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for his faithful counfel ; TjrAnous Dienyfttts, to check prove that the knowledge of learning is neceffary for good Princes that thereby they become fo much better
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riod of incubotion of Uie mitlariid infection is not exactly known. It is probable thai, ut must, tno weeks may pass from exposure to the
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transformed into bile, its thick or condensed portion is transformed or assimilated into the fundamental organic principle of blood, and
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FIRST EDITION OF THE FIRST 8 CHAPTERS OF A. UOORDE'S DIETARY. 395 It now remains to say a few words about the relative ages of the
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M. D. International Universities Press, 227 West 13th learning that subjects discussed are anxiety in in- disturbances, ego psychology, personality diagnosis,
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wound was closed w'itli sutures, and isinglass plaster and water dressings were applied. He improved ra]iidly, without any
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accompanied by generous diet. The Avonnd continued to heal kindly until NoA T ember 15th, Avhen, at the point of exit, it presented
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fair to say that no one anticipated that we would have troops in imminent danger of a potential chemical warfare attack for months
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Antherpetic [ant-her-pef -ik") [avri, against ; cptrrig, herpes]. I. Efficient against herpes. 2. An effica- Antherythrin {anth-er' -e-thj-in) [fofof, a flower; ipv-
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-ous denotes the lower of two degrees of valency assumed by an element and incidentally indicates, in many cases, D. P Daily Penalty; < not exceeding; > not R. A. . .
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oviduct widens out again. The uterus itself is covered by a double muscular layer. In the external layer the fibers run in a longitudinal
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the three prime principles are wanting, there .tlso the igneous essence us absent. The Igneous Vulcan is nothing else but Sulphur, Sal Nitrum. and Mercury. — Ibid., c. 5.
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sory nerves that have to do with the lungs, are in the pleura and when- ever the lungs move, these nerves are irritated and pain is the result.
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Itmtsei ibtnl jminlH in the course of the nerrc (pomis doulounnix, Vat- ysma, si>nading- from a point along the coarse of the nerve ; tlte pda
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And when brave young Shannon, his knee shattered in the far-away mountains by the arrows of a revengeful Sioux, had suffered for months from pain and
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36 — Account of the Medicinal Virtues of the principal Mineral Waters in Great Britain and Ireland, and on the Continent,
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at the end of 1916 or the beginning of 1917 the Army Medical Department recognised that the addition of paratyphoid A. and
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the tubercles of the bark of this fir, the Straeburg Tin pt it'ii- is obtained: — the Heai'na Abie'tia pinth'ina, T. vulga'ria seu commu'nia, Retina pint,
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Michael, Cyril Eden, Crystal Palace Park- mail. s.e. Michel, Arthur George Herbert Hay, 2 .'J, Redesdale-street, Chel- Michels, Ernst, M.D. Berlin, 48, Finsbury-square. e.c.
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Ostentorum" (p. 397), published in 1557, states, upon what authority I know not, that in the year 1112 joined twins resembling the Biddenden phenom-
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In those cases where there is a tenderness over the region of the liver, and a dusky, sallow appearance of the countenance,
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running o great risk of being poisoned by employing ihU oicul in pumps and rcservoim The public mind wan for a long time vury much agitated by tbia discu&aion, and Dr.
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in the lymphatics, but it remained for Sampson Handley to show the importance of ' lymphatic permeation ', or actual growth of cancer cells,
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uhich is a brilliant example of what is sometimes jHJssible in this field. The tunK)ur was about the size of a walnut, and after its removal, the
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(Audoka) in their habits, are heavy, heat- making in their potency, and sweet in taste. They subdue the bodily possessed of unbifurcated hoofs, are light, cool in their
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instrument for extraction of f Obstetric forceps ; Em- operation of destroying the f Embryoctomy ; Feticide ; operation of dividing clavicle of f. in difficult labor.
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Incontinence day and night lasted from the period of shock up to May 29, when the patient was transferred again, to another hospital. The man had never, either in childhood
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it by means of a piece of linen, or b}' burying a water transparent, refrigerent and pleasant, should be regarded as possessed of all the commendable traits. The water
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und Thermalquellen, deren Vorzüge man eben zu würdigen beginnt. Wenn ein Maximum von Sonnenschein, ein Minimum von Feuchtigkeit, sowie
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the program of education which the state's medical society instituted in this matter, and perhaps also on the fact that many members of the State
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but for the dark red color of the centre. Occurring on an un- covered portion of the skin, in an anthrax district, or near a
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rodes. Fever, nervous — f. Nocturnus, see Noctur- nal — f. Nonan.a, Fever, nonane — f. Nosocomio- nal — f. Octana, Fever, octane — f. Oscitans, Osci-
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likewise speaks of applying a well-stuff'ed splint. Haly's ac- count is distinct but similar to our author's, from which it is
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Maj. Dawson then thought he was a suicidal melancholic. Rest in bed and thyroid extract were given, but the latter threw up his pulse on the fifth day to 140. He grew better
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ended in a coma, and was for that reason by Sydenham vember of the same year, this fever was complicated symptoms peculiar to those parts till the end of Octo-
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du corps humain 5ont combines dans l'acte de la nutrition et de la generation d'une maniere que la chimie ne peut imiter :
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neuralgic ]>ain over his eyebrows, extending through the right temple to the wound. These pains and the numbness of the
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then placed the patient on a convenient seat, and used fomen- tations, if nothing prohibit, we take the catheter and introduce
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was injured. The precise date of injury is ascertained in thirty-five instances, the seven other patients having been reported in return covering several days of fighting. The
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eye had a])parent]y esca]ied serious injury. He wjis adnutted to the Seminary Hosj)ital, (iettysburg; thence was sent to liedloc's
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culiar affection of the leg, appa- Vaccination in North Carolina. rently a neuralgia, of two years' — Extract of a letter from Dr.
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1944 and 1974. We have studied the ethical standards of that time and of today and have developed a moral framework for evaluating these experiments. Finally, we have
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common in the at< olsof causes of chrtmic intestinal Bux, purticularly in Cochin Ohiuo (p, 6G0), wns ptkt forward as the cause oi the chronic cntero-colUis (for the most
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latter value is fairly low and statistically not significant (i =0.590, n = 2\, and prolongation of pregnancy during lactation and the number of young carried.
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a pint ; put them into a wide-mouthed vessel, and shake them together daily for 2 or 3 days ; then strain \\'ith gentle pressure through fine linen or cambric. If required
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