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loyal and active supporters since 1897. Since 1913, the state has done its part in contributing funds necessary to the growth and development of your
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nothing further to add on this subject. See ALKALI. numerous additions to this class of bodies, and medi- cine has also made a few acquisitions. Though earths
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Ihey defcribe alfo a kjng and the Southern or meridional it feemeth naturally to refemble the member of generation. are wont moreover to fay, rhrice, for many times , to 'wl
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sich in einer Schachtel, die also zehn Gram Chinin enthält. Eine gedruckte Erklärung für die Anwendung wird jeder Tube beigegeben und darin emp-
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L'auteur est d'opinion, que la fièvre jaune est transportée par des moustiques. Une bibliographie étendue sur cette maladie en Europe est ajoutée à la
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What ia the normal pulae-rate and temperature of horae, cow and dog Deacribe a hard pulse, a faat pulse, a compresaible pulae, a dicrotic
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PATISSIEK, Article Fractures du sacrum, Diet. Je.s sci med., 1820, T. XL1X, p. 318; MALGAIGNE, Mem. sur Jes fractures du sacrum ft dti
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During the man's convalescence he was accidentally discovered to have an Argyll-Robertson pupil and some excess reflexes.
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brought into touch with all the stern realities of war. To the trenches, and to see their wonderful stoicism undei' such ap-
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Medical College these were some of the activities of Dr. Thomas Davis Fitch during a half century of professional life in Chicago and Illinois.
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The author believes that B. centrosporogenes has hitherto been confused in part with B. bifermentans, in part with central sporing B. sporogenes.
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tants of Damascus had been defeated. The Sultan des- patched immediately five pashas to Acre, in order to bring the heads of Abdula Pasha, of Emir Beshir, and of the new
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degeneration carcinomateuse ; le plus souvent c'est un veri- table ulcere cancereux qui repose immediateaaent sur le tissu
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ever fruitless, because they started with the radical and radically wrong principle of obtaining a view through a lateral window by an arrange-
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a puncture, the scrotum by degrees collapses, and the orifice in it is filled up with slough, which prevents the access of external air to the testicle. These sloughs
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1867 Rolph. John Widiner, M.D. Vict. CV.ll., Canada. 1888 Rolston, Thomas Restarick, Morice Town Devonport. 1892 Romer, Robert Leslie, Boreham House, Elstree, Herts.
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example, who the subjects were and what, if anything, they were told). What rules or policies, if any, existed to govern federally sponsored
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Some editors are incompetent to wn ich is not worth reading, preserv- the task they assume; they are i n g, an d paying for ; and subscribing
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where he was adndtted into the Jarvis Ho.s))itul on October 27th. Simple dressings were applied to the wound. The missile
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then the eye-lid should be over-turned (held at an angle), and the diseased growth or swelling should be carefully lifted up with a needle, when an experienced physician
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The Univerfity of Franeker was founded in 1586. The Medical Profeffors are, Chemifry and Materia Medica. Gadfo Koopmans, M. D, ' "-
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magnified for secret programs. There is no fundamental barrier to effective oversight— at least some regulators can be given the necessary clearances.
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days of October, secondary hemorrhages occurred, which were restrained by temporary compression of the brachial artery to soften and favor its removal, which was afterward accomplished. The dressing of cold water and lint was t
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dropsy, and othtT Hyinploms which proceed immediately from tlw cardiac disorder. However, it cannot be denied that iho alfauniinnrJa
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The level of serum K tended to fall and the vninary excretion of K was in- creased slightly by excessive ingestion of NaCl. Both the systolic and the dias-
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Vfe deeply appreciate the opportimity you have given us to present our case before this Subccnmittee. We warmly thank Congressman Major Owens for his help in the
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J. Saffar. Quelques remarques sur la fièvre intermittente parfaite en Algérie. Mareel Chomicnne. Le laboratoire départemental de bactériologie de Constantine.
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A larva e broca das goiabeiras e jaboticabeiras . S . Paulo . A larva e broca da jaboticabeira e de outras myrtaceas. Sao
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on ausculting the chest during speech. R., Amphor'ic, a sound resembling that produced by blowing across the month of a bottle.
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alors que le même vaccin se montrait bon dans des douars voisins, mais La variolisation même sans éruption confère donc l'immunité vis à vis de
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Riordan, who has been in the Grand Trunk service since 1882, will continue on at his present duties of district medical officer.
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