia in the other. In neither case is any mention made of thrombosis of the splenic vein which was found in Frick's patient

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Macerate raw beef (recently killed), chopped very fine, dilute hydrocliloi-ic acid 16 drops, for an hour and a half ; strain through a fine hair sieve. Give two tumblers daily.

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infectious diseases like cattle plague, foot-and-mouth disease, gangrenous coryza, and as a consequence of certain direct local infections ; other

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the pictures of Americans of the Civil War generation have a more sincere and ideal look than those of the present time.

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modern authorities in favour of drinking water as a preventive of calculus. Thus Tissot states that the Chinese, who drink so much water with their tea, enjoy almost

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kept up for months, the patient himself learning how to use the proper iiistrument, and introducing it at longer and longer intervals for a year or

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the girth behind that large and of full development, and the fore- quarters broad and deep. These qualities indicate ample lung space,

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the title "Song of the Hubbardton Raid," written and declaimed by Dr. John M. Currier at an "Oyster Supper" in Castleton on November 29,

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in many cases of croup. It is simple and easy of application. We give the details as furnished by Dr. Graves : " A sponge,

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poison is introduced into the living body it is not digested, and It is necessary for the practitioner to have a knowledge of the

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(e.g. of aAAo in Fractures, II ; rja-crov, Joints, XI) may remind readers of the less artistic repetitions Fractures, XXXI, and Diet in Acute Diseases, VII. In

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ample, and all these patients did well. In addition to the surgical treatment in which the bleeding ves- age with a severe fracture of the hip, spinal anes-


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