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neither iron nor fire. After that one shall heal the f htc onniman pille bo eceb to "j hunij peo] petjsebepe fio pealp fjnSjie fie bo lycel pealcep to on bmb hpilum "j

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trank mit ihm aus derselben Flasche (der Primäraffekt war im harten Gaumen lokalisirt) ohne dass der Bruder erkrankte. Ein anderer, nach seiner Heimat

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mechanism of respiration. He showed that the arteries contain l)!ood (by performing the Antyllus operation), and demonstrated

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1900 Davis, Everard Inseal, Brighton-road, Wort.lting. „ Davis, Gateward Coleridge, Hgde-park, Sydney, New South Wales.

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the sick, order and cleanliness, have direction and control over Hospital Corps- attention to, and practical instructloa In their duties. In case of inattention

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Biapiculate ( bi-ap-ik'-ii-lat 1 [bis, twice ; apex, the Biarsenate {bi-ar'-sen-at) [bis, twice; arseiiiel. An Biarticulate {bi-ar-tiJk'-u-ldt) [bis, twice; articuitts, a.

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"3. In cases in which the bacteriological cause is as yet undeter- mined, or in wliich the disease-producing agents are not bacteria,

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dressings were applied. On April 11th, he was transferred to Foster Hospital, New Berni' ; on Ajiril 16th, to DeCanip Hospital,

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bodies of Physicians and Surgeons in England, Scotland and Ireland are A further peculiarity in this Faculty is that it is a body of Physicians

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Moss-fibers [mos-Ji'-hers). Cajal's term for peculiar tibers derived from the white center of the cerebellum partly in the granular layer, partly in the molecular

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seldom much effect. It is fortu- Hernia, in which the Operation nate, however, that in no instance was performed a second Time in

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who went with tattered clothes but had at least an acre of red earth was So space-bound on the physical plane is the African worldview that when old

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L., Median (of the cerebellum i, the superior vermi- tate!, the part of the prostate gland anterior to the terior part of the cerebrum separated Irom the ])arietal

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Walker, Rev. Dr. Barry M., Persian Gulf War veteran, East Palestine, OH 10 Appendix 1. — Prepared statements of Committee members 63

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since effective methods were introduced to carry out DNA sequencing by biochemical analysis of recombinant-DNA molecules, these techniques have improved dramatically. In

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failed." 56 Possibly his being an attorney might be prima facie evidence of insincerity but it is at least subject to rebuttal. He was a man of

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earth worms have brought the bacillus to the surface, (Lortet, etc. ) become more or less active agents in disseminating the virus. In

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together. If they penetrated the joint, instead of uniting the parts, they would act as seatons, and produce inflam- mation : for by a seton introduced into the tunica vagi-

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ill formed semi-transparent prisms. They vary in size from drusy, to crystals as large as the thumb. The latter are ne- ver transparent throughout ; and often appear in the progress

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cases. Of the 598 people diagnosed more than 1 year ago, almost To date, reported cases fall into five categories: homosexual or bi-

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Ouvrage orne de nombreuses illustrations dans le texte. Paris, '"'■" ... . Die deutsche Uhrenindustrie. Eine Darstellung der

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1st Michigan, " contusion of liver ;" Fredericksburg. December 13th ; discharged December 23, 1862 ; not a pensioner. 2. Corp.

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the cavity of tlie abdomen. The peritoneum was then separated from the iliac fossa and pressed toward the linea alba. Dr. S.

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patient after receiving the wound. The degree of collapse, the presence or absence of hsematemesis, the precise nature of the feculent discharges from the upper orifice

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cent. October is the month when the}'- breed most freely. The data available were, however, insufficient to connect these facts with the

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of cases consists in excision of the whole colon and anastomosis of the cut end of the ileum with the rectum. Though this operation has been

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hoinas's Hospital, founded by Peter, liishoj) of Winchester, in 121.5 and re- ' Heinrich Heine: "Gestandnisse" (Siimmtl. Werke, Cotta ed., Leipz.,

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lous, C, Vacillating, one as.sociated with laceration • of the zonule of Zinn, causing trembling of the iris Cataractopiesis (kat-a-rak-to-pi-e'-sis). See Couching

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heart, especially if the irritation is a feeble one. It is supposed also to carry sensory and vaso-motor impulses. Landois cites the following


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