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myth and fancy the testimonies and reports of philosophers and physicians, only because they lived hundreds of years ago. We are keenly appreciative
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small ' Tabloid ' First-Aid you so kindly sent me, but a friend of mine, Dr. Pointer, R. A. , who has been in aviation for many years, had a bad fall on his monoplane and was
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sentiment of mutual tenderness does not prevail, are not true and real marriages, but merely false and seeming ones; and that the in-
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the deficiency occurs, the disease may appear sooner or later. This idea is not supported by dissections; but, in general, if the vessels are found peculiarly turgid, or
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originating from the haemolysis consequent upon exposure to high tempera- CoNTi, L. Ulteriore contributo alio studio di una particolare forma di emo-
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IfeAra expressly aJSrms that be has suppressed audi eczemas without but, in spte MT his authority, I should not dare to resort to an external
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trachea terminates in bronchial filaments. Of his discovery of the capillaries (1660), Fraser Harris has well said that "Harvey
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physis and the bladder. The swelling is anterior, and the pus generally tracks into the bladder, vagina or inguinal region. It is likely to be mistaken for an
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the returns from the field and base hospitals would have been impossible. For the num- ber of wounded received at the Washington hospitals alone, during the quarter ending
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September 27, 1863. The excised head of the hurnerus, delineated in the accompanying wood-cut (FlG. 411), was contributed to
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Ob8. 114, Vol II, p. 327), whereas one was DULAC S case of cancerous ulceration in a girl of 17 (see GERARD, Perf. fpont. de I estomac, 1803. p. 71). and
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Seroenteritis (se-ro-en-ter-i'-tis). Inflammation of the dried coagulated blood-serum and formalin ; used as an Serositis [se-ro-si' -tis). Inflammation of a serous mem-
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medical mind could be penetrated with the advantages of expert the courses of medical instruction and the text-books used — Avi-
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Schering Corporation, with laboratories in Bloomfield and Union, New Jersey, are pioneers in the develcpment of the potent androgens, as well as other endocrincs and
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Elixir Cinchoiup Ferri Bismuthi et Strychnina 1 , X. F. Elixir Cinchona Ferri et Calcii Lactophosphatis, X. F. Should yield not less than 5 per cent, anhydrous cin-
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it follows that purgative medicine is for sanguine humour alone; I agree, but we should not use it without preparing and agaric. Regarding the word Averroes spake, that it were
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Chancellorsville. May 3d. l.-'63. by a musket hall. The patient remained within the enemy's lini'S .some days after receiving the
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With the expectoration of the cast the cardiac impulse returned to its normal position and the lung became more resonant, but still remained
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The authors determined the hydrogen-ion concentration of joint exudates aspirated from patients with rheumatic fever, arthritis of un-
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wind striking upon water, throws it about, so vital air acting upon the other humours increase them in quantity, and they are thrown
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which would favour a diagnosis of the chronic proliferative type of diverticulitis are as follows : (i) The absence of shadows of malignancy
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1896 Breuer, August, M.D. Frieburg, 10, Finsbury-circus. e.g. 1805 Brewer, Alexander Hampton, \'.W>. Richmond-road, Dalslon. x.i:.
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bj thereby imp lire d. The application of a moderate quantity of Sneha with a Sneha-vasti is always beneficial to persons of pirched or dry temperament. Similarly,
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tion to the requirements of each particular case. Medici- nal remedies should only be internally employed and no poultices should be applied for the speedy suppuration
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not perceive any salutary action of sea salt in the pro- portion usually taken. In large quantities it is used as an emetic, as a remedy for haemorrhage from the lungs,
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a- powerful remedy for cutaneous and glandular diseases for leprosy, rhumatism, ruptures, &c. The doses in which it is
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in which I described the ill-treatment I had sustained. I was afterwards ioformed that the Nawaub had reprimanded his brother Dost, and that the Governor of Bamlan was
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sentants, qui autrement peut-être ne l'aurait i)as intéressé. Il va de soi que ces deux ouvrages, qui sont évidemment le résultat d'études
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to all exposed ruminants, but spares pigs, rabbits, Guinea pigs, From malignant oedema it differs in its inoculability on the
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the body; what is left for the medical doctor but surgical interference And he proceeds with his instrumental skill with hope and doubt. The osteopath gets his success with
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(d) Drainage and sewerage: (a) The system of sewerage; (b) how con- of the area of the city or port not sewered ; (d) does the surface drainage pass
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to a certain definite sjjccies, whicli could be described and classified the Tlippocratic theory of concoction of the humors of the l)ody
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Lo wen thai, Louis Laurence, M.D. Chicago. 65, Fordwych-road, Lowsley, Montagu Marmion, Royal Army Medical Corps. Loxton. William Arthur. MB. Birm., Edgbaston, Birmingham.
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mune and in vigorous health may carry the infection for months While the streptococcus is usually found in the blood, in limited
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Mainz (1517), Christian Wechel of Paris (1536), Heinrich Vogtherr of Strass- 9. The "Spiegl der Artzny" of Lauren tius Phryesen (Fries, Friesen)


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