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:) HAMILTON (F. II.) (A Treatise on Military Surgery, 18G5, p. :$<)2) describes his dressing for shot fracture of the shaft of the

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Mainz (1517), Christian Wechel of Paris (1536), Heinrich Vogtherr of Strass- 9. The "Spiegl der Artzny" of Lauren tius Phryesen (Fries, Friesen)

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symptoms of complete lesions during the first hours or even days. (3) If the tendon reflexes are present it is practically certain that there

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bald erkannt, dass die Pest durch die Berührung des Kranken, der Leiche und der krankhaften Absonderungen, durch Gebrauch der Gegenstàinde,

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multiple draws. A new needle will be used for each sample, and the total volume of blood drawn from any subject will approximate

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cheerful ; was able to sit upon the side of the bed when placed up ; but could only change his position by the management of

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This woman and her husband finally settled on the mountain near Grimsby, where the writer (their youngest son) was born.

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may be given by the mouth or in injections, with a considera- ble admixture of oil. For the lumbricus latus he directs, first,

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and I almost regret to add any other preparations for the same purposes, for fear that some will neglect this ; but as there may be cases where some of the following can be

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Triphald should then be used as a healing remedy. An experienced physician should treat a tumour, sponta- Medoja Arvuda (fat origined tumour) should be first

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The grave has now closed over universal blessing which it has the author of vaccination. Small- bestowed on the human race,

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with boiled milk, oil, clarified butter and powdered YasJiti-madJin, and should be carefully injected into the of Pravahika marked with the retention of stool and

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plaint in twenty days, without ulceration or cicatrix. — Another called Criticum : Of frankincense, dr. iv ; of nitre, dr. ij ; of

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— t. of Quinia, sulphate of, Tinctura quiniae sul- phatis — t. of Quinia, compound, Tinctura quiniae composita — t. of Rhatany, Tinctura kramerias —

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apparent to the general eye, and can only be detected by the eye of an experienced physician. In other cases the death of the patient

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when he began to grow larger, until, having readied his majority, he measured 7 feet 2 inches in height and weighed about 340 pounds. He remained well and

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designedly neglected. It is possible for an interested relation to fix on a day when the patient is calm and rational, an hour when he is usually collected, to intro-

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chusetts Medical Society, an office which he held until his death (1778-1856), of Boston, was a pupil of Astley Cooper and Dupuy-

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and small intestines remain healthy, pigs with a considerable amount of disease in the large intestine may still keep up their condition

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native of Japan, possesses, the qualities of pepper, <>r black beer, and was formed by infusing certain 1 ,, , , f With phosphorus a milky instead of limpid solu

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hair are prescribed, boiled in new milk with oatmeal, leaves of plantain are advised, with wild sage, sham- the daisy, to be plucked by the person before sunrise,

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The units of the measures of capacity and weight are now often spelled liter and gram, and all fractional mul- tiples are pronounced as if they were English words.

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tered to the pregnant mother, 92 — Intrauterine amputations, 94 — Intrauterine fractures, 97— Multiple fetal fractures, 97— Results to the fetus of injuries to the

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Cruslies or Ja>ms. — If the part be so severely injured as to threaten sloughing, or a separation of the flesh from the

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used in preparing the compound if rain-water is not available. Dallana says further that the affected eye should also be washed with the liquid

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tradicted both and claimed the discovery of the right path. He had found a (probably open) foramen ovale and believed this to be the source of the ar-

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was accordingly pafTed, making them diftind and feparate companies, and norsy and Commonalty of the Art and Science of Surgeons of London.

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Truckee in April, 1883, walked twenty-six hours without once resting, For the purpose of comparison we give the best modern records for

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Eier (selbstverständlich auch durch verschiedene Begattungsacte) stattge- funden hatte, mit der Bezeichnung Überfruchtung, Superfoetatio, belegte.

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1887 Wordsworth, William John, St. John-street, Mansfield. 1862 Worle} , William Charles, 103, Green-lanes, Finsbury-park. n.

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atenção para as perturbações do ritmo : '■'uma riférica; segundo — insuficiencia cardiaca; ter- (1)— o milho esterelizado foi fornecido pela Empre-

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16. Jahrhunderts in Europa gewütet hat, um nach mehreren Decennien an Heftigkeit nachzulassen und allmählich den Charakter anzunehmen, den

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nuativum ipsius ut est dyanisum, dyaprunis, dyaciminum ana mixtum et post illud electuarium sequitur iste syrupus. II. ros. fior. i-aMc. viol. sand. alb. et

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evidently been much compressed during life; no clot in the right side; the left side contained a very small venous clot, and a small quantity of venous blood ; the right

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Ernestine Randall, Norwich, N. Y. (died, 1888) ; 2nd, 1890, Annette L. Wheeler, Chicago, 111. Specialist in insanity and mental diseases ;


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