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first consisted of a closed corporation of four members, who met to discuss new — .mathematical problems, and "the ornaments of elegant literature
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turnal Emissions," Dr. Leslie B. Hohman, Visiting Pro- fessor of Psychiatry, Duke University Medical School, "Electroencephalographic Research" — Dr. Wladimir Lib-
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often, from the beginning, have a pulse from 108 to 120 ; and the pulse of a very old person, in a dangerous state, may not exceed 80. If, however, in the first
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soluble in 50 parts of water, in 7 parts of boiling water; used as a diuretic in obesity and dropsy. Syn., Svmf>horoi-sodiutii ; Svinpkorol \. S. Cantharid-
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animal may be again and again inoculated at intervals of a week or two until it has been stimulated to produce antitoxin in large
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nuativum ipsius ut est dyanisum, dyaprunis, dyaciminum ana mixtum et post illud electuarium sequitur iste syrupus. II. ros. fior. i-aMc. viol. sand. alb. et
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be noticed a« frequently dialingQisbable during life: or other of the three ensuing; and is found inoal fre-] (juently in feeble children who secrete little bile. It il
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gitia. These discas4>s arc most frequcntlj parts of a gcncml acute m duonio miliaiy tubemiloaU, or, at least, of one affecting most of tlie
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the powder acts as an escharotic, and the infusion is often applied with Dose.- — Of the powder as an emetic, ten to twenty grains ; as a stimu-
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of people inhabiting small villages and country houses, than that of resi- dents in cities, notwithstanding the latter constantly use water which is
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matter with swelling, and much pain, it is called Krimidantaka, or worm-eaten tooth. The treatment of this disease should consist of
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is rumbling in the bowels, pain in the sides and loins, no dejections, but, on the contrary, the bowels are constipated.
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now turned from blue to red, and instead of cold became warm, even hot. In about a week the hyperthermia di- minished, and, with the other troubles, disappeared. There
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brile affections, especially those of warm amber rises along with the acid, climates. It is employed as a cathartic SUCCINUM. (From succns, juice ; be-
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The prognosis is somewhat serious, particularly in phlebitis of the mammary vein, for obliteration of the vein interferes with the function
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tions of teratology, idiocy, insanity, death by violence and general bloodshed, show the curious interest in the horrible, the solemn
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zled me, based upon my own reading on this, as to how it relates, and that is — not from the standpoint of what you said, but its ap-
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Pseudomeric (sii-iio-mer'-ik). Relating to the phe- pound can react in accordance with different structural monad]. A genus of the family Bacteriaceu, consist-
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llie ul4-nis conceive, a]vpcars to iiiilioLte tbut it is not tbe uteritio catarrfi, IhiI the exIeiiKiun of 1h« dieciuc to th« oviducts and tboii
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(iermans. In 1873, Hermann Schwartze (1837-1910) and Adolph Eysell de- scribed the method of opening the mastoid by chisehng {typiachc Aufmeissel-
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to the people's needs", and observed that "women need to be recognised as farmers and should be the first to benefit from land reform since they have been discriminated against
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(14970, but his chief service to science lay in the difficult task of correcting the botanical errors in the Natural History of Pliny.
