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premiers il y a plus de lymphocytes et moins de leucocytes polynucléaires et Le Dr. Kietoiet de Jonge donne des études intéressantes sur quelques cas
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being afterwards enveloped in oil-skin or a cabbage-leaf for 2. Litharge 2 parts, slaked lime 1 part, chalk 2 pai-ts, all finely powdered, and accurately mixed. When required
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sac, provided no adhesions occur, or, in the event of adhesions, after Fourth stage. Torsion of the hernial sac and of the testicular
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are ready and waiting there to kill them," Dr. Hall said. "And if the defensins are overpowered, then other protective mecha-
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lying behind cecum and ase. colon, which suggested an enlarged kidney. This was found to be attached to the in. wide. A pursestring was applied, and stump invagi-
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2 oz., oil of turpentine 8 oz., spirit of wAixq 4 oz.; to be applied hot, and confinetL-by stitches. — Gibson. 3. Sublimate 1 dr., finely powdered and mixed with 4 oz.
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the latter case they seldom succeed, the patient pre- SIS, (from yeftjfiff, a nail; cla-vatio). A Greek term for that species of synarthrosis which resembles a nail
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parts, the sixth by excess in drinking, and the seventh by the loss of the essential parts of the body, as chyle, blood, &c.
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certain places only, the symptoms of the diae4i£e ruay a native of the endemic are-a limy leave hia conutry, reside there apparently in good healtli for sevefal
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bility, nutrition, and secretions of parts, accord- as irregular, cellular-like deposites, or as infil- ceous matter, or from the infiltration or imbibition
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eggs, and taking care of the younger livestock, making sure they were watered and corn or oats or hay was in their feed Oertley: Oh yes. I can t remember the hour. It wasn t that
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rary men enjoy ; and the labor which is required to \ is something appalling to contemplate. The author j of the kind in any language. — Silliman-s Journal,
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bald erkannt, dass die Pest durch die Berührung des Kranken, der Leiche und der krankhaften Absonderungen, durch Gebrauch der Gegenstàinde,
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first consisted of a closed corporation of four members, who met to discuss new — .mathematical problems, and "the ornaments of elegant literature
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already ahead of the public health game, because they realized that many of their Saudi employees were coming from these kinds of
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likewise speaks of applying a well-stuff'ed splint. Haly's ac- count is distinct but similar to our author's, from which it is
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Lancaster and Bell was of high value ; they were pioneers in public elementary education. From their time the movement spread, long maintained by voluntary agencies,
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de l'évoque. Dans toutes ces menues fonctions, il est suppléé par les suppôts fonction, jusqu' en 1792, le privilège de convoquer les j)rofesseurs aux
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Staphyloma is an incurvation of the cornea, and of the tu- nica choroides, arising from debility, and being produced some-
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compensatory pancreatic hypersecretion. In cholecystitis and diabetes mellitus the tryptic titre of the juice is frequently low. In two cases of
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furnished some degree of interest in medical education and progress to Illinois. Chicago's location, at the foot of Lake Michigan and at the trans-
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springs, is to be preferred both for drinking and for bathing; and that these may be well supplied by dis- tilled rain, or any other water that is soft and pure.
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