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hampered, respiration disturbed, and the contour and percussion note of the chest in relation changed, if there is much effusion. "A rich
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Tukhm-i-shambal!lah (Teh., Ham.) . Trigonella Foenum-graecum L. Tukhm-i-sharbati (Ham., Teh.). . . .Ocimum canum Sims Tukhm-i-shivid (Teh.) Peucedanum graveolens Benth. & Hook.
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was not investigating a research question about an aspect of pregnancy or As discussed in detail in chapter 6, from its mid- 1940s inception the
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Goodwin, Thoa. Herb. J. Chapman. Royal Army Medical Corps. Goodwin, William Richard Power, Royal Army Medical Corps-. Goonetilleke, Fredk. William, 1, Colville-square, Hyde Park. w.
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war organization called the "Sanitary Commission." Dr. Thompson entered heart and soul into the work of relieving the distress and illnesses of thou-
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.2998. Health records to accompany officers and men upon transfieh 18257. 224 MAVITAL FOB TBE MfilSOAL raPABTMBITT, U. S. VAVT.
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by aconite, and exalted heart action subdued by veratrum viride. The administration of these remedies was seldom required more than a few times. In obviously fatal cases from this as well
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may result either from the operation of the original cause or I do this to show the osteopath that one of the most learned
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Dr. Christopher died March 2, 1905. A son, Dr. Frederick Christopher, "Dr. Christopher is not an ordinary man. He is not satisfied with look-
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To raise an irritation in paralytic limbs the and cervix, being at the former usually fresh plant may be employed as producing rather less than half an inch, and at the
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with AIDS and blood, at the invitation of those governmental agen- cies. But the fact remains that there has not been any major con-
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are given with bitters, but a more prompt effect can usually be had from injections of weak solutions of creolin, cresyl, lysol,
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researchers and soon thereafter a $1 million gift from Rockefel- ler, a board of directors composed of physicians — including Holt
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The end-results in 38 pseudartliroses of humerus are 75.7, much less than for other bones where it is almost month, 3 cases ; two months, 12 ; three months, 2 ; four
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die Zahl der Ratten und Mäuse eine kleinere war, die Infektion durch Tiere daher eine seltenere, gewesen sein mag, kann ich nach meinen
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relieved with fasting", \omiting or with the administra- tion of habituated or congenial food. Vomiting due to the presence of worms in the bowels (Krimija) should
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then frequently drj- and desiccate. .Afterwards dissolve sal ammoniac in water Take of fixed sublimated Mercury j. part, and of white sublimated arsenic
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So we did, and he said, No, there will be no health education films shown on smallpox. If God had not wanted smallpox visited on the population, he would not have sent it to the
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tween the grooves for the rece|>tion of the peroneal muscles. P., Infrapineal, the posterior pedimcle of the termediolateral tract. P., Intrajugular, a small spin-
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counted for by the above arrangement of the muscles. The scalene help to produce this form of rib lesion in the upper two ribs.
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Corvisart once reinarked Ihat the subject of an oil painting must have been a victim of heart disease and it proved to be so. Fre-
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mountains in northern countries. The roots are in the greatest perfection in the second spring ; .they should be well dried and kept in a dry place, and frequently
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t. v., p. 204.— KciV, Memorab. Clinica, fasc. i., p. 13. — JZe- viani, in Memorie di Fisica di Verona, t. vii. — Meier, in
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acromion process and an apparent depression below it seemed to verify the statement, and, as the patient complained when it
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is a list of the most reputed : — Ammonite AcetatU pozo'ma, Perizo'ma. Dissep'tum, Dissip'ium. Pra>- bra, When it contracts, its fibres become straight,
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the skull, given by Mr. Pott : " If the piece of bone intended to be removed was larger than could be comprehended within
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3II2O, white needles soluble in 50 parts of water at phite, a white powder, used as a tonic in tuberculosis. strychnin; greenish-brown transpaient scales, soluble
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in spite of compression. An unsuccessful attempt was made to ligate the artery. The hcemorrhage was finally su])presscd,
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Stock gestützter Blinde mit nach aufwärts gerichtetem Gesicht und dem toten, in die Ferne sich verlierenden Blick. Dies Bild ähnelt einem Fresko-
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Spec. 3690. On January llth. the patient was transferred to Swift Hospital, Prairie Du Chien, where he was assigned to the Veteran Reserve Corps, April 13, 1865. Two months later he was mustered out and
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was having disabling bouts of pain, felt miserable all the time because of chronic anemia, and had a very limited life span
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the period of interment the grave was guarded night and day by soldiers of account of a fakir of Punjaub Avho allowed himself to be buried in a well-
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Genealogical Tables illustrative of Modem History. By H. B. George. Fourth (1904) edition. Oblong 4to, boards. 7s. 6d. A History of France, with maps, plans, and Tables. By G. W. Kitchin.
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kinds of stretohers used, whether the hospital is prorided with eleratom and under the control of medical men, method of appetntment of the medleal and
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dividualism which began from that hour, intellectual independence was bound to go to the wall if it came into conflict with Church or
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if planted by men, for it was believed that women have and control the faculty of reproduction and increase. Hence, sowing and cultivating crops
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