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Itmtsei ibtnl jminlH in the course of the nerrc (pomis doulounnix, Vat- ysma, si>nading- from a point along the coarse of the nerve ; tlte pda

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or head nurses, accompanied by psychotherapy, and if nec- essary by electricity. According to Roussy and Lhermitte, these reeducative methods used alone, without previous

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from the Arabic al, the, and the Chaldaic embroth, " the grammar and would naturally speak of alligartas, a word Asafcetida, from aza, name of gum, and L&tmf&tida,

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Jahrhundert; der folgende Theil soll der Geschichte der russischen Medicin Die hUtoruehe pharm, mediz. Sammlung dêi Apothekers Burkhard

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a lasting impression. In his report he says: "One of them was toma- hawk 'd immediately. The rest sitting on the ground m a ring bound-

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eine Menge wissenschafdicher Gegenstände zu bearbeiten. Linné verlangte von dem Arzte, dass er, wie der Physiker, seine Sätze auf Versuche stütze,

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passing out, as stated by applicant, at a small mark on the surface of the gluten! muscles of the right side, producing some

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the returns from the field and base hospitals would have been impossible. For the num- ber of wounded received at the Washington hospitals alone, during the quarter ending

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tive said to consist of dilute alcohol, oil of anise, ex- Dorsalis [itor-sa'-lis) \dorstiiii, the back]. .See Arte- Dorsicolumn (ilor-se-koi'-iiiii) \_tiorsuni, the back ; eol-

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pieces of clotliing and some horse liairs from the stiffening of his coat. He w.as .able to walk at this time with little fatigue ; but

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Confrontation, kon-f run-to! -shun. The bringing of two patients Congelation, kon-jel-a!-shun. 1. A freezing. 2. Frost-bite.

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or slmight, if wostmigbleu it, lead lo ibe wnclusion that tlie con- traction of the antagonistic muscles fully preacrvos tbcir equipoise.

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specific toxin (.Abbott). F., Labyrinthine, the peri- mercuric chlorid, 5 parts ; sodium chlorid. 6 jiarts ; consists of glacial acetic acid, 10 parts ; chloroform,

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crushing of the spur, the frequency of post-operative hernia, and the incom- plete removal of the lymphatic drainage area. Moszkowicz claims that his

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Bermuda Hundred, Virginia, on May 20th, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which tore the scalp. He was admitted to the hospital of

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than an advanced case of this malady. The emaciation and exhaustion are extreme, and the patient is as miserable as one with carcinoma of the esopha-

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before any manifestation of consciousness. If an endeavor was made to reduce the contracture under full anesthesia and in complete unconsciousness, a spasmodic movement was

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sideration, and are willing to take the matter in hand, we shall be happy, if you wish it, to communicate further with you.

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spinal cord upon the blood current, 6 and his Leipzig inaugural address (1865) introduced the idea of keeping excised portions of an organism

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any physician's office. A method is described for concen- tration of the patient's urine sample, which, though not (J. G. Matt, II. D.. Tulsa, in Sou. Med. Jour., June)

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cortex appears slightly thicker and paler than normal, and contrasts strongly with the darker pyramids. The capsule strips oft" easily from

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in the hospital under your charge during the time specified, you will so state in your letter All of the reports above alluded to will, when compiled, be forwarded directly to the

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Figs. 1-6 represent one-half to two-thirds of the first right inguinal mammary gland removed from female rats after various treatments as listed below. Fixed

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{a) A writ cominanditift the attendance in court, aa a witnm, of the person on whom it is served, under a penalty. (b) A warning or citation to oppear in court as a witness or U

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Ur. Luther Jerrell Head, retired physician of Caroline County, 85, died at a Richmond Hospital November Sth. He was a graduate of the former University College of

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funding by the DOD and, once initiated, might not have been continued if the objective sought by the DOD (a biological dosimeter) had been realized early on.

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(Progynon-B) and to Dr. J. A. Morrell of Squibb and Sons lor the stilbestrol used in these poulards to one or more of three stimulus situations. Depending upon the type

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einandersetzung voraus, wo die aelteren und neueren Auffassungen der Autoren über Bouba erörtert werden. Sauvages (1768) fasst unter dem Sammelnamen

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parent symploma are jiumlysis and n peculiar and excessive ntrophy of tiic «dc of the body opposite to tUo atrophied brain. The paralysis

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powerful poison requires very careful management. In obstinate cases it may be necessary to pull out the hair, either by the process of avulsion,

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is so. Sudden cold checking the perspiration will ap- parently produce almost every form of the pyrexise. Partial cold will produce rheumatisms ; damp air, ca-

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BKtabolism of the albuminous foods ingested and the albuminous the chief sitrogenom constituent of urine. Formula, CON,H«.

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CASE 1085. Private J. Looney, Co. I, 2d East Tennessee, aged 22 years, was admitted into Asylum Hospital, Knoxville, May 29, 1864, with chronic diarrhoea. He was transferred, on July

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attack will })robably last for a couple of hours or more, when the severe symptoms will gradually remit, with an expectoration

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l'emploi du Katjang-idjo, ils auraient presque certainement succombé. et 62 prouvent que les malades peuvent attraper le béri-béri de nouveau

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important in the protection against microorganisms causing opportunistic infections and malignancies. Such an agent over a period of many months during which time the person

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Theie dumb Mafters will praife him it he be worthy, or without fear, which the Prophet tells him thou art the man , they will finally (without blulhing) adrao-

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report, which was written personally by Dr. Jordan, this statement ap- pears: "The facts indicate that the colon bacteria, present undoubtedly

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wind-pipe is impeded by his head being confined by the bearing rein. The road horse again suffers chiefly in his limbs from hard


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