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an unknown extract for its gonadotrophic value. This is due to individual as well as strain differences of susceptibility within a species and to very wide

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to the nerves, to excite the heart are under the necessity of passing The carb. ammonia may be this review has already exceeded

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Causation. Sheep sometimes suffer from mercurial poisoning as a result of the use of baths containing corrosive sublimate or mercurial

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glands with 40 per cent alcohol has proven most successful.''" Methods of fractionation of the gonadotrophic complex are based on the fact that the

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(with some qualifications) among the officially recognised dips in South ing : — Take 3 lbs. each of arsenic, soda ash (impure sodium carbonate)

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six hours after coitus there is a peculiar odor noticeable in the breath, owing to a peculiar secretion of the buccal glands. He says that this odor is most

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9160 Ghinatiinktiir, f. tincture of 9192 Gopaivabalsam, m. i . bal- 9161 China wein, m. l. quinine 9193 Grotonölj n. 1. croton oil.

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1841) and Mme. La Chapelle (1769-1821), published noteworthy treatises on obstetrics (1812 and 1821-25). Mme. La Chapelle's book, with its statistical

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71. G. Failla, Columbia University, to Joseph Hamilton, 13 May 1950 ("In answer to your letter of May 10th, I . . .") (ACHRE No. DOE-072694-B-4).

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repeat the process until the stain has the desired inten- sity. The slain is at first green, but becomes blue on washing in tap-water or in alcohol conlaining ammo-

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who have no pretensions to knowledge of any kind, and yet there is no profession that requires more extensive information.

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drugs should be mixed with the above (decoction) and (Avaleha) from ihe drugs of the S'dla-sdrddi, the Arag- scribe the process of preparing puh'erised compounds.

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t Emetics in cases of Kaphaja-melia and purgatives in those of X This is also found in Chaiaka and has been quoted by Chakradatta

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joint ; they bend the hand, and are consequently called or carfii radialis. The three extensors, so called, be- cause they extend the hand, and bring it backwards,

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are of special interest, because, while we are prone to think that gynaecology particularly is a compara tively modern development of surgery, this surgical

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college, most of them before small sections of the class in the different On March 17, 1883, the Board of Directors met to elect a permanent

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the course of the disease ; in other cases good results are not obtained. It is the same story with venesection; sometimes it is of benefit, sometimes

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mydozoa). As in the case of such minute organism as Uordet's whooping- eoiith bacillus, or the organism reei-nih by Flexner in infantile polio-

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Arachamid [ar-,ik' -ant-id ) [Arachis, a genus of plants ; Arachidate {ar-ak'-id-at). A salt of arachidic acid. ncid. It occurs as the chief constituent of Rambutan

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lonuctit of the ]iaticat — noon, however, U> be followed by rvnewed and violent exacerbations. In other caaes the pain increases stead-

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Creene says, are "most wretched caricatures of plants," but it became so )opular as to be the principal incentive for the work of the "German Fathers,"

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"whole genome" shotgun approach will initially come from a trial project on the fioiitfly, Drosophila, but is not expected on the human for at least 12 to 18 months;

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he never once suspected the causes of his symptoms. a 536, 1860, ii., 588. b 543, 1862, i., 59. c 476, 1880, i., 71. may produce symptoms simulating those ordinarily caused by the swallowing

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old, inexperienced, and reserved to the point of shyness. Gates, twenty years his senior, did not hide his self-confidence derived

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sabre-cuts, ilhistrating almost every variety of such injuries. It is figured at p. ',Vi of the ('utidorpic of the Surgical Section of

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ei)ilei)sy, was tlie hij!;h(>st reach of tVee thouf;ht foi- cent iii'ies, and liad it been hcnnled, would have done away foicver with \hv foohsh

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sensible jiirring of the teeth, a profuse hemorrhage from In many instances, the power of the iinat;in!ition alone, smnninui

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ariterioi-ly nearly to tlip median line. The portion not visible waH firmly bound to the ribs and anterior jiorfion of the diaphragm

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examined under the microscope. It is very difficult to discover and often requires several examinations of the blood before it can be seen. When

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ureters, ami tlicir discharge from the bhidder is often attended by the the genital u()eiiing with the \M.-n'n protruding from it like a hair.

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tunity. And it sliould be the earnest desire of all who are responsible for the conduct of their fellow- worthy of responsibility are within the reach of as

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that may be present in the suspected substance, t)y dis- tillation with hydrochloric acid and ferric clilorid and then identify by Marsh's test. T., Schneider's, for

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the smell, but gives no appearance of oil. If chewed, it proves tenacious, and neither mingles with the sa- liva, nor discovers any peculiar taste. By a mixture of

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it is on this account that the cruel and barbarous maiiD< in which the tongue vrna extirpated by the ferociotu In lishcd, many years ago, a paper upon this aubjcct, coi


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