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very serious and has extended a long way upwards, it is often better immediately to resort to amputation of the two last phalanges.

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of the heart). The disease may be divided into five distinct t>'pes, of which four are Dosha-origincd, {viz. — Vataja, Pittaja, Kaphaja, Sannipatika) and the fifth

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a) Antike Schröpfköpfe, b) Medicin in China, c) Unterrichtsmittel. Die Abtheilung ladet ein: die Abth. 4 (Chemie) zu: Richter (Berlin): Zur

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as happened to be growing at the time of injection. Similar results with syn- others. In this series there was some evidence, difficult to measure, that the

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Sans relâche les ])ie(ls dans la neige, les mains engourdies par le froid Larrey opère 30 heures de suite. Napoléon passe 2 fois au même endroit

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C. Williams, took up his practice and continued here several years, Dr. W. I. Fisher, a protege of Dr. Miller, began practicing in Shelby-

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vient-il à haïr quelqu'un ou à désirer sa mort, il le blesse mortellement et ammène la destruction de ses biens. Il peut faire tomber une personne en syncope

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pions, and Paracelsus, human ordure (Zebethum occidenfale) . Glauber alone, in an important treatise on salts (16.58'), urged the employment of chemical

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reports good results from the use of Bier's Cupping-glasses in such cases. In some, however, the patients seemed to be made worse.

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because one of the things that has always amazed me in lifeit shouldn t, but it doeswas how some of my most intelligent friends have a paucity of knowledge about medical people and what

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After an hour, or a few hours at the most, there was generally a drenching sweat and a critical fall of temperature, which was either of temporary

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Darby in 1(347. Nobody suspected her, and when delivered she was lyiug in the same room with her mistress. She arose without awakening anyone,

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on November 13th. Surgeon E. C. Franklin, U. S. V., reported: "Shot wound of right arm, fracture of humerus into elbow and was discharged the service March 5, 1832, and pensioned. Assistant Surgeon W. W. Bailey, 22d Illinois, reported :

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white mustard seed in the decoction of Madhu-s'igru and taken with the soup of barley, Kola and Kulalttha pulse. The Tilvaka Ghrita (Chikitsa Sthdna, ch. IV.),

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que celle de la foudre, c'est-à-dire l'acide prussique, qu'ils tiraient, par fermentation ou par distillation, de la feuille du pêcher, laquelle était

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often given on efficiency and commercial viability of land use, tenurial regimes, productivity, and so on, rarely takes as much account of differentiations based on gender as it does of race and

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Angiokeratoma, an-je-o-ker-at-o'-mah. A skin-disease with angio- Angioleucitis, cui-je-o-lu-si'-lis. Inflammation of the lymphatics.

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The important muscles attached to the first thoracic vertebra, hence necessarily involved by a displacement of this bone, are the levator

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the physician and of the patient and then be duly con- proves curative in all forms of fever. Its very touch of Tri-phald,, Chitraka, Musta, the two kinds of Haridrd,

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ment of tumours, <&c., in its substance ; — scirrhus; dropsy of the ovaria ; ascites ; tympanites, <fec. Boivin puts in this class — the solitary, bigeminal,

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looking upon the two vascular circles of the iris as venous rather than arterial, and by a careful series of radial sections of the eyeball finds

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Nerve sedatives ; darkness, quiet, nutritive enemata, chloroform, chloral, etc. Prevention : eradicate the virus ; muzzle all dogs absolutely, under

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chicken." Now this lady, certainly, was no farmer's wife or she would have observed that the habits of chickens are ten times more filthy than that of the hog, if it be possible;

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than is seen under conservative treatment on other lines. In Enteric a distinct fall of temperature, which rose slowly again next day. The

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and space, but largely to cloak their ignorance of Latin temple to Victory a dispute arose as to whether the inscription should read "■Consul Tcrtio" or ''Consul

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various subjects in the Medical School of Maine, connected with Bowdoin College; in the Medical School of New Hampshire, connected with Dartmouth

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VI. 'Ev vovaco TroXvXpovij) dairlt) 1 kclI aKprjroi . rj7rt et,\6u> ep,6TO<i, rj Kvy%, f) airaapios, rj II. In a case of diseased bone, livid flesh on 1 it is

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January 10, 18;55, he was admitted into hospital at Jefferson Barracks, thence discharged the service, February. 1 ), 186.~&gt;. Pension

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and from the lungs. The writer of this aphorism was evidently a supporter of the Pneumatists, who tried to to TrvevfJM ei;(o (peperai 777509 to prj irapaTrepireiv 1

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Tho niedicftl examining board near Petersburg, consisting 4)f -Surgeons II. II. Hubbard, G. W. Langdon, L. P. Warren, IJ. F. Ward, and C. B. McGuiro,

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wine digesting itself into a lemon colour ; and in process of time the green Speci.\l Instruction concerning the Process of Vitriol

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tion and one part lof powdered rice, for making yavdgu of the husks open out and the rice swells into a light spongy body.

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in any of tiie cases so far reported ; but in most of them it was not till after sovcrol years of serero suffering that death oarurred, from ex-

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