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of the calculus. By such a course of medication my success has been This frequently attends inflammatory diseases, especially acute

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In 1885 Dr. Favill married Miss Susan Cleveland Pratt of Brooklyn, N. Y., and continued general practice in Madison until 1894. During this period he

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usual period, most of them exhi- pensable that the scab should re- biting the symptoms of mild va- main on, — or, at least, that cica-

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eases, two club-shaped motors and one tunnel have been front of arm, just above the bend of elbow. The biceps tendon was split after being divided low in the wound,

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31. 1868, reported : " Minie ball lodged in the head of the humerus. The head and about two inches of the shaft excised May

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striking the head of the left liumerus, and fracturing its outer third, and also the adjacent part of the acromion process, the ball

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the Vayu, Pittam and Kaphah may be useful in giving a deeper and clearer insight into the principles of true biology or pathology. It is incorrect to translate Vayu, Pittam and

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Forster, Frederick C. Management of neurasthenia, psychasthenia, shell-shock, Forsyth, David. Functional nervous disease and the shock of battle: a study of

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Marsh's Test for Arsenic. Introduce the substance into a flask i with dilute sulphuric acid and zinc. Light a jet, and permit it to

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Auscultoscope (aws-kult'-o-skop). See Phonendoscope. Australene [aws' -tral-ln) [Pinus australis, the source name for a liquid, dextrorotary hydrocarbon, the chief

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primary responsibility for conducting the experiment is designated to prepare such an instrument and coordinate it for use by all the Services

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lungs without enough pure blood to sustain life. Then disease appears. The diaphragm, when dropped front and down, and across the aorta and vena cava, by a lowering of the ribs on both

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excited a storm of comment and criticism. In a work of this small tions of what he saw are truthful and sincere, and therefore authori-

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most cases, however, about the second or third day they become soft, pultaceous and finally liquid, profuse, foetid, and mixed with

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liealed externally; hut tlie traeliea was constantly iliscliarging jins, brought n]i hy conghing, and was hoarse, and liis right arm

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(Schl.) ; Flores Punicae granati (Ph. Pers.) ; pomegranate flowers. Achundow; Ait.; Post; I.H.B.; Fl. Br. Ind. 2: 581; Ph. Ind. 2: 45;

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80. In dorsal decubitus the movements of the leg were performed comparatively well at first, but after a few repe- titions, the shaking spasm would occur on both sides, and

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see the Doctor perform one of the first surgical operations he The welfare of the city was always a matter of great moment

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stimuli, and by the direct inheritance of these acquired characters. Like Galen and Hunter, Lamarck believed that structure follows function (La

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laterally and vertically, so that eventually the walls of that part of the abdomen may project above the transverse processes of the lumbar

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turned to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. He sought the foundation's help, not just to replicate

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während der Tncubationszeit bis zum 2. Tage vor dem Fieberausbruche und ebenso während der mehrwöchigen freien Intervalle. In diesen Zeiten, spär-

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as three days and as long as 1 to 12 years (Chabert). In the human being, however, there is always the danger of the disease

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foot.' The fool : according to some, the sole of the -! S 'i. 'the sole of the foot,' Trt nell'a anric'uln ius; follows the upper edge of the petrous por- Juda, Auricula Judm, Aurieula'ria tnrul

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30th, 1862, by a projectile which entered the frontal bime one inch above the nasal eminence, a little to the right of the nu'diau

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to defend the articulation of the joint of Peagle. See Primula veris. the knee from external injury. It likewise Pearl. See Margarita.

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employé actuellement dans l'Inde, les informations que nous tirons du Classical Dictionary of India de Garrett sont loin d'être satisfaisantes. On

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Itnal fljitula. ;( bad [lesiury, or a large ntemie polypus projecting into tliv vimcioj, may induce croupous or rliphthcritio iuflamination of the

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Apes and Menagerie Animals. In these tuberculosis is com- mon alike in the thoracic and abdominal forms, and the lesions in

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are prominent and the first descending wave relatively pulse. P., Shabby, an ill-defined pulse due to weak heart and relaxed arteries. P., Sharp. Same as P. ,

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succeeded by Dr. John Cooper. With this, our knowledge of him ceases, but his name will long be cherished as that of the first member of his profession

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ous, and taught, in theory at least, the simple expectant treatment of wounds by means of bandages moistened with plain water; and

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Six pregnant monkeys received daily injections of 5 to 20 mg. of testosterone propionate beginning upon the forty-first to fifty-ninth days of gestation and

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other by the ischia. — Geofifroy St. Hiliare. See ad'ica, Phthisis ischiad'ica, from laviov, 'ischium,' — the superior on the outside of the sciatic spine ;

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la détermination précise des plantes et des animaux figurés dans ces manus- crits apporterait à la connaissance des médicaments simples employés par

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879 — Bacillophobia, 879 — Kleptomania and kleptophobia, 879— Folic de doute, 879— Other rare fear-psychoses, 880 — Demonomania, 880 — Particular aversions,

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palate, associated with a recurrent paralysis on the same side. Avogadro's Law. Equal volumes of all g.ses and vapors, at like

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two or three seconds before he would cough again. This seemed to result from the passage of the bronchoscope into an abscess.

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Parasynovitis, par-ah-si-no-vi '-tis. Inflammation around a bursa. Parasyphilit'ic. Indirectly associated with syphilis.

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muscles — s. StaphvHnus internus. Levator palati. d' Allemagne, Sarsaparilla Germanica — s. dn Bri- Salsola Longifolia, S. Kali — s. Sativa, &e.,

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(in MS). Residence: Seventh Ave., Phoenix, Arizona. LACHAPELLE, Emanuel Persillier; physician; b. Sault au Recollet, Que., 1845; s. Pierre Persillier-Lachapelle and Marie Zoe (Tour-

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or to speak in giving proper expression to their thoughts. The Thesaurus of Medical Terms, then, ought to be of value to all persons who are called upon to state or explain any

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"3. In cases in which the bacteriological cause is as yet undeter- mined, or in wliich the disease-producing agents are not bacteria,

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infectious diseases like cattle plague, foot-and-mouth disease, gangrenous coryza, and as a consequence of certain direct local infections ; other

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