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TO THE SIMONS GROUP HOMEPAGE!'>ry. — This beautiful little plant flowers veiy early in the si)rLag, and the root should only be gathered while the phuit is in flower. It

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one-quarter ounces. The whole of the right lung and the second lobe of the left lung were in a state of incipient tubercular degen

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of the hyoid bone and lodged in the thyroid cartilage. The surrouniling tissm'S were coiigtssted and inlillrated with blmxl.

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modern authorities in favour of drinking water as a preventive of calculus. Thus Tissot states that the Chinese, who drink so much water with their tea, enjoy almost

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are used to describe various diseases. Thus, in con- be expressed as " air-borne germs." This expression is applied in one case to venomous swellings, which are

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them. At this temperature, however, it sium, thrown into solutions of the mineral is rather imperfectly fluid, so that it does acids, inflames and burns on the surface,

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segment which controls sensation to them through the eighth intercostal nerve, posterior division of the eighth dorsal and the great splanchnic

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sippi, and ordered his arrest for recognizing a foreign authority in In 1768 Father Pierre Gibault was sent to the aid of this lone Jesuit

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old age. A fine miniature of Dimsdale was painted by Andrew Plimer in 1790, but was unfortunately stolen from the National Portrait Gallery, London, in 1904,

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13. — 100 Ditto in Book, with Duplicate on Cop\ing Paper .. .. f Or Nos. 1 2 and 1 3 printed with own name, address, and hours of attendance, for

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septic treatment would likely be much less tiresome if one could depilate the diseased patches. On account of the brittle condi-

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tinacity, referred to the upper occipital convolutions. Adhesol [lui-Zw'-sol ). A surgical dre.ssing said to con- tain copal resin, 350 parts ; benzoin, 30 parts ; oil of

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were open at one end and shut at tlie other. Those of horn had a larger opening at one end and a smaller at the other. A piece

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' " but aboue al thinges next to grammer a Physicion muste haue surely his Astronomye, to know how, whew, & at what time, euery medecine ought to

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commerce. By various writers. 3 vol. il. pi. por. O. London : .... Economic and industrial progress of the century, by H. de

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jefrmcanne • ]onne pceal mon ]one jeajl eac fpillan jelome on J>8epe able • -j fpoljettan eceb pi} pealt je- menjeb. 6pt pipleapan feapep ]py bollan pulle lytle

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though important. He apoligizes for not copying for- mer authors by observing, " that those who have ex- amined them will soon discover that so many fictions

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dropsy, local inllammations, and ultimately death. These results are owing to an impediment in the forward movement of the blood, and to

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ces contrées, les parasites sont encore plus nombreux que dans les pays tempérés; citons simplement les parasites les plus connus: larves de taenia

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years will consign it to the limbo of discredited operations. In the Medical Annual of 1908 an excellent description (with

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If we follow Dr. Cullen's system in its practical de- ductions, we shall not speak of it with equal commend- ation. As a practitioner, he was often feeble and in-

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striking the head of the left liumerus, and fracturing its outer third, and also the adjacent part of the acromion process, the ball

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bestimmte Wolke beschienen werden, können nach Batakischer Meinung Bei Ohrenschmerzen, pcrlingen, tropft der Batak sich den ausgepressten

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Spavin. — A spavin is a chronic inflammation of the articular faces of the hock bones, ligaments and synovial membranes. The

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Epigenesist (c-p-c'-Jen'-e-sist). An advocate of the doc- Epiglottidean (tp-e-glot-id'-e-an). See Epiglottic (Il- Epiguanin {ep-c-gwan'-in). C|„H„N,,Oj. A xanthin

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loever you make a Figure for any demand, and find this jigure in this houle, it fignifieth that Letters fhall come from fome place, the which (hall fpeak of things

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three, and the other at four o'clock in the aftornoim. In the mean time were employed two pretty copious bleedings, a blister was applied to the part affected, two moderate do-

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opposite convolutions, called the signwidflejcure, it ter- minates in the rectum. When it has passed below the last vertebra of the loins to the inside of the os sacrum,

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HATES, U. S. V., reported : "A shot flesh wound of the left hand, with hemorrhage from a digital artery, August 5th, to the extent of two ounces. It

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itium, and suts his worklly alTuint iii unk-r, in perfect consciousness of tfac near approach of his end. The paroxysms of madness and con%'nl-

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oscillate from day to day or it may rise steadily to a climax, and then descend suddenly when collapse occurs. In all cases the pro-

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gelegt hat. Hierauf folgte 1775 die bekannte Uebersetzung der Anatomischen Tabellen von Kulmus (niclit Kulnij wie Osawa sclireibt) \\\a Japanische durch

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