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recal the inclination for food, and most gloomy anticipations, and in- quickly set all the digestive ma- describable despondency,

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from recipere, reception, (re, and capere, ' to take,') verso'rium seu Stagnum chyli, Sac' cuius chy' lifer anipulles'ceus, Utric'ulna lacteus, Vesic'ula chyli,

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sat, and either inhaled the vapor, had been long subject to rheuma- or had it merely applied to the tism, and was in the frequent ha-

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especially to those of consumption. The food at such periods should be abundant, varied, and simply prepared. Good fresh

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water] . The ground-substance or matrix of the cyto- resulting from inoculation by organic products. Cf. Spermolysin, Epitheliolysin, Nephrolysin, Leukocyto-

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Cases of Rat-poisoning : — Different Varieties of Rats— General Symptoms of Rat-poisoning— Specific symptoms and treatment of Rat-

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the- ferric and ferrous compounds, but they aiv so dis- Massa Ferri Carbonatis, U. S. (Vallet's). Dose: 0.25 Mistura Ferri Composita. V. S. (Criffith's) . Dose:

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Biapiculate ( bi-ap-ik'-ii-lat 1 [bis, twice ; apex, the Biarsenate {bi-ar'-sen-at) [bis, twice; arseiiiel. An Biarticulate {bi-ar-tiJk'-u-ldt) [bis, twice; articuitts, a.

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body : and the restoration of mind equally follows the returning health of body. The reason is, that we do corporeal organs ; and every agent will be powerful in

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fragments: 4 of these patients died, and of the remaining 5 many retained very defective limbs. In 7 similar cases in 1849, consolidation was essayed,

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as well as of the beasts of burthen which the enemy may endeavour Srd. Medicines and Instruments. When called to a patient the

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J V., SenVinal, one of the two lobulated pouches of a membrane 1 between the base of the bladder and the rectum that serve as reser-

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of the pelvis; itiis formed by a continued contend, that it is sometimes acute and prcgnated womb, keeps it up against the gious matter thrown out by the constitu-

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ongineer on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, to prevent the de- posit of lime upon boiUi-s, and ho says tightens up old leaky

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organism that there is something in the throat that should be expelled. The center may be stimulated by irritation of the nerve along its course,

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them; we shall obtain only his very limited impres- sion of them. General practice involves knowing all point. The individual will react to stress in an in-

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allowed that the squills are very uncertain in their Emetics are injurious when there is any original defect in the head, in the heart and larger arteries, or, perhaps,

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Mission: The Medical Alumni Association of the University of Maryland, Inc., in continuous operation since 1875, is an inde

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laws of these countries are much more minute in their distinctions respecting crimes than the criminal code of ject has been so much neglected, that it has not former

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On March 7th. 1837, Pension E.xaminer ,Iolin Post reported that there was a discharge of pus from the orifice of entrance of the

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fevers, without entirely intermitting, were exacer- in a state of conia ; if not comatose, he was in pain and could "very," but "all over." The phrase may mean "slight

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(iermans. In 1873, Hermann Schwartze (1837-1910) and Adolph Eysell de- scribed the method of opening the mastoid by chisehng {typiachc Aufmeissel-

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with a solution of hydrargyrus muriatus dissolved in The rectified spirit of malt is the best for preserving hitherto introduced into the systems of therapeutics,

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appear twisted. When the twisted stomach worm is present in large numbers, the worms become mixed with the contents of the

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We have stated in our commentary on aifections of the eye, in the Third Book, that the ancients were aware that the crys-

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théologiens moins véridiques, la conversion parait certaine ; il va sans dire qu'elle était forcée et que Maimonides restait juif de coeur et d'esprit; pour

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and had severally 53, 63 and 13 nodules on the small intestine, mostly on Peyer's patches. Two calves received at one dose 440

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to December 4, 1875. 11. Pt. T. E. Hamilton, Co. A, 1st Maryland, aged 31 years, North Anna, May 21, 1834. Shot fracture of left carpus. Sent to Paterson Park, Baltimore. Caries ensued, and,

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times a week for twenty to thirty minutes. His aim is to produce a primary hyperaomia only, which is generally accompanied by local

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Ernestine Randall, Norwich, N. Y. (died, 1888) ; 2nd, 1890, Annette L. Wheeler, Chicago, 111. Specialist in insanity and mental diseases ;

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ten are consummated at the next period, and all beyond serves, that those of youth, continuing after puberty, are difficult to cure. In infancy and old age, many ob-

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days of Aristotle, but had lost it at the time the Hippocratic Collection was made. Hence he infers that the Hippocratic

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by sutures, and supported by compresses and bandages. The patient, taking morphia and brandy, rallied in the course of an

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ganized and when cut across, the lung presents a distinct honey- combed appearance. In still other cases a considerable area of

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Qu'était-ce donc que ectte Pierre Pkilosophalo a vet' la rtcliercbo dt' lutpielle ees eliarlatans abusaient de la ereduUté de l'Empereur d'Allemagne

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from the earliest records to the present period. With an appen- dix, containing official tables, and other public documents, xii,

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out of every ten of the lunatics in their asylums are made so by the Adulterated Liquors in this country count their victims

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ter in a soft, digestible, and movable condition. We will bruise, poison, ligate, kink, or twist the colon from the caecum to the

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hardly think that the tank treatment can be a popular one with patients and the method is impracticable under ordinary condi-

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