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be firmly fixed with a twist of the thumb and finger. Tiie face of the barrel is engraved with a plainly visible graduated scale, while the back is of opal colour with

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scammony, or polypody, &c. When the animals are discharged, ' ' ' to prevent a renewal of the complaint, he recommends friction,

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board with which to start a cabin. In this extremity he was compelled to live for two weeks in a room sixteen feet square with two other families, containing

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which are distributed particularly to the posterior below to the inner side of the tuhero!<ity of the I S C H 1 C E ' L E, AcA iatt>ee'le, hch indoreWf,

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hepatitis, perihepatitis, and secondary pericarditis in animals gravely infested. The young embryos, whether they penetrate only by the bile

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mal matter, and yields, on evaporation, a considerable quantity of sugar. To constitute this disease, it is not necessary that the urine should be in an unusual quan-

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sliifrffisIiiicEfi : tlic liftart and puIsR In'at efowly, respirations aro rare, ihc ixiwcls constipated, sccrclioo of urine scanty, and, perliaps aa a

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to pass all the sentries without being seen or harmed. A beayy sleep will overcome them, so that they will not be conscious of your

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the noted teacher. The following- six years were spent by Dr. -Klebs as professor of general pathology and pathological anatomy in the University

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Formal'dehyd. See Formicaldehyd. F.-ca'sein, a compound of formaldehyd and casein ; it is an inodorous surgical antiseptic.

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eration of the vaginal mucosa, it does not appear that this would be a satis- factory means of assay. There is a lack of evidence that the vaginal epithelium

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The cecum corresponds to the right iliac and right lumbar region. The base is slightly below McBurney's point. Its position is variable,

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that the duct nnes advanced are brought down to the tleumti who. from the nature of his studies and pur- the many intricate and difioult questions in patho-

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Itypotbesis of respiration. And some lati: experiments, port thow! of Sir lluiii;«hry Davy, since they concur in proving, thiit, in the act of respiration, there in a lillle more

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ported it with many plausible reasons and pertinent facts. There may be no special value in these discoveries, so far as known at present,

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Barron, Herbert Ceorge, 24, Hoghton-street, Soidhport. Barrow, Arthur Sibert, Indwe, Wodehouse, Cape Colony. Barrow, George Augustus, 239, Waterloo-road. Manchester.

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the pictures of Americans of the Civil War generation have a more sincere and ideal look than those of the present time.

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arranged as to convey the effused blood on inclined planes toward the right iliac fossa; if the blood is poured out from a wound on the left side, it is more likely to run down into

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of gunshot wounds for September, October, November, and December, 18G2, compiled by Surgeon BlUXTON, U. S. V., and to which alone 1 shall here

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torated a little blood a {q.\v minutes after the accident, and he said that there quickly appeared a peculiar squeak in the breath sounds.

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the puerperium. Induced abortion with its 100 per cent foetal mortality is unjustifiable, as is also the tapping of a tumour either through the

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i Entos'thoblast. The so-called nucleus of the nucleolus.. i Entotic, en-tot' -ik. Pertaining to the internal ear. Entozoon, en-to-zo'-on. The same as Enterozoon, q. v.

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Vagbhata I [Astdnga Saingralia, III. 5, vol. I, p. 270, 1. 6, quoted by Vagbhata II in Astdnga Hrdaya, III. 4, verse 22, in

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agents as are known to produce eosinophilia. Giffin's case came to autopsy and an examination showed myeloid metaplasia of the spleen and great excess

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green powder containing 50% of Ijismvuh and 50''r ol pyrogallol ; used as an intestinal disinfectant ami black powder, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in

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enrollment in research and standard or conventional treatment, was one of the major problems identified by the Advisory Committee in our Research Proposal

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tary: Mallory-Azan technique of staining was the routine method for general histological study; this method was supplemented by cytological techniques

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First. — Then, with ordinary cases, if there is much heat of the stomach, at bed time, wet a towel in cold water, wringing it out that it may not drip, and lay it over the

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the predisposing causes could in the slightest degree support. At last Boerhaave supposed it no foreign sub- stance introduced, but a lentor or viscidity in the blood

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für die aus dem Geschichtsstudium sich ergebende Thatsache dient, dass der .ustand der Mcdiein zu einer beliebigen Zeit nichts Anderes ist, als der

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on the shoulder in a manner frequently seen in a corpse. There was no pul- sation of the heart or arteries of the arm or temple — in fact, no really visible

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heraclin. The root is used in epilepsy, the herb as a stance is<:)lated from the unripe fruit of Heracleioft Hereditation [her edit-a'-sknn) [Aerediias, heredity].

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devoid of a perfect instruction in the preparation of medicines, they did not hesitate to have recourse to the .\Ichemists,

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an hour by a second attack. Tliere was no jicrccptible cause, but the patient had complained of headache all the morning. The

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cover}' that the omuiional predLsposiicion of n plnrn to an extension of that llio conditions for dccoinposilion may be peculiarly favorable

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add 5 c.c. of 5f,r aqueous solution of oxalic acid; saturated jiicric acid sohnion, 150 c.c. saturated acid resorcin in 200 c.c. water; heat (o ihe boiling-point

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advances it becomes red, smooth, shining, and dry, having a black streak in the middle. The most prominent symptoms are nausea and

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Gall, Ox, Inspissated, IVIerck.— Purified, Clearly Sol. Laxative, Digestive.— Uses: Typhoid fever, deficiency of biliary secretion,

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wbctber the inflammation of tlie kidneys, like the other inikimmatory aSedjans of the typhoid stage of cholera, he aacribable to infection


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