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be raised up or led, by one arm only. After children have ac- quired the use of their legs, walking is decidedly the best exer-
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8718. Pensions ai1ox\'ed at age of 62 for siervtce In Civil and Mexlcfrti otters. Act of February 6, 1907. Plrovlsion extended to certain classes of benefldailes.
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Qu'était-ce donc que ectte Pierre Pkilosophalo a vet' la rtcliercbo dt' lutpielle ees eliarlatans abusaient de la ereduUté de l'Empereur d'Allemagne
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until dissolved ; and pour it into the other, hot. Make of a proper consistence to apply with a common whitewash bruslv.
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casion no little difficulty. If the pulse be full and hard ; if much headach has preceded; if faintness does not follow the evacuation ; but, on the contrary, the pulse
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1944 and 1974. We have studied the ethical standards of that time and of today and have developed a moral framework for evaluating these experiments. Finally, we have
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apparent if the metallic regtilus, after being dealt with in the reverberatory, be resolved in a small vat after the proper fashion and mode. All the imperfect
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fully virulent, freshly isolated cultures that have been subjected to as little heat or antiseptics as possible, or it should be polyvalent. He
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internally. — Fatal bites. — Prognosis. ... ... ... 695 — 702. The Specific Features of the Poison of a Snake-bite :— Clasifica-
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Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, which accepted him, was considerably more expensive. He had grown up in Iowa, so he was
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or the bacterial system of purification, introduced in England by William J. Dibdin (1896), have had great effect upon the mortality of typhoid fever and
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wound of the right thigh. The patient had suffered great pain in the chest for two hours after the reception of the injury.
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liver is given by Mr. Erasmus Wilson, in his admirable work on anatomy : " The liver has been shown to lie com- posed of lobules ; the lobules (excepting their bases) are in-
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nunftkritik. 1869. XX, 666 p. — S.Bd. Fichte und seineVorganger. 1869. xlix, 184 p. — 6. Bd. Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling. 1872-1877. xxxiii, 975 p.
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(1902), but his most important work was in the development of the life-cycles of dilTerent protozoa as distinctive or differential criteria of species, and the
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effect that the cream contained a small quantity of preservative to retard sourness. An appeal to Quarter Sessions resulted in the con-
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homeopathic method of treatment, and no physician in this part of the But general practice had then, as now, its limitations; surgery was
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after cessation of treatment, the mine still gave a positive Fehling test. The amount of sugar excreted had decreased and the urine vokime was less. The
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and the patient so far recovered as to re-enlist as a private in the llth Infantry, December 4, 1862. He served with his regiment
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Sydenham: Life by J. F. Payne (Lond., 1900). — J. Brown "Horse subserivae," Lond., 1858. 1-98. — Deutsche med. Wchnschr., Leipz., 1889, xv, 1068-
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appeared. Injury to the cord may occur without any external evidence, and, as a matter of fact, seemingly trivial accidents are. at times, followed by
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sterilization]. Sterilization effected by the normal Autostylic (aw-to-sti'-lik) [airdf, self ; arvlog, a pil- lar]. Applied to a mandible in which the palatoptery-
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cutaneous tissue. The drug is said to possess marked catalytic properties, and to stimulate the oxidation processes of the body.
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difeuse nttnekit tbo noiie, it eaunies a running, wbieli may be mittalcen for eold in tbe head till the discbarge becomes bloody or saniouK.
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during the war. W. W. Hall was surgeon and Stoughton Gantt was surgeon's mate of the Rifle Regiment, but nothing has been found in
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and practised in France as a military surgeon on the English side during the earlier and most brilliant years of the One Hundred Years'
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battle of Bull Run, August 30tli, 1862, by a conoidal ball, which entered the left side of the inferior maxilla, two inches from the
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inner and posterior aspect of the arm to facilitate the escape of pus, which was slight and of perfectly health v character. April
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happens to be the part involved, exbibit a marked tendency to tlie occurrence of meningo-cerebral inflammation and cerebral
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