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1888 Bueno de Mesquita, Solomon, M.D. Lond., Highbury New-park. x. 1880 Bull, George Coulson Robins, M.B. Loud., Turvey, Bedford.

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tical, or clinical, school represented by Thomas Sydenham. " The great merit of Sydenham," writes one, " was to pro- claim the great truth that science was, is, and always must be

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required food, and when the former meal was consumed, and he Avanted refreshment, no new supply was furnished to it, he wastes and is consumed from want of food. For all the

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The death rate was 23.02 the 100,000, the highest from smallpox in the history In 1884 a smoke inspector was appointed under the jurisdiction of the

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sail be distributed to the pure folke.' Lysons cites an in- stance of an alewife at Kingston-on-Thames, being ducked in the river for scolding, under Kingston Bridge, in April 1745,

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for the advance, and says: "notwithstanding the patriotism and disin- terestedness which he evinced in that important business, he has been

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mild smooth diet, consisting chiefly of farinaceous mat- ters, as puddings, soups, &c. carefully avoiding what- vol. iii. p. 7, is an account of a small fibre of a feather

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have one; so then, every ten years--. These are tough diseases, because the reinfection rate is so high if your contacts

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taking the third tablet in the second series of three tablets. Procedures required for a double blind study continued in force. Temperature in the

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tricor fenofibrate nanocrystallized'>ry. — This beautiful little plant flowers veiy early in the si)rLag, and the root should only be gathered while the phuit is in flower. It

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them. At this temperature, however, it sium, thrown into solutions of the mineral is rather imperfectly fluid, so that it does acids, inflames and burns on the surface,

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secondary urban centres was meant to serve only a fraction of the current population. Further, the existing infrastructure is

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.Samhita which treats of the pathology of the diseases peculiar to the with the classification of occular affection according to

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able prognosis. On the 26th of the 3d of February, the Tincture December he was tapped, and of Kino was prescribed, and port

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glands, which lessens or arrests their secreting power; in other cases they interfere with the solvent chemical action of the gastric juice,

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Blut entleert. Die Vorstellungen, welche sich Bontius betreffs der Pathoge- nese dieser Blutungen macht, hält der Kritik der modernen Medicin

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Antherpetic [ant-her-pef -ik") [avri, against ; cptrrig, herpes]. I. Efficient against herpes. 2. An effica- Antherythrin {anth-er' -e-thj-in) [fofof, a flower; ipv-

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5. In Chdturthaku, the paroxysms of this fever occur every fourth day. When the paroxysm continues for two days, there is no

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(iespatch containing' the disallowance of the Act of Incorpora- The (Jonniiittee appointee! U) prciparc" an address to His Excel-

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t Tnuuacl. «f the CoUqct of Phys. of liondon, vol. i. p. M- nldMtfhu Ktunce." eaya Dr. Parr, " forms a striking disUiKlioa be- ;

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seu semilentieula'rea, are of indeterminate number, — p. Vallatse, see Papillae of the tongue — p. Vil- or'min, {¥rov.) Pouke, Puckle, (Sc.) Pliike, Plauk,

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the o\id of iron has but very little more affinity for the prus- sic, than for the carbonic acid, which are the two last in suc-

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his education, his advantages, and within the bastile of their rank ; his every circumstance, local and who has to provide for the day

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Micromazia is not so rare, and is generally seen in females with associate genital troubles. Excessive development of the mammae, generally being

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did not respond. In a letter to his wife, he said: "I gave heart and hand to a work which I deemed a noble and holy cause. The result

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Georgia, May 9th, 1864, a contusion of the Icit parietal by a eonoidal musket ball. He was treated in a field hosjiital until

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Varolii, and an abnormal (juantity of serous fluid in llie lateral ventricles. 25tb admitted to Douglas Hospital, where the skull was trephined. He died on December 28th, 1862.

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tion of clearness of intellect. At this time, the patient seemed to convalesce rai>idly. In two days, he walked .about and enjoyed

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we also found that decisions to keep information secret were often accompanied by a concern that the public might not understand the information and thus

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skin, which grrsdually enlarge and bocomc covered with b thin, gny- enee of the diseased area becomea reddened, the centre, grajr-colored

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lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique pendant le premier siecle de son existence (i 772-1871). Rapport s&ulaire par £ldouard

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