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are extraordinaiy for beauty or deformity among their kind. Those which are in the earth are the bears, which pass the winter without eat-
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waste away. There must be prompt killing as soon as the fowls are wanted, the fowl should be crammed during the last ten days of
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the highest prize of a medical student's career, the internship. The first in- Another consular decree regarding medical schools, of equal importance
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four hours was 1 J pounds of meat, five or six eggs, some cocoa, two quarts of milk, a quart of tea, and occasionally a glass of bitter ale, but never wine nor
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investigational products will be controlled and monitoradr in the same manner as other medical supplies. Relief from or modification of these regulatory requirements by waiver or by
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transgressed in a thousand ways, the sum total of all the unphysiologi- cal habits of civilized life is a condition of body characterized by deficient
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in the sense of excessive action, — Siiper-excita'tio, efferent nerves connected with it; — all of which are concerned in reflex actions ; or those by which
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rons que dans les Archives de la Couronne d'Aragon (Reg. 46, fol. 95 r.) il existe un document daté de Logrono le 15 juin 1283, dans lequel le
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This procedure is not a competitor of the opaque meal method, as the latter concerns the hollow organs of the abdomen, whereas this method is concerned mainly with
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- Der Heliotropismus cler Thiere, Wiirzburg, 1890, and later publications. salt or sugar). Similar results had been published by Tichomiroff
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necks, thighs, and generative organs are shorter than those of the average type, or those whose voices and umbilical cavities -are deep, and whose breasts are unraised
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of the head, originating from diseases in llu thymus gland and Case, 1 — Ann Crca, a-tat D monies ; attacked with a kind
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Treatment. — It is instantly relieved by a dose of some preparation of wild gnm, in combination with a fourth of a grain of gelsemin.
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discharged from the service, March 17tli, 18()3. on which date Assistant Surgeon De Witt C. Peters, U. S. A., reports him as
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pubic bones at the symphysis. A. of Reflec' tion, that which a reflected ray of light makes with a line perpendicular to the
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o gaothmuirecht obuind, teid uaidhi co hopunn ; 7 mad o tes, bi in puis 7 in anal luath, anorduigtech; 7 [mad o fuacht], bid
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a few days, or even hours, it should be treated actively from the first onset by bleeding, if the patient is robust, or by leeching, active purgation with
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sary to appeal to you through the language used by the uncon- scious convulsions with all their horrible contortions. You surely see with the microscope of reason that the sen-
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the pillulae ex aloe cum myrrhii, or vinum aloes : these- may be taken not as purgatives, but as eccoprotics, to Iron scarcely in any instance occasions dyspnoea. Its
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series of observations that ozone was more abundant in a pine forest than in the open country during the smnmer, but less abundant during the
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An Eightv-year-old Medical Student. — The Russian Minister of Education has authorized the admission of a man past eighty years to examination before the Examination Committee of
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Rheumatism and Neuralgia, 8vo. Lond., 1827. — Brown, in Glasgow Med. Journ., 1828. — Campaignac, Sur Ics Neuralc. des Organs Genito-Urinaires ct de I'Anus, in Journ. lleb-
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worden von den Herren II. E. Annett (Die Lebensgesehichte des Ankylosto- mum duodenale), Buchanan (Eine weitere Mittheilung über die Aetiologic der
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plaster, and has since done well. The operation was performed by Acting no. 069. Scqucstnim from left radius. Spec. 3G72.
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Headed by Phillip Renault, his agent, two hundred miners, laborers and mechanics came in 1719. Hence the iridescent bubble was on
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12th day after a rifle bullet had passed through 1. chest anteroposteriorly. After 12 oz. of sterile fluid had been withdrawn from pleura, the pericardium was incised,
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confidentiality of personal identifying information in the files, Dr. FoEGE. I think you have made it clear from the beginning
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,, Cropley, Henry, F.R.C.S., East Park-parade. NortliarDptun. 1892 ; Crosskey, Roger, L.R.C.P., 28, Bromle>i-(jiove, Shortlands.
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tutnor to an unhoamblu extent. Severe pwoxyams of pain are also induced by mt>V'ein<mt, catching cold, etc. In neuroma, as well as In
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teria medica, 1878-85; prof, med., 1885-91; cons. phys. to Queen's Hosp., Birmingham; mem. F.R.C.P., F.S.A., F.R.S.E. ; pres.
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Hydromyelia, Hydromy'elocele, hi-dro-mi-e' -le-ah. A condition in children in which cystic cavities form in the spinal cord.
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highest-resolution map would be the complete nucleotide Plasmid: Autonomously replicating, extrachromosomal cir- cular DNA molecules, distinct from the normal bacterial ge-
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from taking betel-leaf, the use of which is equally for- bidden in such diseases as anaemia, internal dryness head with oil is a good cure for the affections of the head.
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established and lavishly capitalized rival corporations. Awake at 7, he hurried through breakfast a few minutes later, mixing
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then resume the warm sweet oil and laudanum, and in this way alter- nate until the inflammation is subdued, or until the calf of the iimb can
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a Surgical Condition — A Prophylactic Dose Which Was Worse than the Disease It Was to Prevent — Vaccinations Performed by
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scarification of the gums; if improper food and indigestion, a gentle emetic and afterward an aperient; if acrid matter in the
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Second. — In the morning, if you have been in the habit of eating about two large potatoes, two pieces of steak, two slices of bread, or from four to six hot pancakes, or two to
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advantage by the nursing.mother, who thus strengthens her own system and also that of the child at her breast. Convalescents from
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