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dreaded when air loaded with substances which are mechanically or chemi- cally noxious find their way to the delicate mucous membrane which lines
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DüMSEY dc& tubes à lavage à Paris en W)X et qui publia le procédé en 1812 et reconnut en IHIS la priorité de Monro; en 1809 lavage effectué par Dorsey, j
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ing and hiccough. Its internal dose seldom exceeds five manyof the Asiatics, have, by pressure, given this form to the heads ; and what was at first artificial seems to
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description of the case of an arrow-wound of the thorax, complicated by fright- fol dyspnea and blood in the pleural cavity and in the bronchi, with recovery.
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Its nerve supply is derived from the sacral plexus, first and second sacral nerves, posterior divisions, and the superior gluteal nerve.
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pay attention to what has been the distribution made by the Aniadus. As to why the Aniadus thus fell among trees so that in one soil should
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It has been seen, in the second section, that similar effusions sometimes result from contusions and ruptures. They are furnished by the different reservoirs contained in the
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and was considered doing well." Leach was discharged from service January 6. 18i >4, and pensioned. Pension Examiner T.
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a period of three to four months before implantation occurs during which the fertilized eggs lie dormant in the uterus. Implanted, as in other deer, at the usual time (November), the
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ably be fewer devotees of fashion among them. The faded, wan and prematurely old women of society owe the earlier wreck of
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Moses hat sie für das ganze israelitische Volk obligatorisch gemacht. Wahrscheinlich liegen ihr in erster Linie religiöse Vorstellungen
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The despotism of true love is, at times, frightful on this head ; for without pausing to reason, it frequently gives way at once
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when they enter the system in this way. When smallpox is acquired in the ordinary manner, presumably by the air-borne parasites entering the air passages, those which succeed in
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When choaked with smoke, the patient has difliculty in breathing, which is sonorous, attended with coughs burning of the eyes, and
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to flex the middle and index fingers, these fingers trembled but did not flex. Weak extension and abduction of the thumb
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rühmt diese „Combination", deren Zusammensetzung er nicht kennt, als eine sehr wirksame. Das selbe Mittel wird auch von ihm als Abortivum gelobt „without
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Some editors are incompetent to wn ich is not worth reading, preserv- the task they assume; they are i n g, an d paying for ; and subscribing
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percolatum, (per, and eolare,)' to strain through.' quotere, 'to strike,') (P.) Percnfer, Frapper. Same 3. Iti the foot — the anterior and superior branches
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a mosquito to bite him two days after the insect had bitten a suiferer from Yellow Fever. This lead to experiments carried on by the U. S.
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ter takes up all its virtue by infusion; but it loses its strength by keeping. It is a fetid anti-hysteric, an- tispasmodic, and acts without irritation. It can only
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order to supply material to his classes in the latter city." 33 Already at the end of the 18th century, as Dr. John Warren relates, agents were employed
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interesting data for which the original must be consulted. The main facts are that while the basal metabolism, as determined
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permanent, this treatment seems illusoiy. More is to be expected from preventive measures and the avoidance of ergotised food.
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is ordinarily accompanied by disturbance of function of that part of the spine, and of viscera and structures innervated by the nerves that are
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which are intended to transform the ill person into a healthy one. For example, the hospital in the biomedical system is intended to
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and Cie., 12; also transl. Engl. in Medical and Surgical Therapy, D. Apple- Aubaret. L'hemeralopie des tranchees. Bull. Acad. de med., Par., 1917, v. 77,
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Langford, Charles Harris, M.B. Lond., Crouch End. N. 1892 Langford, Morris Charles, Naval Medical Service. 1902 Lang-mead, Frederick Samuel, M.l). Lund., LittleWmpton,
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seems to have become exhausted, either from overwork or lack of pay, for he stayed but one summer. Neither the prospects of the country nor
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lacerated ; death in a few hours. L . M. Lie (!uos Cl.AKK s ease (Led. on J rinc. flurg. Ding., 1870, p. 298), a lad, with other internal injuries, which
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vored to exhibit of elementary ultimately became completely de- Leaves and slips of the stem most important facts ascertained
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stitution afforded and later to the prestige which came from the affiliation The attendance in 1895-96 had been 235 ; in 1896-97 it was 303 ; in 1897-98,
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ing. For these purposes the fashionable mineral waters may be drunk on the spot, and they should be of the mildly cathartic kind, as those of Cheltenham, Seltzer,
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and gas ). It causes pliancy, distension and light- Calories ), easily digestible, strengthening (dyna- verted into adipose tissvies. a.s a stored eiierf>:y


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