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patients did not survive long enough to receive hospital treatment. This curious exemption from injury cannot depend exclusively upon the resiliency of the arterial coats, for the
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gredient of Spilsbury's drops, which are highly celebrat- ed ; and the same remedy would be more celebrated in regular practice, could the scientific physician conde-
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ate this wet from the bundles were attacked, while those that had it only after it had been opened and dried in the sun escaped.
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Sans relâche les ])ie(ls dans la neige, les mains engourdies par le froid Larrey opère 30 heures de suite. Napoléon passe 2 fois au même endroit
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as (a confused memory, but the heat, the lack of water, and its often lindifferent quality when obtainable, the difficulty in buy-
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almost impossible, the instillation of adrenalin chlorid enabled the passage of the instruments, and even larger sized ones with
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The memorial also asked for the extinction of Indian titles, the right of preemption for actual settlers, land grants for schools, and to persons
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it will take about 3 bushels of clean sharp sand and 1 of lime to fill the crevices without swelling the bulk of the gravel. If liie
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importance. Typical rose spots are very important ; and a palpable spleen is a valuable indication of typhoid, but is common in various
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Case. — Sergeant Aaron E. Banker, Co. E, 140th New York Volunteers, received a gunshot wound of the lung at Gettys- Surgeon B. Howard, U. S. A. Death on July 12th, 1803. The case is reported by the operator.
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department of the University of Louisville. He attended a second course of lectures in the same college in the winter of 1850-51. He had
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the fractured bone was driven into the substance of the brain. He was, on the same day, admitted to the field hospital of the
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stated number of parts of these respective acids and Acid Benzoic, parts 144 = Sodium Benzoate 170 parts. Acid Salicylic, parts 162.5 = Sodium Salicylate 188.5
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training. In his aphorisms Hippocrates bears witness to the dangers of over- exercise and superabundant training, and Galen is particularly averse to an
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conjuncto consideravel de casos, se considerarmos que a cidade de Paris pode ser tomada como tendo um estado sanitario soffrivel, podemos dizcr
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introduction of medicines into the circulating system for at different periods, after having been taken, were constitution against injury ; since, as we have had
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of the Spine Treated by Mechanical Appliances" by Dr. F. O. Earle of Resolutions on the death of Dr. Daniel Brainard were introduced and
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studies would be much closer to 1:1; however, this was not the case with our radiation sample. The discrepancy can be attributed to the fact that VA studies are all intramural
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But if the Significators be altered into Airy places, blood is then predominant in the body , and the difeafe they declare the caufe of the difeafe to have its original
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professor of ex-perimental medicine in the College de France in 1878, and he was successively a professor in the Harvard and Paris medical faculties. In
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dimensions as well as the intensity of staining are much greater than those of T4-treated cells. P. Siegcl, M.S., for excellent technical assistance.
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pm y rc aa of the neningitis. The frequency of the pulso docs not at queutly aa its remains are hand <m autopsy of drunkards aod iusoDQ
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the phfural cavity is not ])enetr.ited. and even though it were, the operation being subcutaneous, would not be likely to cau.se it.
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larly and scrupulously cleansing the region of the umbilicus after the cord has separated and until the wound has completely cicatrised.
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by Mr. Hunter, in case of the popliteal aneurism, should injured high up, requires the amputation of the arm. called by the ancients, from a mistaken notion that the
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zoology, comparative anatomy, embryology, teratology and physi- ology, and the use of formal logic as an instrument of precision.
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ultimo autem terebentina. Liquefacta terebentina, et diu facta decoctione super aquam frigidam, cola manibus malaxando et conprimendo, donec tota exeat
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this by pus. If the local inflammation is very acute, the pustule may be resolved into a small abscess. On section of the skin the
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angesehenen Familie Italiens, lebte von 1483 bis 1553 und hat, wie aus seiner Vita in seinen Schriften hervorgeht, in Padua studirt.
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and the ligature, according to circumstances. Theodoricus also makes mention of applications for consuming and drying Condyloma on the fundament differs in situation alone
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upon his body three limes, ( ;od was supposed to have intervened in a miracle. The unhappy Piazza stood fur two applications of this hideous, rite, but yield-
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made a short, distinct inspiration ; at ten ounces a deeper one (the radial pulse could now be felt beating feebly) ; at 1 5 ounces the breathing became regular
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heisscs Meerwasser, und eine Abkochung von Weidenblättern und -Rinde. Ranunculus Ficaria L. 4) Von fOxo« hat P. (1. c. IV, 98) drei Art<n, welche
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normal and have an easy crisis ; in abnormal seasons and, in general, most deadly ; spring is most healthy whose confinement is due in the spring suffer abor-
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otides. We suggest that binding of an inducer changes the orientation of the DNA-binding domain of the Lac repres- sor to the opposite of that found for the specific complex.
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reeognise good deeds of the enemy" but fo tell sueh fo my pupils is another mati, er, and I fear would be very impolitie seeing t,hat I depend on my sehool for my
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plaiiu of stiCTness in the neck and jaw, and fulneas as well aa sorenesa in the throat, particularly when he attcmpit to ap«alc
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7672 Pestgeschwolst, f. plague 7699 Stimmritzgeschwulst, f. 7673 Pigmentgeschwulst, f. mela- ritze, f. rima glottidis). notic tumor, pigmented 7700 Talgdrüsengeschwulst, f.
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