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bodUy and mental exercise, want of exercise, long exposure to intense heat or cold, intemperance, depressing states of the mind, and of course
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tunity of witnessing his practice ; and we respectfully recom- mend him to the favourable reception of our medical brethren
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particular purpose in this case, whereas the alphabetical arrangement brings together related works by the same author and different editions i
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mans are barbarims, but ha doesn' look much like meng will surprise only thase who bave hot been t.ald the ruth abcut war. Passion gets the upper hand of
Retnc, reime (no att), thickness, plumpness; 24a, 34b; R.A. Rcmrugad, vn., fatten; reimruighid; 8a, 9a, etc.; R.A. incrassari.
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is a swelling at the root of the tongue like a second tongue, (this is probably a swelhng of the epiglottis,) and is produced by the phlegm
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The fffitus presents Qormally and in s favorable poiiitjon, bat there is a deficiency of the expelling powers. The mother a usoalljr
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nounced incurvation forward of the trunk from the dorsolumbar region, with extreme abduction and outward rotation of the
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internal use or inhalation ; marked by abdominal pain. vomiting, inflammation of bladder and kidneys, bron- tained from terpene dihydrochlorid heated with water
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Nothing else will achieve any satisfactory results. By mechanical ap- pliances the spine is rendered straight, and compelled to maintain that
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milk. Thus, also, fat cannot be produced in their organ- ism, because, besides fat, they do not consume any non-ni- trogenous food. But starch, gum, and sugar contain, even
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ear or bell of a stethoscope is applied over the vertebral spines from the seventh cervical spine downwards while the child speaks or whispers
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earth worms have brought the bacillus to the surface, (Lortet, etc. ) become more or less active agents in disseminating the virus. In
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alternati\c, digestive remedies should be prescribed. are curative in the disease under discussion (Amalisara) VacJid, and SauvarcJiala-sdih ; or of (6) CJiitraka, Pippali-
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at Chicago and San Francisco and by others at Memorial Hospital in New York City. Once again, the primary subjects were patients, although some healthy
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lance-leaved cinchona bark, powdered, diseases of debility without fever, two ounces ; orange-peel, dried, an ounce TINCTURA GENTIANA COMJPOSTTA. Com-
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