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thority to grant lands, the members of the Vincennes Court answered, "that since the establishment of the country the commandants have al-
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creeping thyme, lavender flowers, of each 10 oz.; sweet flag root 5 oz., rectified spirit 2 gallons, water q. s. Distil 2. (Simplified.) Balm, rosemary, thyme, calamus root,
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Pseudomeric (sii-iio-mer'-ik). Relating to the phe- pound can react in accordance with different structural monad]. A genus of the family Bacteriaceu, consist-
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chlorides in the blood-plasma. In regard to the mechanism of its formation, the ditTerent theories advanced by Maly, Gamgee, and others are still sub
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of the red blood-corpuscles, vomiting, convulsions, and Cephalartic [sef-al-art'-ii). See Cephalocathartic (Il- [licipa'kij, the head ; o\6ui', to swell]. Edema of the
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annual meeting of that ornanization, now thriving lustily. It is always safe to promise at these meetings that the entertainment
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1887 Moynihan, Berkeley Geo. Andw., ]\I.B. hand.. Park-square, Leeds. ,, I Mugford, Sidney Arthur, 135, Kennington-park-road. s.k.
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or portions thereat dofectlve sight or hearing, functional defects of cardiation,. rhoids; varicose veins of lower limbs (unless very slight), and such other
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fluoro group were shown to stabilize the N-glycosidic bond, partially or completely blocking fragmentation at the mtxlified nucleosides. The stabilization provided by these
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ures and, when the disease is fully established, also much too often too late for useful medical intervention. No treatment has yet
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b'S feape h];py]it liunbep beapob jebspjine "j jecnupije -j jebjipebebne jeppel • menj ]3 eall tofomne bo ]3 on. 6pt j-ennn fujme eppel jebpreb 'j leje on • bo jpuc
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sumach, divi-divi, a South .American shrub cultivated in India, where the dried powdered pods are used as an anli|)eriodic. Dose, 40-60 gr. A decoction of the
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Coll., Cirencester, 1866-67 ; prof, of Zool., Roy. Coll. of Science, Dub- lin, 1867-73 ; keeper of Natural History Collections, Museum of Sci-
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Inire ou piillnci ou gommeiix, GelntinnuH cancer. j| tion, reseinbline; giue, or particles of jelfy inlaid cancer or earcinnina are, — Encephaloid, Scirrhous,
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qu'u rouverture des cadavres des pcrsonnes mortes de ces blessures avec 6panchement, nous avons pu suivrc I'infiltration sanpuine depuis sa source
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beings, is begin to look to see if any primate species is susceptible I have calculated— and I won't go through all the figures here,
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tanus — s. of Vinegar, Syrupus aeeti — s. of Vio- (Acid. C77nc. pulv. 5'j ; 01. Limon. V!\Ji\- ; Syrup. pure sugar, 1000 p. ; distilled loater, 500 p. ; dis-
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was passed upon by the natives as sufficient to intrust him with the office. For three years he seems to have given satisfaction.
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Ostaaks of Siberia take a solemn oath, such as one of fealty to the Czar. 2 Since the employment of hoddentiu, or tnle pollen, as a sacred com-
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from the pith of which our Chrysophanic Acid is manu- factured, and there can be no doubt that some of their of our ergot after accouchement, there may easily be its
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Naz, Jean Baptiste Charles Ocave, Port Louis, Mauritius. Neal, James, 610, Coventry-road, Small liea.th, Birmingham. Nedwill, Courteney Llewellyn, M.B.Camb., 26, \fontague-st. ■w.c.
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Itmtsei ibtnl jminlH in the course of the nerrc (pomis doulounnix, Vat- ysma, si>nading- from a point along the coarse of the nerve ; tlte pda
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the returns from the field and base hospitals would have been impossible. For the num- ber of wounded received at the Washington hospitals alone, during the quarter ending
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pieces of clotliing and some horse liairs from the stiffening of his coat. He w.as .able to walk at this time with little fatigue ; but
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Confrontation, kon-f run-to! -shun. The bringing of two patients Congelation, kon-jel-a!-shun. 1. A freezing. 2. Frost-bite.
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i Tlie symptomji induced by inflammation and (hromboais of the •is of a cerebral sinus, when we have a meningitis or encephalitis ac-
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indispensable, yet in an instance reported by Assistant Surgeon Frantz, bleeding from an incised wound of the radial is reported to have been controlled by pressure :
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than an advanced case of this malady. The emaciation and exhaustion are extreme, and the patient is as miserable as one with carcinoma of the esopha-
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is a rcmetly peculiarly adapted to domestic practice, particularly among cliildreii, before the skilled physician, who should always be sent for im-
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before any manifestation of consciousness. If an endeavor was made to reduce the contracture under full anesthesia and in complete unconsciousness, a spasmodic movement was
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evaluate the potential multifactorial nature of AIDS relative to potential Factor VIII when transfused to heoophiliacs such as nay be involved in AIDS.
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above this point the arrangement and the situation of the parts were normal. The woman had given birth to three still-b(irn children, and always menstru-
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matter should be extracted with a probe or a director with the help of a tube (Nadi-sveda), exhibitions of emetics, smoke-inhalations, head-purging (errhines), as
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fortnight from the date of the exhibition of an emetic Sus'ruta Samhitd which treats of the medical treatment of the diseases
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March 4, 1874. The wood-cut (FiG. 422) was taken from a photograph in the Museum (Card Photographs, Vol. II, p. 6). A letter from this pensioner, dated
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{a) A writ cominanditift the attendance in court, aa a witnm, of the person on whom it is served, under a penalty. (b) A warning or citation to oppear in court as a witness or U
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which arc illustrated by skiagrams, is that in thin, parous women the nipples may cast shadows which are apt to be confused with those of tuberculous
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Following the war, he returned home to begin his private surgical practice. While searching for an office location, he met Phoebe Rhea who was on the
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Drop. (Opii §viij, aceti destillat. R)ij. Infuse.) ■whose profession it is to prevent or cure diseases ' a woman,' and TrXao-ffo), ' I form.' The gynoplas-
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powerful poison requires very careful management. In obstinate cases it may be necessary to pull out the hair, either by the process of avulsion,
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BKtabolism of the albuminous foods ingested and the albuminous the chief sitrogenom constituent of urine. Formula, CON,H«.
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