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us. . . . Brevity, lucidity, and simplicity will always mark the language of the successful expert. ... It is to be deplored that the science of the mind,

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within wide limits, of the total molecular concentration of the urine, or Blatherwick, N. R., and Long, M. L. Studies of urinary acidity. i.

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in the region of the heart ; nausea, vomiting, belching and loss of appetite. The eyes become dark greenish, with emaciation of the

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saprophytic cocci of the alimentary tract. In connection with the latter fact, it is important to note that oral sepsis is regarded by Joch-

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peripheral blood fell, while the proportion of multinuclears increased, which, according to Arneth's theory, means that the blood is more

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up points us to when she is sick. We know that disease is an effect of some action that is abnormally producing it, and when

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the metacarpal bone of the thumb, causing compound fracture of the ulna, radius, and carpal bones, the ulna being very badly

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Conlon 's cases. The hereditary transmission is direct, and never to males through unaffected females, and the blueness would appear to

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Lothrop, of Lyons, Iowa, reported, September 4, 1873, "perfect anchylosis of wrist joint." The pensioner stated that he had

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I met very few French oflïcers during my stay at Lille, but mv kaoledge .f the pr.:fess;,onal military man in time of peace,

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accelerated pulse, dark mucous membranes, haggard countenance, mouth open, hanging tongue, stringy salivation, and constipation or diarrhoea.

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going b. Retrogression ; Retrogradation ; Retrocession. b. consisting of two adherent cells. Diplobacteria. slender lash attached to b. Flagellum (pi. Flagella).

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they employed medical slaves (servi medici), or relied upon their special medical gods (Febris, Scabies, Uterina, and the rest), with

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2 Galen, by the way, mentions that Euryphon, the celebrated Cnidiau physician in the days of 'Hippocrates, was in the practice of treating empyema with the actual

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the other five being normal. They were healthy girls, four years of age, and apparently perfect in every respect, except that, from the ensiform cartilage

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a healthy state a part is rubbed or irritated, a redness comes on, which on the cessation of the cause again re- cedes. This can scarcely be called inflammation, for it

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upon the plate, it is necessary to examine the urinary channels — cysto- scopy for a picture of the ureteral orifice, and the use of the waxed

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idea of knowing that I am surrounded by over a hundred friends to-night makes it hard indeed for me to put into words the feelings

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The value of cod-liver oil is often very marked in the sequel of many acute diseases or inflammations occurring in middle-aged and

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not secrete any urine for a period of twelve days, and during this time she had not exhibited any of the usual symptoms of uremia. Peebles ° mentions

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(1764-1842), of Donaldsonville, Louisiana, performed the operation four Baltimore, performed the Cesarean operation twice with success upon the

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ces contrées, les parasites sont encore plus nombreux que dans les pays tempérés; citons simplement les parasites les plus connus: larves de taenia

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and it is no longer the same thing; for you find inside it a cavity in the middle, extending throughout its length around which are five or six

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and afterwards transfeiTed to New York City, ami admitted into the Ladies' Home Hospital on September 13tli, 18(52. Ordinary

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the quantity, which is too often part of the blood which is carried left to be determined solely by oft" in the form of perspiration :

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As this is intended only to present to students natural delivery, I will let the subject drop with one word about the sore tongue

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create an efficient and unified system that would contribute to the health of the people. To that end, the General Education Board

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seeds, equal parts, rub together witli the juice of Aloe Indka and make into four grain pills. These pilis act on the bowels and relieve

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and Surg. Jour., vol. ii.). In one instance, the gland was 6 inches in length, and probably weighed about yj. in a child 16 months old. Dr. A. N. GuNN, of N. Y., has also

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ject of your wife and child, that they are quite well ; as to the latter, I feel proud that his good mother should consider me

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left groin. On the 10th, extended necrosis of the ilium was detected by the probe; from this time the discharge from the wound

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skull excised being used as amulets. It is said that trephining is still practised among the Aymaras of Bolivia and the Quichuas

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demiological character of this problem and on our lack of knowl- edge about the basic mode of functioning for this disease, its mor-

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diplococcus seems to have been effected by a tattooing, which resulted Leszczynski- recommends intravenous injections of Quinine, accord-

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