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Ircqucntly ia course of ecvoral inonllis or jcsra. Sometimes tbe dis- tadu the mucous membrane, causing great devastation of the iuterioi

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here used, is not an encyclopedia or a treatise upon medical subjects, and there must not be expected the same logical arrangement or classification of a subject of a caption as would

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Thoracic Surgery - Dr. Frank C. Detterbeck, Dr. Thomas M. Egan, Dr. Michael R. Mill, Dr. Peter Starek (now retired) Urology - Dr. Culley C. Carson III, Dr. Raj S. Pruthi, Dr.

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V.-glob'ulin, one of the various kinds of globulin found in snake Venosity, ven-os'-it-e. The condition of venous blood.

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inner surface of the leg and united to the fascia lata. Diet.). F., Deep, a strong layer of fibroconnective tissue covering the muscles and forming an almost con-

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Throughout Iran the flower buds are collected to be made into pickles. The light-colored root and the thick root bark are used in


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Figure 47. — ARTKRIES OF THIGH. 1. aorta; 2, common iliac; 3, external Iliac; 4, epigastric; 5. circumflex iliac; 6, interna! iliac; 7, ilio-lumbar; 8, gluteal; 9, obturator; 10,

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medicine as I d seen it elsewhere, it was just in a different climate. But the Saudis who worked for the company got their

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ous, and taught, in theory at least, the simple expectant treatment of wounds by means of bandages moistened with plain water; and

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vaccine and serum tliera])y have been more largely tested in ]uacticc, Tile relation of disease of the nasal accessory sinuses to diseases of

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left groin. On the 10th, extended necrosis of the ilium was detected by the probe; from this time the discharge from the wound

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s'est étendue jusqu'à irois mois. Il est donc possible, comme le croit Haffkine, qu' une seule inoculation de cultures tuées par la chaleur

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as within the largest industrial and financial corporations gen- erally, most officers and directors had come to see the State as

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injections of one and a half grains each given within one month proved fatal, and he mentions other similar fatal cases after

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FiNKELSTEiN, L. Studien uber Fleckfieber. Deutsche med. Wchnschr., 1921, Tbaenkei., E. Zur pathologischen Anatomie des Fleckfiebers. Miinclien.

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AIICK. DA ESC. SUP. DE AGRIC . E MED. VETER. Vol. IX. NS. 1 e 2 OS valores da ultrapegada e do afastamento em funcgao da passada para

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also attended the sick, prescribing teas for their ailments, — until the first permanent American physician, Dr. Bernard Farrar, arrived

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are perforated, and, as at the outset, the wounded man ordinarily presents no very alarming symptoms, there is a disposition to believe that the ball has

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tient in a warm bath, and give a tablespoonful of scraped horse- radish, or the same of mustard-seed, four or five times a day.

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20. Menefee, E. E., and Poston, M. A.: South. Med. Jl. 31:1061, 1938. 21. Smith, T.. and Fabyan, M.: Cntrlblt. f. Bakteriol., Parasitnk. u. Infektnskrankhn., I. Abtl.

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aromatic tonic. A small piece is eaten to reduce phlegm (H.F.). Tukhm-i-nilufar (Teh.); Habb-el-nil (Ham.); Tukhm-i-nil; Kal-

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more than any one man for the rapid growth of the hospital and its standing Later, after several efforts to obtain a successor to Dr. Stehman, many of

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man attempted to pull the ramrod out, but all his efforts were ineffectual. After the tolerance of this foreign body for some time, one of his companions

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October 29, 1863, at Lookout Valley, was wounded in the left ankle, causin<>- a severe flesh wound. Commissioner of Pensions J. A. Morgan, April 28, 1868, sent to the

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forming bacteria produce suppurative inflammation. Such dis- eases as tuberculosis, glanders and hog-cholera are specific in-


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