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et d'autres antiquités médicales romaines. Tacite, Agricola 36, parle de la part prise par les Tongriens dans la bataille de Mons Grampius, Ecosse.
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ntidsome Jove-like figure, always attended by the sacred snake iitwined around a rod, a miniature Omphalos, like that of the
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altogether different from the well-known method of Hippo- 2. The peculiar style and method of Hippocrates are held to be — conciseness of expression, great condensation of matter,
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discomforts and hardships that sometimes accompany research. The Advisory Committee is also concerned about research we reviewed
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urged by the Holy Spirit to proclaim thti will and counsel of God. They are called seers, men of God, servants and messengers of the
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ing, purging, prostration, and collapse in doses over See t', Piovnuniul (Illus. I.ict. ). C, Interior, C, Internal, provisional callus of a fractured bone de-
coumadin blood levels normal
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ballpasseil transversely and destroyed the right eye. Sjianisb Fort, Alabama, March 30th, 1865. Mustered out September 23d,
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before and the wound should be sutured and speedily t The dictum that a hurl on any of the wind-carrying sounding chan- nels is pronounced to be incurable, should not be supposed to hold good
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one of his means of determining before the calamity the existence of ulcer of the perforative type, as the sudden inflammatory outpouring of secretion from the
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relation to serial homology, heredity, and evolution. In 1868, ap- peared his "Natural History of Creation"; in 1874, the Anthro-
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from the fauces, the nose, or the stomach. If from the fauces, either directly, or dropping from the nose, it is inconsiderable in quantity, and not always attended with
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He does not combat the exintence of tuch several diseases; btit he mikes it apparent that their idiopathic nature i« fre-
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encreasing debility, which is soon fatal after the occurrence of In estimating the nature of the disease, indications may often
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""' History, theory; and technique of statistics. Translated, with an introduction, by Roland P. Falkner. 2 vol. in 1 , paged contin-
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FIRST EDITION OF THE FIRST 8 CHAPTERS OF A. UOORDE'S DIETARY. 395 It now remains to say a few words about the relative ages of the
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by a minie" ball, which entered the outer side of the elbow joint, fracturing the head of the ulna and inner condyle of the humerus,
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more than any one man for the rapid growth of the hospital and its standing Later, after several efforts to obtain a successor to Dr. Stehman, many of
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XIII. — That it shall be the duty of every member to pre- sent alternately a paper on some Medical subject. The se- nior member shall begin, and at every sub-cquent meeting,
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being afterwards enveloped in oil-skin or a cabbage-leaf for 2. Litharge 2 parts, slaked lime 1 part, chalk 2 pai-ts, all finely powdered, and accurately mixed. When required
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the 15th. was admitted to the Sloan Hospital .at Montpelier. He was discharged the service June 28th, 1805, and pensioned.
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downward, owing perhaps to its magnitude, we make in it two lunated incisions, meeting together at the extremities, so that
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villers-au-Bois, "standing to" and ready to pull out on a mo ment s notice. Nobody seemed to know where Fritz had been stopped or if he had been stopped. If ever an army was in panic -
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and Cowper's gland. Note the relation of the prostate and seminal vesicles to the bladder. The rectum is in posterior relation. (After Spalteholz.)
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prudence or otherwise, it may often be cut short by bringing on a free perspiration. A good way to accomplish this is to take a hot mustard foot-
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sirable descriptiveness. Rhinitis also indicates in- cause of its descriptive quality. Hay fever ■will be used throughout this discussion synonymously ■with
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Young, director of the Colorado Department of Health's division of sanitation, and Dr. John Z. Bowers, deputy director of the Division of Biology and Medicine.
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"Irrespective of the type of treatment,'' Dr. McMasterl says, "patients who returned immediately to normal activ- "Injection with 2 per cent procaine hydrochloride solu-
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of which is wrung as dry as the necessary speed will admit, then immediately applied to the part affected: it lies on until the heat begins to lessen, and the other
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by means of the water, and by drawing in the air along with it. And the moon's foundation is upon it, and this it is which
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adjacent bones of tbe tarsus and metatarsus but not of sufficient The movements of tbe boclc are flexion and extension. "Name the various articulations of the tarsal joint
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Blei ; Eisenhammerschlag mit Oel ; Aronsblätter als Umschlag ; gekochter Mangold als Kataplasma ; Eisenkraut mit Honig ; Wolfsmilchsaft ;
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cles; but, in most cases, the muscles of one hand or one shoulder sre first afTt-'L'tod, oceationutly those of Llic rK-ok. riiruly thotM of the
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for the tissues to return to the normal varies from a few hours to several weeks. An acute inflammation may end in the chronic


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