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Beim begu hingegen ist das Erwecken von Furcht eines der Mittel, um den bösen Geist zu vertreiben, und gehören diese denn auch zum
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as three days and as long as 1 to 12 years (Chabert). In the human being, however, there is always the danger of the disease
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tengaidh fir in fiabhris [so] no a neslainti ger ele, bainnidha beca dubha, is comartha bais, 7 co hairighi da sunntiiighe
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employé actuellement dans l'Inde, les informations que nous tirons du Classical Dictionary of India de Garrett sont loin d'être satisfaisantes. On
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Stanger-Leathes, Hugh Ellis, Indian Medical Service. Staniland, Meaburu Francis, 255, Stapleton-road, Bristol. Stanistreet, Richard AA'eld, Naval Medical Service.
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acetam diu similiter agitetur, ultimo omnium capitellum addatur. Que omnia ex quo fuerint suflicienter commixta, usui réserva.
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i BAUDESS (Clin. desphn es d armes &fcu, lfi.3(i, p. 3! 8) teaches : " II faudrait alors faire agir le tire fond obliquement a leur surface, et peut-6tre
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other by the ischia. — Geofifroy St. Hiliare. See ad'ica, Phthisis ischiad'ica, from laviov, 'ischium,' — the superior on the outside of the sciatic spine ;
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acquired form of dilatation of b.-v's and extension of any disease of b.-v's. Angiopathy ; Hematangionosus ; act of emptying b.-v's l)y pressure. Avascularization.
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lature was at hand, when an arrangement was made to get Masonic hall for twelve dollars a day, and on December 26 the Convention opened its
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of the kidney was occurring. Solution "G," or citric large. All stones were crushed either transurethral- ly or through the suprapubic fistula and evacuated.
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affections, especially coughing. A better explanation of why lower cervical and upper rib lesions produce throat disorders is that these
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fame as he is interviewed on a national children's radio program. After being temporarily held up as an exemplary pioneiro of the
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Hicke: I think Bill Taylor told me that Aramco had the first health Handschin: Yes. The biggest criticism that I could make of non-Aramco
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tion, whether there are many cases of true gangrena senilis in which we can venture upon debilitating means of any kind.
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one-quarter ounces. The whole of the right lung and the second lobe of the left lung were in a state of incipient tubercular degen
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the rude artefacts of Eolithic man. There is apparently no dis- tinction in space and time in the flaking of prehistoric and primi-
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the sixteenth century arrows were still considerably used in warfare, and we good sense that characterized his writings. As the use of firearms became
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polar. ,st: Bipolar Nerve-cells (IWw,. Diet.). C.s, Boettcher's, dark-colored cells, with a basally situ- mination. C.s, Cajal's, fusiform or triangular gan-
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resulting from the coverings or dressings which are placed over them. It is not at all uncommon to see a diseased surface to
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abstain from malt liquors, port- wine, champagne, and other strong wines and spirits. Entire abstinence will be attended with no
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quand il fut présenté à Mistress Porter une veuve d'une soixantaine d'années (lu'il épousa à l'Age de 25 ans. On a beaucoup discuté sur la nature des
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Papaver, pa-pa'-ver. A genus of plants, poppy. P. somnif'erum, Papaverin, pa-pav'-er-in. C 2 oH 2 iN0 4 . An alkaloid of opium.
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Constant inople ; (Ret.) äurg.-G encrai Dr. Oeo U. Stermbeho, Washington; Dr. L. Btikda, Med. des Colonies, Vichy; Dr. VI. Waldeteb, Prof., Berlin.
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repklennis. The pain, which i.iof u Iiuniing clinmcter, tliiiu;;fh not very ' Kvcrc usually abates when the ve:«ic]es begin (u fthriiel. Ilerjics
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I C I V76 by Ihe Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine VITAMIN £ AND DESFERRIOXAMINE-INDUCED IRON EXCRETION TABLE I. Total Hepatic Non-Heme Iron and Ferritin Iron."
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Galen describes fully the operation by medicines, but says nothing of excision. (De Med. sec. loc. vi.) Aetius describes
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p. 291, n. 2 : — Etsi Avicenna cap: de dysenteria, scribat, p. 293, §30.1. 5 : — ut scribit Avicenna cap. de Phleboto-
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parametral fibroids sometimes appear, however, when only forty injections of 1 fjig. of esterified estradiol have been given; some animals will show ab-
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slowly, but that he would never get well if he remained in hospital, aud his discharge was granted him. February 14, 1863,
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