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a An editorial article in the Indian Medical Gazette of Sept., 1890, says : — "The appearance of menstruation is held by the great majority of natives of India to
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" The most remarkable ceremonial of fire worship that survives in this country is practised by the Xavajos. They believe in purification by fire, and
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expedients, preferring the observation or sympathy which they sometimes endeavor to secure by some idiosyncrasy of the kind.
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tions qui toutes presentent des signes qui leur sont communs, mais pour les distinguer entr'elles, il est besoin d'une delica-
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optic thalami. C, Op'tic, the crossing of the optic nerves. C, Foste'rior (of third ventricle), a white band uniting the optic
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work, courage, faith, entrepreneurial instincts, and thrift— qualities that he associated with his African upbringing— were the same as assured his success as a British subject. By the
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way. As it is itself fire, consuming all things, so every sulphur is an invisible fire consuming diseases. As fire consumes wood visibly, so does the other
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This testicle was removed successfully to the scrotum. Horsley collected 20 instances of operators who made a similar attempt, Annandale being the
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running o great risk of being poisoned by employing ihU oicul in pumps and rcservoim The public mind wan for a long time vury much agitated by tbia discu&aion, and Dr.
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If you like, I will get more specific information and send it to you Dr. FoEGE. And I would be happy, Mr. Chairman, to talk about
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reckoned the period April S to May 25 as the best time, while certain days in the interim, when the moon and tides were at full, were regarded as unlucky
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of the part, slight discharge, and no constitutional symptoms. The patient could move the arm without difficulty or pain, and
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coindemuidh si in fuil maith istigh aici fein 7 licfid si an droch- fuil uaithi. Item adeir Galen curub 1 an fuil UAmiu'ghcs in
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parts, the sixth by excess in drinking, and the seventh by the loss of the essential parts of the body, as chyle, blood, &c.
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vetoed the bill, on the ground that the finals had been played, but recom- mended that a committee be appointed to report to the next session
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breach of, and wrong against, natural laws, than is ach; but we meet with victims of effects equally as bad from privation, either unavoidable, self-inflict-
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ried off, or, in other words, the cronii of the teeth be not safficiently detached and set at Ubcrty, as the under set, or any particular teeth in the under set. press forward, the
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Damaye, H. Apergu general sur les fonctions d'un service de psychiatric d'armee. Progres med., Par., 1917, v. 43, pp. 362-364.
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10 ")tcs vrrevavTiovp-evi] rfj Tpocpf] rrj dirb rcov Ta nrpcoTa, rfjai OepaTreirjaiv wairep tov irpoTepov eK0epa7r€v0rji>ai, 7 irXeiovos Be ypovov ical Xipo-
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1 drachm, warm water 4 pints) is also of very great service. As the first irrigations are difficult to carry out thoroughly, it is
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of Medicine, is Guy de Chauliac. Most of the false no dle Ages at once disappear after a careful study of scientific principles in a great practical way is far
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Council Instructions were much too stringent in view of tlie demand for men, and on my advice the Director of Medical Services, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, in 1916 agreed that
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pleased to give them a ti-ial, the author is confident that the medicines will cure them and restore them to vigorous health, so that they rnay
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A substance obtained by Auger by interaction of for- Harris to the nucleic acid isolated by them from the embryo of wheat. It has the formula C„H|;|N, ,.,(>„,
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which are distributed particularly to the posterior below to the inner side of the tuhero!<ity of the I S C H 1 C E ' L E, AcA iatt>ee'le, hch indoreWf,
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Board, and sub.sequenc]y he received the degree of M.D. from Dr. Bull began his career as a practitioner at the Village of
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sliifrffisIiiicEfi : tlic liftart and puIsR In'at efowly, respirations aro rare, ihc ixiwcls constipated, sccrclioo of urine scanty, and, perliaps aa a
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II. Mr. Meerman's Account of the firft invention of the art. An appendix is annexed, i. On the fir[t-printed Greek books. 2.
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Clarke reports, September 11, 1873, that "the ball passed through the left testicle, and thence just back of the head of the right
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The cecum corresponds to the right iliac and right lumbar region. The base is slightly below McBurney's point. Its position is variable,
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arranged as to convey the effused blood on inclined planes toward the right iliac fossa; if the blood is poured out from a wound on the left side, it is more likely to run down into
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the puerperium. Induced abortion with its 100 per cent foetal mortality is unjustifiable, as is also the tapping of a tumour either through the
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du corps humain 5ont combines dans l'acte de la nutrition et de la generation d'une maniere que la chimie ne peut imiter :
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agents as are known to produce eosinophilia. Giffin's case came to autopsy and an examination showed myeloid metaplasia of the spleen and great excess
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a;if«'« (Illus Diet.). P. Benzamid. See Be-nzaniliil soluble in alcohol and ether, boils at 314° C. Syn., P. Chloroform, C5H5. CCI3, a liquid with penetrating
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enrollment in research and standard or conventional treatment, was one of the major problems identified by the Advisory Committee in our Research Proposal
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the morning of September 25th, 1863, from .ipnoea. At the autopsj', eight hours after death, the fact was revealed that the sheath
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the predisposing causes could in the slightest degree support. At last Boerhaave supposed it no foreign sub- stance introduced, but a lentor or viscidity in the blood
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fissures are all in a state of progress towards being filled up by bone; and the patients must have survived their respective injuries months, if not years. These crania are said to have
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which arc illustrated by skiagrams, is that in thin, parous women the nipples may cast shadows which are apt to be confused with those of tuberculous
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