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The juice of roucou is an antidote to the poison of in the breast: (from the Arabian word cassa, a breast'). commerce). Weak, spiritless; blood that is grumous,
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Adams made his annual report on the state of his department, which was read and accepted and referred to Messrs. Baldwin, Kirby and Lippincott. It being
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hot pungent taste ; are one of the hottest, and most pungent and acrid, of the aromatic class; and have all the virtues ascribed to aromatics in general. When good,
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tinguish them from the glandular conglomeratae, called cartilage, and full of mucus,s ituated betwixt each verte- bra, admitting them to recede from, or approach nearer
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established by his father. Here he plunged into a practice that exacted a demand upon his none too robust constitution which impaired his
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Sute the anatomic relations of the external carotid artery, k From ita origin to the h>'oid bone, it is related inwardly to the
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parts glycerin, 100 parts alcohol.— Deodorant, Antiseptic, Alterative.— mation, stomatitis, gastric cancer, mercurial ptyalism, etc.: extern., &a
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the disease, is one of the most characteristic features. Treatment. — Isolation should be practiced if possible. Old people
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water] . The ground-substance or matrix of the cyto- resulting from inoculation by organic products. Cf. Spermolysin, Epitheliolysin, Nephrolysin, Leukocyto-
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bicarbonate of soda. The medicines comprised in the balsamic group are also valuable, viz., turpentine, tar, and terpin.
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and contracted to clear the island of Saugur, falling with equal fury upon Silk Buckingham and the tigers. After having killed some incredible number of the latter nuisances (whence,
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instances been communicated from an infected person, that the utmost caution is requisite. It has been even doubted whether the plague is contagious ; but those
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sugar, or drawing oflF, or bottling, have found but little sat- might be well satisfied to obtain a good wine from the or
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lection. He died of indigestion following a meal of eight pounds of hot bread. six years of age. At seventeen he weighed 100 pounds. He ate a quarter
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Institutions, whether Voluntary or Rate-Supported. By Arthur Legal Responsibility of the Drunkard. By H. Norman Barnett,
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coldness previous to the shivering is, in the worst fe- vers, of long duration, and the shivering slight. In ge- neral the shivering soon comes on; and after a time,
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Chronic Catarrh. (Ulceration of the Nose). — This is usu- ally the result of neglected common catarrh, and is exceedingly
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relationships are represented in the form of two dot diagrams (figs. 1 and 2). Figure 1 shows the prolongation of pregnancy plotted against the number
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Effluxion, ef-fluk' -shun. An abortion during early pregnancy. Effu'sion. Extravasation of fluid into the body-tissues or cavities.
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One otluM- pr()inin(Mi( feature of (Jernian medicine in liie (>arly the rise of homeopathy, which, in point of time, is really one of
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Consequenzen würdigte, will ich an einem Citate aus einer, von mir i. J. 1891 den Bauch vorwärts auf dem Schambein hängend, haben, welche dazu noch
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just at nightfall, as the black darkness was coming is no other place in all the country round for miles and miles, and I am weary and hungry after crossing
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of the pelvis; itiis formed by a continued contend, that it is sometimes acute and prcgnated womb, keeps it up against the gious matter thrown out by the constitu-
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Action: US Army Medical Research and Development Command. Epidemiologic Assessment of Suspected Outbreak of an Unknown Disease Among Veterans of ODS at
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(25) Et orduigter da leighes ann so, re nabur ordenatum 7 auenatum .i. leighes doniter deorna, 7 leighes doniter do coirci. Et is amlaidh so doniter ordenatum .i. a croicenn do
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haps astudent should be abstemious : this is, indeed, ne- cessary, unless he combines bodily exercise with study; but he should certainly avoid studying soon after his
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2433 Puszzehe, f. toe of the foot. 2465 faserig, adj. fibrous, fibrin- 2434 VorderfÜSZv m. 1. metatarsus ous,filameiltous, fasciculate.
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drawn toward the sound side. In some cases the disease is supposed to be congenital, but I think most of such cases occur at childbirth, for
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of veins surrounding the rectum. Vs., Il'iac, Com'mon, two veins formed opposite the sacroiliac synchondrosis by the conflu-
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logical Society, the Institute of Medicine. He also was a first lieutenant in the M.R.C. Much of his work was in the 20th century.
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to her four children, simply by using the same towels and washbowl." Transmission by Towels — One of this very committee adds the case
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a 708, 1724, 636. 1 118, 1803, 57 ; 1805, 264 ; 1807, 384. was true. A remarkable instance of longevity in one family has recently
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his views upon the management of children. On this point husband and wife frequently disagree, and the result of the disagreement la
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adduced as an irrefragable instance of recovery from a shot perforation of the stomach. 1 It will be observed that there is no other evidence of the gastric extravasation and of the
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is rather thinner than in other parts. But you must take care where you apply the trepan, and see that you do so only where it appears to be particularly thick, and having fixed the
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on special significance, with the immense growth of research at the bedside and the frequency with which the medical care of seriously ill patients is intertwined
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ternal abscesses, when the bile is deranged, &c. If the emetics do not act freely, use warm water internally mixed The following emetics are to be used when the phlegm is deranged.
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