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vomiting of mucus ; mild disposition, inclined to shed tears PUL- Excessive vomiting, with coldness of surface of body ; prostra-

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in Abqaiq and Ras Tanura, and the arrangements with contract hospitals, which he supervised as liaison officer for Medical Services. His

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nas vel tres ; exprime, et adde jEtheris Sulphur., 3iij. ; et interdum Tinct. Lavandul. Comp., 3iij., vel Extr. Ruta vel Extr. Taraxaci, jiij. M. (Dosis 5SS.-5JSS.,

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Apply it twice daily at first, and from that to only once in two days, for from one to two weeks, will, and has cured wretched bad cases, so saj's old Father Pinkney, of Wayne

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following constriction, congestion, inflammation, and pus-forma- tion. Let us examine the neck carefully, and see if it is con-

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kept up for months, the patient himself learning how to use the proper iiistrument, and introducing it at longer and longer intervals for a year or

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appeared to have developed as a direct result of being blown lip by a shell, and Captain C. Worster-Drought described two

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there was little fever and no diarrhoea. The course of these cases, which probably result from intestinal infection, is much more rapid. In a

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Patella. A very practical splitit for fracture is de- straps, and felt pad. In the illustration parts 1 and 2 have a semilunar inlay of sole leather to make them

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jenseits des Oceans für eine Pflicht der akademischer Lehrer hält, diesen Sinn schon hei der medizinischen Jugend zu erwecken! Die vorliegende Eröffnungs-

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" At a meeting of the Medical Practitioners of the Eastern District of Upper Canada held lately at Cornwall, it was unan-

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interne at St. Luke's Hospital, 1896-99. Associate in County Hospital, 1906-7. Associate professor of physi- cal diagnosis at University of Illinois College of Med-

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Gall, Ox, Inspissated, IVIerck.— Purified, Clearly Sol. Laxative, Digestive.— Uses: Typhoid fever, deficiency of biliary secretion,

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severe and protracted uveitis, with light perception cornea, nor was the ulcer larger in diameter than a of using a corneo-scleral suture in cataract surgery,

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in dyspnoea, produced by a redundance of a recrementitious humour which is sent from the head down to the chest, and by lodging there proves injurious to the parts contained in it, they

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population, it is their only source of wealth that determines their economic survival or well- being. The Lancaster House Constitution (or independence agreement) forbade the then

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scale was made by Leuchs in 1909. Ornstein has since immunized horses in 1911 and 1912 at the Berlin Institute of Infectious Diseases, and this

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one on the sixth and the other on the twentieth day of disease. When possible the blood was examined again in convalescence, usually between the

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the person concerned. A form of skin-grafting [q. v.). Autospilation [aw-to-ep-il-a' -shim) [airdf, self; epila- fundus, the bottom; aiioirliv, to look]. An instru-

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in the 1908 volume (p. 434). However, it is not as re- liable as he believes, and several tigures on this aspect With radiography it is important to inspect both kid-

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butter, cream, cheese (if it can be digested), cod-liver oil and milkj should the latter be found too heavy, it may be taken in the form

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superior to my own." It was his aim to establish the of the Gospel of Peace. There is an anecdote of his faithful payment in 1758 of a sum equal to $8000, ransom

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auf Kegalen an der Wand stehen, aus seiner Oillzin hinweg- Im A'ordergriinde steht ein grosser Mörser mit zerbrochenem Stumpcl. Von der Decke hängt eine

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He was paroled and rejoined his regiment, and was promoted major November 17, 1862, and lieutenant-colonel February 17, 1861, Mr. M received a very serious wound from a musket ball, which perforated the apex of the left chest and lung and

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cern was expressed on the floor by the subcommittee chairman Mr. Natcher and Mr. Conte, the ranking member, was that apparently

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79 died. It is impossible to draw precise conclusions from these statistics, or the yet more imperfect and confused reports of the surgical experience of the

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adherent to the peritoneum, which was thickened and fastened to the surrounding parts. It was found impossible to separate

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deficient expansive mobility, evldtot predisposition to tuberculosis, chronic, pneumonia, emphysema, chronic pleurisy, |>leural effusions, chronic bronchitis,'

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contain but little of the juice of the grape and some of them none at all. They are manufactured from dye-stuff, drugs and alcohol,

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because one of the things that has always amazed me in lifeit shouldn t, but it doeswas how some of my most intelligent friends have a paucity of knowledge about medical people and what

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Laugford, Charles Harris, M, B. Loiul., Slu-pkerd's Itill, Iliyhrjate. x. Lang-inead, Frederick Samuel, M.D. Lond., 74. O.cford-ter. \v.

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parts; and they recur in different plates, which contain the lymphatics and the vicera. The volumes of Mr. Hewson, and Mr. Cruickshanks, and the elegant engravings of Mascagni,

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nor oppilations nor turn to windiness and in this way it is good, for it is easy to digest, and penetrates easily and agrees, though 165.

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and from their use in chorea and palpitations, it is pro- bable that they will be found extensively useful. Con- vulsions do not differ so greatly as authors have gene-


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