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tinn appears in ita most intense form, yet it ia not renal hypeneinia of whiiJi tlie patient finally dies, but the pcepiratorj- derangeniont, the
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obliterateil, and the left lung was highly inflamed. Acting Assistant Surgeon H. C. May jierfbrmed paracentesis thoracis of the
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in the cabinets. I cornered Ali in there one day and I said, "Now Ali, you ve got to tell me what s going on." "Ah, no, no, Miss
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under consideration, have been examined with especial care, and there are here probably few omissions, the aggregates being even larger than called for by the returns on the
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logic capability of individual organs of similar nature in the same bbdv ; the degree of hunum vitality influencing absorption and resistance ; the peculiar
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throat. It seems that he had often before said that if he got syphilis he would kill himself. Recovering from his wound, he was invalided to Villejuif, Sept. 19, 1916, breath-
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consider what it might mean to move theory from something it calls 'cultural studies' and make it serve the interest of something it called 'cultural geography'" (p. 5).
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to live a si)insti'r all Iht days For we sec her on one hand conrtctl by her obstetrical ancestor, who seeks to draw her on(;e more into an unholy, unfruit-
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scarcely suffice me, and, in order to explain these things, not even the skins of Now, I assert that in this mineral are found three principles, which are
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not all the bites of rabid animals are effective. Of 183 dogs confined with and bitten by a rabid dog 91 contracted rabies ; of
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plant comprised twenty-five rooms and was operated at this location until In the spring of 1900 the deaconess society bought property at the corner
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1899 Arkle, Alexander Septimus, 24, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 1889 Arkwright, Joseph Arthur, M.D. Camb., 13, Welbeck-street. w,
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remained until 1871. Dr. Pyne represented the Erie and Niagara Division in the Medical Council of Ontario. He remained the representative of this division until his appoint-
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the commencement of the straining, both s. and d. pres- ing continued, both pressures fell, though the drop was greater in the s". ; at the end of the period of straining,
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case has not been recorded. The injury resulted in aphonia. He was furlougbed on July 18th, 1864, for sixty days. On Case. — Private William L. Switzer, Co. F, 5tli Iowa Volunteers, aged 25 years, was wounded at luka, September 19th,
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of a Chinese gun. Its size and shape are accurately represented by the accompanying drawing (Fig. 190). The breech-pin measures a little over
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20. Important problems of pension, retirement, and com- pensation are brought out, and as no previous war has had the benefit of the Wassermann reaction and other exact tests
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Ellsworth, Geraldine K. Harcarik, Carol L Anderson, James B. Knight, and Mary J. Sawyer helped us obtain needed materials. Arthur S. Har-
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oev the entrance of the optic Derre, aod gently pushing it it aJherea more closely about those places where the retina re-
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TREATISE focuses on macromolecules as antigens, and de- votes several chapters to immunoglobulins. Specific topics • The structure of immunoglobulins and immunoglobulin
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purticipntc in the atrophy ; the skin breaks throujih, Iciving a tor- pid, lifeless openine, which slowly enlarges, and fioally exjwsea or
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cannot be disputed. Moussu has seen numerous cases of alimentary intoxication in lambs whose dams were fed with decomposed beet pulp,
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carried off, is rough, bitter, and aromatic. Rectified spirit of wine extracts the virtues of this herb the most with a large flower; MOUNTAIN MINT, the GREATEST, and
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[Added later] There was one thing they had in common: The Aramco medical repsonsibility was low on their list of concerns. From my
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hours of sound, refreshing sleep. Sleep is of more consequence to the human economy than fooa, and nothing should be allowed to
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a high school education and came to Chicago direct from the farm. He worked under a preceptorship of Dr. Brainard and graduated M.D. in
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prof, physical diagnosis and diseases of children, in same; mem. exec, board, East St. Louis Assn. of Phys. and Surgs. ; Nat'l
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there was little fever and no diarrhoea. The course of these cases, which probably result from intestinal infection, is much more rapid. In a
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Commentary. Hippocrates's account of fracture of the os comm. berties in making the extract. The mode of using the piece
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BAUGHMAN, Grier; physician; b. Richmond, Va., 1864; s. Charles C. Baughman and Willette (Stevens) Baughman; ed. priv. sch., acad.
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war, one fatal punctured wound of the liver has been recorded by Assistant Surgeon S. M. Ilorton. 2 The Museum contains no preparation illustrating injuries of this group, and
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révèle du reste, bien d'autres particularités nouvelles ou peu connues de la vie et de la famille de Sébastien Colin, eu même temps qu'elle nous détaille
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reduced. So we might mention many others. It is not too much to say that the mortality of all diseases has been diminished
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decoction of the two kinds of VriJiati, Rajani, S'ukdkliyd {S'uka-s'imbi), Kdkddani, Kdkamdchi, Addri-vimbi and Kadamba-pushpl {BJiumi-Kadconba) should be taken as


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