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that its use should be given up entirely in weakly individuals and potassium iodide. No demonstrable iodine is split off from saiodine
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consist in rarefaction of the compact tissue, increase in size of the medullary cavity and Haversian canals, and enlargement of the areola
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weights, hence they will differ from the Sanskrit texts from There is a peculiarity in fluid measures which must also be
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Mingazzini, G. Sindromi nervose organiche consecutive a lesioni (da proiettili) del cervello. Policlin., Roma, 1916 (sez. med), v. 23, p. 409.
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7. Illinois was beginning to do its part. During this half-century, among other contributions was the work of several noted Illinois surgeons: Brainard, Prince,
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the rude artefacts of Eolithic man. There is apparently no dis- tinction in space and time in the flaking of prehistoric and primi-
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ing sound in the ear, audible to both the observer and the patient, in catarrhal and nervous alVections of the ear. It is attributed to spasm of the external peri-
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Honey, Thomas Edward, M.D. Durh., Naval Medical Service. 1886 Honsbcrger, Jerome, South Cayuga, Ontario, Canada. 1896 Hood, Frederick Colton, .M.D. Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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of his chief sense he could, by touch alone, make a statue in clay after a model. Le Cat also mentions a woman, perfectly deaf, who without any instruction
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was free under and in front of the larynx. The patient used a gilded silver plate to fix the tongue so that deglutition could be carried on. He was
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says that the diviner " teuoit a la main" these arrows, which certainly suggest the swords or wands of the Apache medicine-men in the spirit
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Gänsedistel mit Zapfen i), bittere Mandeln und Gurkensamen; auch die 1) 9rpaßuoty nach Galen K. XIII, p. 10 ist vrpbßtXoc die Bezeichnnng für
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of this to linen ; yet, we think, we have placed then- different merits on such a foundation as will elucidate of woollen ; and, where this material is not used, we
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of redness is to be found, but the skin as- couh, after the appearance of the irruption, sumes its wonted appearance ; yet, without RUBIA. (From ruber, red; so called
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Additional Treatment. — It Is probable that for most persons saline laxatives, such as rochelle salts, or jmrgatlve waters during the sumTner,
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interruptions being necessary to keep iij) the effects of the ether. No adhesive straps were employed. Tepid water dressings
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elbow, the ligature is to be apphed there or at the wrist. The bones of the fracture being properly set, the extension is to be
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angebracht, durch welche dem, unterm Hause gelegenen Schmutzhaufen stets mehr Material zugeführt wird. Mit diesen verschiedenartigen Abfallprodukten
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sulfathiazole was particularly beneficial in staphylococcic infections, and subsequently combined an improved, stabil- ized solution containing the drug with d, 1-desoxyephedrine
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of the inhabitants of Randolph and Monroe Counties who were of French extraction, we find the greatest influence that brought about
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rons que dans les Archives de la Couronne d'Aragon (Reg. 46, fol. 95 r.) il existe un document daté de Logrono le 15 juin 1283, dans lequel le
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— rats ou autres -j — quoique les expériences, qui s'y rapportent soient déjà bien anciennes, bien observées et abondantes.
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over the fire, let an alembic be placed above and set on a good subliming fire. The living and running Mercury will ascend into the receptacle.
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repklennis. The pain, which i.iof u Iiuniing clinmcter, tliiiu;;fh not very ' Kvcrc usually abates when the ve:«ic]es begin (u fthriiel. Ilerjics
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Iliaster was divided into one domor, of which there are two globules, an outer touch, and what the light of nature suggests to us. He who created these
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seeing it in our hospital or our clinics. The answer was there; Adult Saudis seen in our clinics for a variety of medical
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one of his means of determining before the calamity the existence of ulcer of the perforative type, as the sudden inflammatory outpouring of secretion from the
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■ymptonui, in wbicli local di.itiirt>nnce, fever, and the •trengtli of th« It, are takou latu accuitut, is the one most to be oommended.
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means the entire destruction of the globe is prevented : often fatal; loss of sight generally follows, and the pain The violence of the disease requires the speediest and
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allowed that the squills are very uncertain in their Emetics are injurious when there is any original defect in the head, in the heart and larger arteries, or, perhaps,
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learn the perspectives of former, current, and prospective research subjects by asking about their attitudes and beliefs regarding the endeavor of human subject
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32 when per is putte vitriol, or puluis sine pari, or any pulurs corrosiue within pe lure aboue fretyngj or cliffyngj, pan aboue pe pulm's corrosiue owe bole armoniac to be
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From Wild's "Valley of the Mississippi."' 18)1. Rcprodueed through Conceived by visionaries whose attempt to create a government
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absorption of the lime-salts, and gives rise to considerable deformity, and occa- Rachitis or rickets is not a disease of adult life, but of infancy and child-
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and red sumac root, each 4 ounces ; sarsaparilla root, 10 ounces ; sulphate Sneezewort, 1 ounce ; bitter root, 4 drams ; licorice root, 4 drams ;
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