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the other hand, the disease may be conveyed as shown by Spinola, and Cadeac and Malet. The symptoms were engorgement of the
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hygienic and modern." [Miscel. No. 7 11917), p. 6.] internment camp is a mi.erab]e place. + If is, of course, especial}y miserable for those whose n.ture is
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"Bibliography of some of the more important works referred to in the text," p. 381- Contents. — vol. i. From the conversion of the Roman Empire to A. D. 900, with
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ear or bell of a stethoscope is applied over the vertebral spines from the seventh cervical spine downwards while the child speaks or whispers
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held that the disease spread from contact with clothing, the surface of the body and the breath of attendants. He questioned the advisability of hav-
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sons often partake of the most extravagant character. He may fancy that he is immensely tall, or inordinately small ; that he is
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only son. One day she fancied she beheld him beseeching her to release his soul from purgatory by prayers and fasting every Friday. The following
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is important to protect the skin around with vaseline. An effective method of storing Dakin's .solution so tested 2 months after preparation showed no deteriora-
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Gay, William, Private, Co. A, 2d Ohio Cavalry, aged 20 years. Contusion of tlie frontal bone by a conoidal musket ball. Petersburg, July 30th, 1864. Treated at Mount Pleasant and Mower Hospitals. Discharged, June 13tli, 1865. General
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Sf€T. S6. Arid he it further enacted by the authority nforc said, Thai whenever any persoD shall Jie in the cUy, district,
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Georges Roy, Archivist, Department Secretaire de la Province de Quebec (Archives of the Province) states in Bulletin of History, Vol. 10, page 213,
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nostril is to be restrained by the application of the fruit of the sharp rush, the juice of nettle leaves, chalcitis, burnt anthyliis,
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are variations of the same disease process. Nothing is known of the aetiology. Bielschowsky examined a single example histologically. It does
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operation. A complete fsecal fistula remains. Disability total, third grade, and permanent. He also has a reducible indirect
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taking the third tablet in the second series of three tablets. Procedures required for a double blind study continued in force. Temperature in the
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X "Raga" — It is a preparation of a cordial with sugar, Souvarchala- salt, Saindhava, turmeric, Tarushaka, black-berry and mustard, etc.
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mation; the apinat niarrow was sofi and conaidembly altered llie aubjcct of the aecond cas« waa a young man, aged nineteen, who had received a contusion on the thumb of the
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duces gold to powder by mixing it with mercury every time it is roasted, and that he repeats the process till the gold is reduced to a
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Iliaster was divided into one domor, of which there are two globules, an outer touch, and what the light of nature suggests to us. He who created these
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them for use, not one man alone, but many in succession, are required, and who knows how to adapt those metals for use. Nature does not
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General). (Department letter No. 26267-81 of Dec. 12, 1012; MedUdne and pitalSk will request, surveys without undue delay in the case of all officers or
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panied by redness and swelling therein, resulting from a blow or from any sort of hurt or injur}- to the organ, should be remedied with the application of medicinal
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Vieussens, pineal gland, choroid plexus, optic lobes and the cerebellum. These branches of the basilar, receive their nerve supply from the verte-
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generate some inverse current, and tliis is the more marked when using a high voltage in the primary circuit — but a coil which requires at
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nature of my career is chemical and biological testing both for the I entered the Army in 1958 and was stationed at Dugway Proving
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The important lesions to be considered in addition to those men- tioned above are lesions of the sixth, seventh and eighth ribs on both
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the disease, but to retain the applications to the part. Nor are bandages to be applied when the sore has been produced by fire, or
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again all on one finger. Without resorting to the fabulous method of Colum- bus, they balance eggs on a table, and in extraordinary ways defy all the
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Born June 24, 1885, in Italy. Graduate of St. Louis versity of Illinois), 1909. Practice: pediatrics. As- sistant attending physician at Mercy Hospital, Octo-
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7 ni heigin sgoltadh na mball ele, minab mor e, 7 adeir se nach (25) Item adeir Auicenna nach fuilngenn [in craidhi] urcoid
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homines infeätut, qui ab inccdis Beriberii [quod oveni sonatj vocatur. Credo quia quoâ malum istud invasit nietandu jjeniljus, ac elevando crura, tanquani oves ingrediantur.
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instances they ai-e no lai-ger than a walnut ; in others very severe ; on theotlier hand, it is sometimes hardly complained of. Bedsides the enlargement of the gland,
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It is imjKKssibte in the present state of science to Haosify spasmi according to the kind of irritant which gives rise to iho ncrrous ex
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rather than a reaction to threatened loss of secur- is that in the jealous patient loss of love is almost possessiveness, often by trying to anticipate such a
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cases in which both hot and cold are applicable, such as gouty affections, and most sprains : in these, cold applications deaden
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and of Realdus Columbus, and which contained in detail the views of Colum- Except for Sir D'Arcy Power, who was particularly interested in Banister's
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of shot wounds numbering 4!), 730. In 1863, there were 1!)1 such operations, from a return of 55,377 shot wounds. In 1864, there were no less than 4!I8
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attended with no danger, and a light infusion of bark, with the vitriolic acid, soon restores the colour. Real putrid measles have been described, but Dr. Willan has
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Modène, une première fois en 1285 pour y visiter le gentilhomme Gérard de Rangoni et une seconde fois en 1288 pour un autre
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WHOOPING COUGH : Acid, hydrobromicum dil. 4 ; ammonii bromidum, 11 ; amyl nitris. 13 ; antipyrina, 13 ; belladonna, 19 : bromoformum, 22 : chloroformum, 30 ; grindelia, 68 ;
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vince of Biscay, whrrc he frit became acquainted with it- which ia lurmunded by high hills; and, fnjm an entrance extremel) narrow, Jt intends to the distance of about three-
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Ek.\, RoiiKRT, S., Private, Co., F, 31st Ohio Volunteers, aged 22 j-ear.a, received, at the battle of Chiekamauga, September 19th, 1863, a gunshot contusion of the head. The wound of th.e scalp was slight. After a month's treatment at
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