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se acham o rostrum, as antennas e as pernas do par anterior e atraz ao redor das placas anaes. Em seu conjunto, a alludida faixa forma uma
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particular care to keep the abscess clean; and as the part is seldom susceptible of very active inflammation, the applications should be warm and antiseptic. The
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rttm seu bacilla'tum, Ba'cillar layer of the retina, Vaginalis testis, see Testicle — t. Vasculosa oculi, comu of French anatomists, — the ethmoid' al cornu
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mild smooth diet, consisting chiefly of farinaceous mat- ters, as puddings, soups, &c. carefully avoiding what- vol. iii. p. 7, is an account of a small fibre of a feather
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an animal called leunza (lesena), of the shark, and also of the extremity of the stages tail, and bad castor. The sweat of
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The memorial also asked for the extinction of Indian titles, the right of preemption for actual settlers, land grants for schools, and to persons
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bom on Friday will become active in good works. Whoever is bom on the Sabbath will also die on the Sabbath, because the Sabbath was desecrated on his account. Baba, the Babbi Schila '
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irritability. Emmenagogues and tonics are sometimes also considered as alterants, but with little accuracy. In fact, if there is any real medicine of this kind, it is
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that category. . . . There is such a unique element in it; for some it begins to border on the mystical." 85 A good deal of the public's fear of radiation, declared
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In colder climates and less urgent circumstances, the pulv. rad. columbo, gr. xv. ad xx. with the kali vitriolat. 3 i. ad 9 ii. given every four, five,- or six hours, pro-
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who could repeat the contents of a newspaper after a single reading, justify the supposition. Fearon, on ' Mental Vigor,' tells of a man who could
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6. There is another incongruity in Vagbhata's No. 27, he counts two hanu-bandhana, or jaw-attachments. Susruta counts two hanv, or jaws, and Charaka counts two hanumula-handhana,
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die Zahl der Ratten und Mäuse eine kleinere war, die Infektion durch Tiere daher eine seltenere, gewesen sein mag, kann ich nach meinen
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eau potable principalement de l'étang; de Tirumukulam, dans lequellcs lépreux se baignent et lavent leur linge! Des mesures ont été prises par le conseil
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Dr. a. E. Burrows, who has been practising at McKellar for The Provincial Hospital of New Brunswick, treated 716 patients
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Sakurai, S., and Saito, T., Med. Biol. 93, 29 (1976). 4. Landers, J. W., and Zak, B., Amer. J. CUn. Patbd. 5. Ichida, T., and Nobuoka, M., Clin. Chim. Acu 24.
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Da jedoch eine jede Frau Arbeidskapital für den Batak repräsentiert, wird er dieselbe meistens als eine Erbstück ansehen, ihr einen Platz in
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Cases of Rat-poisoning : — Different Varieties of Rats— General Symptoms of Rat-poisoning— Specific symptoms and treatment of Rat-
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The Description and Classification of Sirsi or the Vascular System: — Their Numbers and action. — Names and Classification of the
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for prolonging Hum;in Life. By Anthony Carlisle, F. H. S. [FmmtbQ Lond4« Mfiiic«l tMl Ph>ilcBiJ':uni«l, for June I8t9i]
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used by the ancients in surgical operations, I have sub- joined drawings of them, taken principally from the works of Vidus Vidius and Andreas a Cruce, who both lived at a time
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effect on serum and antral gastrin levels in rat, 158 -induced hepatic enzymes, Sindbis infection inhibition -induced inhibition of eosinophil migration (guinet
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On March 7th. 1837, Pension E.xaminer ,Iolin Post reported that there was a discharge of pus from the orifice of entrance of the
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two diseases are possibilities, with equal evidence tic possibility, and the disease is far advanced by of hypochondriasis in the old, and it gives rise to
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resilient. The tubing is folded upon itself and passed around the upper arm. The loose ends are passed within the loop, drawn up tightly against the loop and then pulled
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tained them, remain for some time their structure with the micros- motionless ; that after a certain cope, that they consist of minute
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Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Library to consider the proposi- tion to transfer the medical reference books in the Chicago Public Library
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Deciduitis ide-sid-u-i' -tis). Inflammation of the decid- variety of uterine sarcoma first described by Sanger, which in its microscopic characters strongly resembles
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strated by these hypnotic experiments. Prof. Carpenter for many years gave public exhibitions in many cities and towns, where he
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level with the clavicle, largi' portions of which were reuioveil from time to time, and fiagraents of the jaw also came away
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to a thorough airing and sunning; by no means let it be slipped underneath another on the same bed, as is sometimes done.
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sion. To many of these cases have been attributed exaggerated function, notwithstanding the fact that modern observation ahiiost invariably shows
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in the absence of opportunities to see attacks and to receive the carefully analyzed statement of the observers of the patient.
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