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permanent, this treatment seems illusoiy. More is to be expected from preventive measures and the avoidance of ergotised food.

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hops, as an injection, will produce excellent results. Where heat and difficulty in making water exists, give a drink of in-

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Wissenschaft ist der Dreibund, in dem sie sieh hier befindet, charakteristisch. Bekanntlich ward die Heilkunst im Mittelalt4r überhaupt meist schlichtweg

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The symptoms ma}' be simulated by those of some other diseases. Thus the bitch which has been exhausted by lactation may show delirium with taciturnity and a disposition to snap.

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1896 Winter, William Cecil Pollard, Georgetoxcn, British Guiana. 1903 Winterbotham, Lauriston Leonard. 354, Kennington-road. s.E.

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for subsequent boosters. Severe reactions occaisionally occur, primarily local (pain, swelling, unable to use arm). The incidence of local reactions appears to increase with each

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restriction of the militia to "white male pei'sons"; and it still remains there. It is noticeable, nevertheless, that there have been a number of

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feeling of nurnness (in the body), dulness of appetite and worms exhibit themselves in case of Krimija Hridroga type : — in a case of the Vcitaja type, the patient

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ing and the drum in which the revolutions of the body had taken place was scarcely 7| inches wide. Horsbeck's case was of a negro of thirty-five who,

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because of the eoustrictiou of the uretlira, and must be remored Give causes, symptoms and treatment of inversion of the uterus.

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in the absence of opportunities to see attacks and to receive the carefully analyzed statement of the observers of the patient.

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coldness and friction constitute the great remedy. In another place I have spoken of the Parisian treatment of cholera, which consists of

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The following remarks from Captain Gardiner s work appear to " The conversation which took place I will now relate, as nearly

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and space, but largely to cloak their ignorance of Latin temple to Victory a dispute arose as to whether the inscription should read "■Consul Tcrtio" or ''Consul

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St. Louis Medical College. In 1844, he received a degree from Illinois College. His first location was at Tajdorville, and in 1847 he entered

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Nerve sedatives ; darkness, quiet, nutritive enemata, chloroform, chloral, etc. Prevention : eradicate the virus ; muzzle all dogs absolutely, under

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it pastry, sweetmeats, and confectionery. The most appropri- ate food will be plain boiled rice and milk ; in many cases simple

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guiferous capitlarica of that organ; which irritation la greatly loilucnced by cltmatte, aa ihe followiDg factt will show.

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out. He is recovered by plunging him in derived merely from the quantity of resin- an adjoining lake. ous matter which it contains, they may be

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and carried thence by the ])lo()d-stream to the fj;lands, as shown by experiment. Pavloff's subs(>quent discovery of enterokinase con-

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called Hippocrates' ambe, from his having noticed it. Galen explains the word ambe by a.Qpyui'r.f ix-aHts-rac-it, an eminence lite a border ; and says, that the whole ma-

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peony. Cf. 1533 Elyot Cast. Helthe iii, v (1539) 60b, Pour- Pipinella, 29a; siig pipinella. Cf. pimpernella. RC. ix, 239

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optic thalami. C, Op'tic, the crossing of the optic nerves. C, Foste'rior (of third ventricle), a white band uniting the optic

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brother surgeon to cut off the ends of two ribs to get a look at his liver, and actually brought his instruments, attendants, etc.,

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ticulurly pnins of the sstomaoli occurring every diiy. The evident from henee, that, upon an accidental interruption of snuffing for some dnys, these pains did not occur; but

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.& Use letters called for in the health recmd, and tadleate remaining from pntins sick days the day of discharge but not the day of admlsslMi shall be :

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and opportunistic infections in infants born to mothers from groups at high risk for AIDS have raised concerns about in utero or perinatal transmission of AIDS [11). Very little is known

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(Chirurgitchf Jiriefe, 1872. S. 188) records a recovery, Case 31, Lieut. Ciffre, 74th French infantry. SOCIN (Kriegschirurgitche Erfalirinigen. 1872,

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fquare all their adions ; and therefore in the making Firft, That a Prince be in his own perfon, the live- ly anduncorrupt law ihining before his people, thati

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enter the abdomen. The forceps is opened and withdrawn, so that an aperture large enough to admit the index finger is left. The

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