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Gall, Ox, Inspissated, IVIerck.— Purified, Clearly Sol. Laxative, Digestive.— Uses: Typhoid fever, deficiency of biliary secretion,
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succeeded with the glover s stitch. STAU-ART VAN HER WIEI. (Obx. Met!.. Cent. I, No. :!!)) and FIKI.D (Philosoph. Trans., No. 371, p. 78) sewed the
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cannot (|ii('<.rion tiiat antinioiiN is a ]ioison ami has been o<mdemnod a« nuch bv maav and sciences ttnder Txtuis XV L This consisted of applications for pensions for a number
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scale was made by Leuchs in 1909. Ornstein has since immunized horses in 1911 and 1912 at the Berlin Institute of Infectious Diseases, and this
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By March 1901 Rockefeller committed himself to funding Gates' proposed institute. The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research began its work with $20,000 a year for grants to medical
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cents. C. -division. SeeIfaryokiiesis. C, Embry'onal, a small, round cell of embryonic connective tissue. C, Endothelial, cells
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While there are special chairs devoted to medical history in most of the important European universities, and while we may
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in the 1908 volume (p. 434). However, it is not as re- liable as he believes, and several tigures on this aspect With radiography it is important to inspect both kid-
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superior to my own." It was his aim to establish the of the Gospel of Peace. There is an anecdote of his faithful payment in 1758 of a sum equal to $8000, ransom
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Il résulte du rapport récent du Gouverneur Dole adressé à la Legislature d'Uawaï que la lèpre a beaucoup diminué depuis 12 ans. Ce résultat est
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cases in which both hot and cold are applicable, such as gouty affections, and most sprains : in these, cold applications deaden
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strong reaction at the highest levels. One immediate result was the decision to keep information on the plutonium injections secret, evidently for reasons not
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almost impossible, the instillation of adrenalin chlorid enabled the passage of the instruments, and even larger sized ones with
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sole authority is Galen, who, in his Commentaries on this book, enters on the question in his usual elegant and attractive style.
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Laugford, Charles Harris, M, B. Loiul., Slu-pkerd's Itill, Iliyhrjate. x. Lang-inead, Frederick Samuel, M.D. Lond., 74. O.cford-ter. \v.
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and could be completed in a, short time (2 to 3 years) so as to be of maximum benefit to sequencing centers. The Prin- cipal Investigator in this project is ideally suited for this
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pathetic ganglion, viz., branches to the renal plexus, aortic plexus and the small branches that supply the vertebra and ligaments. The le-
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can be demonstrated on the patient himself, he will have an understanding of the benefit to be obtained. can be partially darkened at will. The b. p. cuff is
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transmitting an inconstant accessory vertebral artery. shoulder-joint, through which the synovial membrane conmiunicales with the bursa lining the under surface
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may be used in catarrhs, weakness of the stomach and intestines, and difficulty in making water, to which old people are subject. Hoffmann highly recommends it,;
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which does not difiFer essentially from the cholera afoetal — g. Bigeminale, Pregnancy, bigeminal — Pregnancy, false — g. Foetale, Pregnancy, fcetal —
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gradually become milder. In 83 per cent of the patients the economic conditions were poor, and in 17 good. Children not infrequently
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from that of a pea to that of a pigeon's egg, filled measures calculated to e.xcite the tubercles to in- Elaterium. Dose, gr. i to gr. j. until it operates,
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Membrocartilaginous {mem - bro ■ kar- til- aj'-in -us). memory for events long past but ann'.esia in regard to variety of opal; according to Dio.scorides, it rendered
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Sison ammi — a. Cieutaefolium, Ammi — a. Majus, Volatile al'Jcali, Al'cali ammoni.'acum caus'ticum, ammonise acetatis — a. Arseniate of, Arseniate of
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dark nodule like an insect bite with a lighter colored areola, and showing not only hyperemia, but blocking of the capillaries, and
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each. These pills are given with honey in enlarged spleen and other Tdlakeaari rasa.a — Orpiment forms the active ingredient of
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pulmonary trouble; diarrhoea completely checked. Applied blister over seat of pain. August 17th, appetite still improving.
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Those commonest in bovines are luxations of the femur, luxation of the patella, femoro-tibial luxation, and luxation of the scapulo-humeral
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buche: a) das sieche (1= kranke) Haupt {adaen. siuct houeth)) b) das Sehrlich im Haupte {adaen. sorliclh i lunveth) = Schmerz wie von einer
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The poetry attached to plants, however, is not of immediate concern in this volume. It is their medicinal properties which engages our study
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concussion. Assistant Sin-geon J. C. G. Ha]ii)ersett, U. S. A., reports the case. Case. — Private Dexter Cole, Co. I, 2.'th Michigan Volunteers, in October, 1802, received a severe blow upon the head
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Anxiety, heat, and restlessness, in distempers. See composition in which horehound is one of the ingre- also called diacoccymelon. The name of two composi-
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an der Stelle liegen, wo sie verendet sind, sodass eine Infection der von Aas lebenden Insecten leicht möglich ist. Der einfache Stich des Sphalangi
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loss of weight. In the left iliac fossa a flat tumour could be felt. It was rather fixed, and seemed adherent to the abdominal wall. The
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four diiTcrent varieties of Pandu, separately mentioned below should be added to the four kinds mentioned here. Charaka says that Pandu-roga
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The Deccan hemp plant is grown in western India and the tropics. The seeds are dull grayish brown, triangular or kidney-shaped, 5
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Testomac. [Administration of bismuthized capsules for the purpose of facilitating radioscopic examinations of the stomach.] Bull. Soc. d. radiol.
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such as that of the robber he once found on a lonely mountainside. His myology was based mainly upon the study of the musculature


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