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by conoidal ball. Richmond hosjiituls. Removal of spicula; of bone. Death, August 22d, 1864. Dnnwmj, S., Private, Co. A., Palmetto Sharpshooters. Fort Harrison, September 29th, 1864. Extensive fracture of the
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ce3d, Thymelaeacese (Hemp.); no Rio de Janeiro, sobre carrapeteira Em Myj'tus [Blepharocalyx) tweediei, Psidium, goiabeiras e
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A., Thompson, W. W. These names will enable the student to refer to the cases in the manuscript files of the Surgeon General s Office. The details
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are used to describe various diseases. Thus, in con- be expressed as " air-borne germs." This expression is applied in one case to venomous swellings, which are
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June 29, 1802 May, 1803 ; Priv. K. S. Moore, Dr. J. J. Chisolm. Shot wound of crest of Supra -pubic..! Recovery .. Dr. 1!. L. Madison. Shot perf. of ischium.. I .ilateral Recovery..
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Carbohydrate Levels in Hypophysectomized Rats Fed Glucose In summary, it can be said that the thyroid hormone affects the general
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tions intellectuelles qui sont plutôt des monstruosités. Il faut entendre par culture intellectuelle un certain état de l'esprit humain qui lui permet de tout
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three feet from tube, using a very high vacuum tube. Patient's condition at this stage could scarcely be any worse; dyspnea
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pox ; but in vain. At Cabul, this operation was quite un- known. At that time, I had forgotten having read somewhere that vaccine matter might be procured by inoculating
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eyes become highly rolling and the stool becomes hard and constipated. Alternate fits of fainting and cons- ciousness, convulsive jerks of legs and hands like those
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inal muiick-s forces some of tlie liquid content of the rctieuliun and the Holid matter from llie rumen into the mwphftinia. The funoel>
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that the strength and length of the treatment must be adequate, and that ViiTAY, A. Modifications hematiques et circulatoires produites par la diathermie.
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promised neither benefit to the recipient nor new scientific information. The transplant was reportedly done with the consent of the patient, but without
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Clematis, 30, a deathlike, sickening pain. Lach., 30, left sided pain. Inflammation of the Womb. (276) — A doubtful process,
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4o. La moitié des nègres adultes possède des parasites de malaria, sans qu'ils 5o. A peu près 62% des nègres adultes ont un gonflement de la rate, qui de
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the bacteria in her faeces were tj'phoid bacilli. Careful cultural and agglutination tests showed that these bacilli differed in no respect
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the excrements. Now, this natural conjunction can only be made when tempered with a proper quantity of alimentary salt, otherwise through the
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case has not been recorded. The injury resulted in aphonia. He was furlougbed on July 18th, 1864, for sixty days. On Case. — Private William L. Switzer, Co. F, 5tli Iowa Volunteers, aged 25 years, was wounded at luka, September 19th,
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the Historical Clinicopathological Conference, Recognition The new editor for Archives of Dermatology is a nationally regarded skin cancer expert currently serving as professor and
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Description. — This is a shrubby, strongly hispid plant, about four feet high. Leaves, pinnate ; leaflets, oblong-ovate. Flowers, white ; co-
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At a conference of the Medical Section, U.S.S.R., on September 25th, the Society of Cultural Relations present- ed a certificate and insignia, as well as the medallion for
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Belllgerehts will keep each other mutually advised of internments and trans- sick and wounded in their hands. They will collect all objects of personal use,
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Lm Genera, an example, in which the atoophagns wna in ftjiuludmt iMch Ride of the neck, yielded to nwdical treatment.] The
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II.,I'0,, white crystalline mass, soluble in alcohol with decoinposiiion ; its uses and dosage as caffein. C. occuiTing as white crystalline masses, soluble in 5
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tion that you had made and you repeated here today, and which the Secretary, Mrs. Heckler, has made, that you consider AIDS to
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Bescriiitlon. — The thick stem of this plant is from three to four feet high, and arises from a perennial bulb or root. Leaves scattered, lan-
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After the administration of an anaesthetic, it may be assumed that the vomiting centre becomes normal in most cases, but that in others
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Commentary. This is taken almost word for word fi-om Comm. Oribasius (Synops. vii, 14) ; Aetius directs lis to scarify the
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smallest of many gifts to come. They formed a board of trustees to oversee the expenditures and appointed Buttrick executive
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affliction". These cults are defined (Janzen 1992, p. 1, quoting Turner 1968, pp. 15-16) as "the interpretation of misfortune in terms of
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to the above ; bruwnish-rcd ejiots and noduk's form, which cuutiaually tiuued fur a vuriahit! period of limt-, the iioJulfs begin to grow, the
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abducted and forced into servility, and now deprived of collective economic and political The way of life that these abducted, economically exploited, and politically
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Formal'dehyd. See Formicaldehyd. F.-ca'sein, a compound of formaldehyd and casein ; it is an inodorous surgical antiseptic.
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believed the full-time plan would encourage the application of science to medicine and reduce the independence of the medical
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minutes. The authors use a i per cent solution of borcholin in 07 per cent sodium chloride, which must be carefully injected into the vein,
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absorbent vessels ; consequently the great bodies of the other parts are the cellular substance, which is only a great rigidity or laxity ; but, if we consider these as
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strips, .and absolute rest, low diet, and confinement in a dark room were enjoined by his medical attendant, Dr. Thornton. He
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to this condition in the knightly class ; whilst the sedentary habits and gross feeding causing chronic constipation would account for it
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probably the female hop plant, wormwood, bishopwort, lupin, ashthroat, henbane, liarewort, vipers bugloss, heathberry plants, cropleek, garlic, grains of hedgerife,
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and manure ; and there is, therefore, no difficulty in understanding why in dirty stables infection so readily occurs. The infective agents may be of
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Northamptonshire, England; pres. of Lehigh Univ. since 1895; prof. of Analytical Chem., Lafayette Coll., Easton, Pa., 1874-1881 ; prof,
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Fig. 7. The seminal vesicles of an August deer, x 74. Fig. 9. The seminal vesicles of an October deer, x 90. WITH growing information on sex development in parabiotic twins, definite


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