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das Problem der „vitalen" Circulation wiederholt in Erwägung zieht und zu einem Endergebnis gelangt, welches mit der von Meynert geäusserten

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were contributed by Assistant Surgeon G. A. llursick, U. S. V. Ci.sE. — Private T. M. J , Co. IT, 4.")th North Carolina Regiment, aged 38 years, was woimded at Silver ."Spring,

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systolic murmur could be heard all over the prccordium, was transmitted well to the axilla and to the angle of the -capula

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widening of the palpebral fissures and proptosis, together with the erection of the hair, which province a typical picture of

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The fffitus presents Qormally and in s favorable poiiitjon, bat there is a deficiency of the expelling powers. The mother a usoalljr

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Itnal fljitula. ;( bad [lesiury, or a large ntemie polypus projecting into tliv vimcioj, may induce croupous or rliphthcritio iuflamination of the

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80. In dorsal decubitus the movements of the leg were performed comparatively well at first, but after a few repe- titions, the shaking spasm would occur on both sides, and

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ferent species, but always feels smooth to the touch, because it is covered by a slimy fluid, designed to faci- litate its motions. Their head, in a state of contraction,

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neither can the properties of Sulphur be discovered. But all these are readily found in Mercury. So when Art separates, it deserts the body, nor takes any

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npon ftcetion through the pyramid, we see delieate ycllowish-rcd examination, these tubules are found to bo fllled with a blackish,

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into, the pulpy tissue may resemble thick, dark blood. The kidneys are pale and the bladder may contain dark or reddish-

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not known as a parasite of other birds, but if it should eventually be found to be so or to occupy any other animal body as an inter-

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Artacsecas, in great favor with Xerxes, was the tallest Persian and measured 7 feet. John Middleton, born in 1752 at Hale, Lancashire,

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leg of a syphon into the aperture of an artery of the which usually attends a new invention, it was supposed capable of prolonging life .to an indefinite period ; of

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It is an affured Remedy to cure tlie Palfie f if not inveterate J -nbling, Gout, or any weaknefs of the Nerves and Joynts coming

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ever be cheerful, kind, firm and attentive in the presence of the A simple, nutritious supper should be eaten before entering

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rate fur two hoon, an 1 strain. — Ph. U. S.) Duse, .Macerate for two hours, ami strain. — Ph. 1 . B. bilieur. &c. Some, also, use ytnie in the place

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acustic;e often seen running obliquely forward and to vian name]. .\ mixture of glucosids from condurango plious yellow powder of an aromatic bitter taste, solu-

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S. Musschenbroek (1639 — 1682) war seiner Zeit ein bekannter Instrumentenmacher, dessen Mikroskope sehr gesucht waren. Lange

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Disengagement, dis-en-gaf-ment. The escape of the fetus from Disinfect, dis-in-fejct'. To free from infectiousness. Disinfectant, dis-in-jek'-tant. An agent destroying germs.

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demand for her system to act as a constructing cause for other beings of her kind, and she is free the remainder of her days.

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einen Briefe aus dem U. S. Patent Ofiice in Washington, vom 14. Juni T847, wohin er sich wegen Erlangung eines Patentes gewandt hatte.

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becomes higher than in the initial fever and death follows shortly. The second stage is marked by depression of the nervous and muscnlar forces,

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shown in the man, when both are not alike in form and parts. Undoubtedly reason has claimed our attention and forced us to see and conclude that we must look for that which her make-

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f. This is the rough level of radioactivity remaining one day after each of the explosions, including biologically active and relatively active isotopes. Samuel Glasstone, ed.. The Effects of Atomic Weapons

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erable contusion of the soft parts. He was treated at the hospital at New Berne, and was furloughed for twenty days, and came

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the diagnosis is not complete without a rectal or vaginal examination. The importance of a correct diagnosis in such cases is evident, when it is remembered that in

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for no one comes in closer touch to people nor is there any one who better knows their sorrows, their happiness and their transgressions.

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subject, but it makes up a large proportion of the human ill which every physician has to fight. There seems to be a good deal of

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wife. From this time on, he began to pick up his surround- ings, evidently not knowing that there was a war or that he was a soldier. He did not recognize one of his own com-

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was not investigating a research question about an aspect of pregnancy or As discussed in detail in chapter 6, from its mid- 1940s inception the

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Goodwin, Thoa. Herb. J. Chapman. Royal Army Medical Corps. Goodwin, William Richard Power, Royal Army Medical Corps-. Goonetilleke, Fredk. William, 1, Colville-square, Hyde Park. w.


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