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Georges Roy, Archivist, Department Secretaire de la Province de Quebec (Archives of the Province) states in Bulletin of History, Vol. 10, page 213,

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pensioner s allegation of the cause of injury]. reducing inability to retain the urine, with frequent ] nins in that region. Disability one-half, and

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processes leading to Kenya's political independence in 1963. Predictably, the missionaries' crude attempts to force an end to female circumcision ended in

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those of your area who would make desirable additions to our splendid group who have been faithful over the years. We must continue to bring in new blood or our

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devoted to rest is much, as in winter days are short ravrrjv rr)v copijv ovrco BiairF]cr6ai, dirb rrXeid- 80 paKovTci recraapa<;' irepl Be rr)v rporrr)v iv

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de celles qu'il adressa (1830 -1857) à Andres Eetzius de Stockholm. n. L'ouvrage de Müller „Zur vergleichenden Physiologie des Qesichtsnnnes"'

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stinctive power of iwlcciion, which enublco them to disceni aud to crop those that are a nutiitious food for their own niniuli. appears, that, of four hiinilred and ninety-four species of I

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cern was expressed on the floor by the subcommittee chairman Mr. Natcher and Mr. Conte, the ranking member, was that apparently

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duces gold to powder by mixing it with mercury every time it is roasted, and that he repeats the process till the gold is reduced to a

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Vigus told of the obstacles encountered and overcome, and announced, "I now begin the Wabash and Erie Canal by authoi'ity of the State

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numéro du Janus, un manuscrit, offert par le Dr. Pansier). Après les écoles italiennes l'auteur passe à la chirurgie en France. Ensuite les autres pays. Pays

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In like manner desire will be removed by its abuse, certain diseases of the external organs, and the division of the vessels. Some cure

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Iliaster was divided into one domor, of which there are two globules, an outer touch, and what the light of nature suggests to us. He who created these

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injury, which still continued. Several pieces of bone were removed, and stiuudants and nutritions diet administered. By nerves. His disability is rated total and permanent.

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active regeneration. The regeneration always takes con- siderable time, since under the most favorable influences, the axis-cylinders do not grow more than 1 or 2 mm. a

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ribs and part of the slermun. The sec(md left rib was struck at its costal extremity by a bullet, which, passing transversely,

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allocated disproportionate amounts of the most productive land. It was in this context of inequities and inequalities that nationalist leaders were easily able to marshall up widespread

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years by the classic researches of Sherrington. We now know that the old definition of skeletal muscle-tone as ' that state of active tension character-

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the opposing bony surfaces, the grouping of the muscles in effecting the various movements should be understood. Extension is effected by the

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scrotum whicli had existed for five years. The subject was in great mental misery and alarm at his unsiglitly condition. The parts of generation were

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6, 1812, and served with that regiment throughout the war. The files of the Surgeon General of the Army contain the report of Brigadier General E. W.

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Sprinkling (of water), baths, plaster (Pradeha) un- guent and dietetic treatment should be similar!}- applied in Vataja cases. Contacts with vessels filled with cold

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again all on one finger. Without resorting to the fabulous method of Colum- bus, they balance eggs on a table, and in extraordinary ways defy all the

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La menta.lité, la moralité et les earaotferes physique« de tout être humain sont sous la triple dépendance de Ttiérédité, du milieu et du libre arbitre. De

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Born June 24, 1885, in Italy. Graduate of St. Louis versity of Illinois), 1909. Practice: pediatrics. As- sistant attending physician at Mercy Hospital, Octo-

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to Manassas, and from thence to Richmond. Without splints and without any light material to make them of, I am indebted to Dr. Hocus, of one of the Mississippi regiments in the rebel army, for the following simple con

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It is imjKKssibte in the present state of science to Haosify spasmi according to the kind of irritant which gives rise to iho ncrrous ex

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