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field by Assistant Surgeon B. Howard, U. S. A. The anterior wound, however, opened <luriiig the patient's conveyance to

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optic thalami. C, Op'tic, the crossing of the optic nerves. C, Foste'rior (of third ventricle), a white band uniting the optic

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endometrium was still negative. We find the potency of the endometrial-cup secretion to be 10 to 30 times greater than that of the cups. Schauder has well

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It is usually dependent on irregularity of living ; either in the quantity or quality of the food taken : patient on a diet easy of digestion j to combat the

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way. As it is itself fire, consuming all things, so every sulphur is an invisible fire consuming diseases. As fire consumes wood visibly, so does the other

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at first as dreamful, anxious sleep, then with fitful, broken sleep, and later with an allowance cut by more than half from the

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whom it had occurred a few years most of them without an instru- The reading of these articles, to replace them by artificial teeth,

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breathing when driven, slight auscultation rales, hyperthermia (103 to 108 F. ), dulness, anorexia, suppression of milk, stiffness, no pandiculation,

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trompes sont comme des soupiraux ou des cheminées par lesquels l'utérus exhale des vaj>eurs dans l'abdomen — ou encore des conduits par lesquels

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I'Empire Romain, par C. Germain de Montauzan, .... Paris, xviii, 122, [2] p. illus. incl. diagrs., 3 pi. (i fold.) 254™.

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coindemuidh si in fuil maith istigh aici fein 7 licfid si an droch- fuil uaithi. Item adeir Galen curub 1 an fuil UAmiu'ghcs in

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portions which unite at the carpus to continue to the inferior extremity of the digit by a long and powerful tendon. Origin : Medial epicondyle of the humemii, summit and posterior

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vetoed the bill, on the ground that the finals had been played, but recom- mended that a committee be appointed to report to the next session

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introduction of medicines into the circulating system for at different periods, after having been taken, were constitution against injury ; since, as we have had

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ried off, or, in other words, the cronii of the teeth be not safficiently detached and set at Ubcrty, as the under set, or any particular teeth in the under set. press forward, the

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It is stated that Dr. Elias E. Potter came to Killbuck in 1838, staying one year; then moving to La Salle County. He began practicing in

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trees between those which are intended to yield large fruit; and this course of proceeding will not be detrimental because, while the trees

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matter with swelling, and much pain, it is called Krimidantaka, or worm-eaten tooth. The treatment of this disease should consist of

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of Medicine, is Guy de Chauliac. Most of the false no dle Ages at once disappear after a careful study of scientific principles in a great practical way is far

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Council Instructions were much too stringent in view of tlie demand for men, and on my advice the Director of Medical Services, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, in 1916 agreed that

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remarkable case is recorded by Dr. William John Rundle, of Portsmouth, England. There is an interesting group of penetrating shot wounds of the abdomen, in which

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wdhrend der Btlagerung von Paris vom 19 September, 1870, bis 5 Miirz, 1871, Erlangen, 1872); MOSETIG (V.) (Erinnerungen aus dem Deutsch-Fran-

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ber at Washington Park Hospital, 1915-21, and at Frances E. Willard Hospital, 1918-22. Instructor in anatomy, 1907-14, and

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first of the great Italian writers on surgery, Rogero, no influence over Italian surgery in the next century, and there is scarcely a trace of the surgical knowl

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a slight but varying carelessness on the part of the lessness on the part of many generations of scribes. scripts were copied with but slight regard for verbal

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be firmly fixed with a twist of the thumb and finger. Tiie face of the barrel is engraved with a plainly visible graduated scale, while the back is of opal colour with

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scammony, or polypody, &c. When the animals are discharged, ' ' ' to prevent a renewal of the complaint, he recommends friction,

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board with which to start a cabin. In this extremity he was compelled to live for two weeks in a room sixteen feet square with two other families, containing

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which are distributed particularly to the posterior below to the inner side of the tuhero!<ity of the I S C H 1 C E ' L E, AcA iatt>ee'le, hch indoreWf,

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hepatitis, perihepatitis, and secondary pericarditis in animals gravely infested. The young embryos, whether they penetrate only by the bile

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mal matter, and yields, on evaporation, a considerable quantity of sugar. To constitute this disease, it is not necessary that the urine should be in an unusual quan-

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sliifrffisIiiicEfi : tlic liftart and puIsR In'at efowly, respirations aro rare, ihc ixiwcls constipated, sccrclioo of urine scanty, and, perliaps aa a

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to pass all the sentries without being seen or harmed. A beayy sleep will overcome them, so that they will not be conscious of your

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