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ness too common among the greater number of medical writers, but connect the subject with other parts of the work, and point out its influence on other branches of the science. A fertile
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paign, at Alalveru Hill, July 1st, 186'2, a shell wound of the occipital region of the scalp. He was admitted to Division
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After the administration of an anaesthetic, it may be assumed that the vomiting centre becomes normal in most cases, but that in others
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Commentary. This is taken almost word for word fi-om Comm. Oribasius (Synops. vii, 14) ; Aetius directs lis to scarify the
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smallest of many gifts to come. They formed a board of trustees to oversee the expenditures and appointed Buttrick executive
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affliction". These cults are defined (Janzen 1992, p. 1, quoting Turner 1968, pp. 15-16) as "the interpretation of misfortune in terms of
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to the above ; bruwnish-rcd ejiots and noduk's form, which cuutiaually tiuued fur a vuriahit! period of limt-, the iioJulfs begin to grow, the
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abducted and forced into servility, and now deprived of collective economic and political The way of life that these abducted, economically exploited, and politically
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Formal'dehyd. See Formicaldehyd. F.-ca'sein, a compound of formaldehyd and casein ; it is an inodorous surgical antiseptic.
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believed the full-time plan would encourage the application of science to medicine and reduce the independence of the medical
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minutes. The authors use a i per cent solution of borcholin in 07 per cent sodium chloride, which must be carefully injected into the vein,
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absorbent vessels ; consequently the great bodies of the other parts are the cellular substance, which is only a great rigidity or laxity ; but, if we consider these as
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strips, .and absolute rest, low diet, and confinement in a dark room were enjoined by his medical attendant, Dr. Thornton. He
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to this condition in the knightly class ; whilst the sedentary habits and gross feeding causing chronic constipation would account for it
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probably the female hop plant, wormwood, bishopwort, lupin, ashthroat, henbane, liarewort, vipers bugloss, heathberry plants, cropleek, garlic, grains of hedgerife,
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and manure ; and there is, therefore, no difficulty in understanding why in dirty stables infection so readily occurs. The infective agents may be of
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Northamptonshire, England; pres. of Lehigh Univ. since 1895; prof. of Analytical Chem., Lafayette Coll., Easton, Pa., 1874-1881 ; prof,
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Fig. 7. The seminal vesicles of an August deer, x 74. Fig. 9. The seminal vesicles of an October deer, x 90. WITH growing information on sex development in parabiotic twins, definite
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subject of our memoir as "the beloved and saintly James Bovell, M.D., who ended his life as a missionary in the West Indies. Speaking of him, Tennyson's lines may be aptly
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Sanskrit MSS. It is described as ' incomplete, containing only the first five books '. A third MS. is being used by Kaviraj Harinath
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iSee E. F. Du Bois: Am. Jour. Med. Sc, Phila., 1916, cli, 781-799. k(>('ii controvcM-sv. liniiortaiit lai\(liiiarks in its liistory aroMarcet's discovery
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this department, nearly all cases of moment being referred to him for examination, as an expert whose testimony is generally accepted as final. The results of his labors, therefore, as gathered
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pharynx behind. They may be bony or membranous, or partly both. In adults unilateral occlusion is far more common than bilateral,
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sary. It is frequently mistaken for gonorrhoea ; and in when violent, is attended with a discharge as thin, as discoloured, and as acrid as gonorrhoea ; and the cha-
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could not digest it, and hence another source of weakness. But it is for want of muscular exercise that the rich city woman suffers
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The youngest daughter, Alice, married Dr. Graves Kiltson, of Hamilton, son of the late Collector of Customs and nephew of the late Commodore Kiltson, of St. Paul, Minn., U.S.
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guidelines for the Epidemiologic Studies and Surveillance of Disease Problems system of records as required by the Privacy Act. The Centers for Disease
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of the neutral stain : Without previously neutralizing the polychrome methylene-blue, add to it a saturated aqueous solution of eo.sin (Hochst). Filter off' the
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tumour of the ovary), of the liver (suppurative echinococcosis), or of any other lesion in neighbouring parts which is capable of setting up
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describes a case in which the uterus was ruptured by the feet of the fetus. abdomen ruptured from the pressure of the fetus ; and quite recently Geo-
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entreprenait avec succès des opérations que les modernes ont seulement tentées dans ces dernières années, comme par exemple, l'enlèvement des
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the Kentucky constitution prohibiting an emancipated slave from remain- ing in the State upon pain of confinement in the state's prison, and yet,
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Hamilton, Arthur Francis, M.B. Lond., 4, Kiucfs-avenue. Hamilton, Bruce, 5, Crediton-road, West Hampsiead. n.w. Hamilton, Edward Thomas Ernest, M.D., Lond., 73, Jeppe-st.,
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Sixth Corps, and, on December 19tli, was sent to the 2d division hospital, Alexaniiria, Virginia. Hannorrhage from the facial
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hft was not a Prifoner, yet he can witnefs this to be a if theArtift defire Atteftation , he may have it. Let ihisbe alfo the tohonour of Art j and fo we proceed
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achieved by the cold-bath treatment when properly carried out, as instanced by the results I have already quoted, is in itself an
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Local spiritual healers may become a powerful force in the control and management of resources. In Africa, cult organizations in some areas have made tremendous contribution to the
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made up of six Sthdna. The difference in the nomenclature is significant. Susruta's original work consisted of only five sections
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the diagnosis is obvious, for these fishes are well known. Those who are bitten by them are remedied by four drops of the
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